If you are looking for a marketing medium that will grow your bottom line and your business, email marketing is the answer. While everyone is so caught up in the glitz and glam of social media, too many people overlook the advertising potential of email marketing.

Below are 10 reasons why email marketing is the ideal online marketing choice for your business:

  • Email is an integral part of everyone’s life. According to stats provided by Exact Target, of the 3.2 billion email accounts in existence, 91% of users check their email on a daily basis.
  • When compared with social media, email has a far greater reach as the message is delivered to each recipient who can then decide if they will or won’t read it. On social media sites, many of the targeted posts can actually be missed.
  • Emails do not expire or get replaced as quickly as social media posts do. The received email can be saved and kept to refer to at a later date if required.
  • Email offers a high ROI. Statistics for this can be found on Exact Target and the 2013 email marketing benchmark report.
  • Email marketing offers a set of standard metrics for analytics. These can measure and track growth, open rate, click rate, unsubscribes, complaints, sales and revenue. Each email subscriber’s monetary value can be worked out with a simple formula.
  • Engagement is highly achievable if you ensure your email campaign offers a legitimate route of response for your consumers. Ensure that subscribers can actually get in touch with you or reply after receiving an email.
  • You can use your emails to integrate your various social media platforms by including links to your Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn page and similar in each email.
  • Statistics show that 77% of online users prefer to receive promotional material via email. It is the perfect platform to send coupons, vouchers and similar, which the consumer can access at a later stage after reading the email.
  • Emails are mobile. Statistics provided by Litmus show that 66% of Gmail messages are actually accessed from a mobile device. Given that we live in a digital mobile time, being able to send a message directly to your consumers hand/pocket is a huge convenience.
  • Personalisation is made easy with email. You can send out thousands of emails to various recipients and still keep them personalised by separating subscribers according to interests, age groups, and demographics and similar.

Professional Email Marketing Services Provided by WSI

At WSI we offer professional services for email marketing. We can take your online marketing efforts and achievements to the next level. To learn more about our content marketing and email marketing services, contact us at WSI today.

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