If you’re struggling with getting organic engagement on any social network, consider starting your own private Mastermind group. Whether it is a private Facebook group, a WhatsApp group, a private DM group on Twitter or a private LinkedIn Messenger group, this can be a valuable tool for marketing, exposure and networking.

For this group, focus on inviting like-minded professionals like you into your own space. By creating your own Mastermind group, you are now able to control the conversation and steer it in a way that you want.

On this group, you should share new and interesting information. Avoid coming across as self-promotional by focusing on educational content that can really help group members. You can also look at the content that group members are posting to share on the group. This way, you won’t have to sift through hundreds and thousands of accounts to find new content for your Mastermind group.

Private Mastermind groups are going to be a big digital marketing trend going forward. As marketers lose reach and continue to have to spend money on social media, they are looking for new ways to defeat the system. While you can’t completely bypass the system, you can still play within the rules, which is why we recommend private Mastermind groups to people who want to expand their organic reach.

Who are your Super Fans? Who are the people most interested in your content? Invite them into a private group and start connecting in a new, meaningful way.

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