By identifying and connecting the targeted readership of your blog is absolutely necessary to the success of a blog marketing plan and strategy. Who is your ideal customer? Always focus on your targeted audience and who you would like to reach with your blog.

If you can identify your targeted readership, it will allow you to address their interests and goals. You can then write about subjects that interests them from different angles and captivating story lines and converting more followers to build up your readership.

Identifying your target

Who do you want to reach with your blog? What niche market are you going after? Usually your blog audience tends to be different from your typical customers. Blog readers tend to be more technical, knowledgeable and more up to date with the latest trends and developments. These people read multiple blogs from different sources to stay up to date. It is very important to plan and write to attract those readers.

What to write about

What does your targeted blog audience wants to read about? Choose a topic and niche that your ideal customers will find interesting and informative. If you were a seller of hardware tools, then you may want to write something DIY related to using these tools. This way you can reach your targeted readers at about the same time they are looking for tools to buy. Of course you would have links on your blog to your hardware tools website for more promotion of your products.

Conversational tone

Your blog post writing should be honest, conversational and informal. Your blog can give your readers a glimpse of your personality. You should use phrases and terms that they are familiar with and that they will recognize. Your postings should build trust and credibility. Your objective is to connect with your targeted readers so they will return often and ultimately contact you when they need anything what you have to offer.

It really doesn’t matter how intriguing your subject is or how well you write your blog posts. If you fail to reach your targeted audience with your blog, you have missed your target.