TED (Technology, Education, Design) began in 1984, far away from the world of social media, as a conference designed to bring industry leaders together to discuss fascinating ideas. In 2014, TED is as successful as ever and, with the help of social media, the conference is able to reach people around the world and share its speakers’ talks with millions of viewers.

Via its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, TED shares links, videos, information and more about each of its speakers and all TED talks are available for free on the main website. In the past, the TED conference was only accessible to attendees and the incredible speakers could only be heard by those in the room, but today’s world of TED, which includes TEDWomen, Tedx, TEDGlobal, TEDActive and more is available to anyone with an Internet connection and all TED conferences are widely publicised via social media.

TED talks are viewed by thousands of people each month from all around the world and the talks have been translated into 40 languages. One of TED’s goals is to be accessible to as many people as possible and combining translation with the power of social media, it will be able to reach more people than ever before.

Speakers can use their own social media pages in a similar way to TED, posting links to videos featuring their talks, links to their websites and other relevant industry information. It’s an excellent way to make a name for yourself and build a substantial social media following.

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