We all know that the internet has made people’s attention spans abysmal. According to a Wistia study, only 80% of people who start watching a 30-second video will watch it to completion and 47% of people expect a website to load in two seconds or less.

Only 70% of viewers make it through a 60-second clip and the stats dip below 70% for anything longer than a minute. Even if you have a person’s full attention at the start of a video, there’s still a big chance that they could lose interest or click away before your video is finished.

Does this mean that you can’t produce effective videos that are longer than a minute? Or that you have to underestimate your audiences? Maybe, but not necessarily. Digital marketers are advised to take low attention spans as a challenge to produce video content that is entertaining, interesting and informative.

This isn’t a challenge that is limited to consumer-facing companies. Many brands wrongly believe that videos are only effective in the business-to-consumer environment, but that definitely isn’t the case. B2B technology buyers, for example, are especially interested in video content and they are more likely to buy tech after watching a video about it.

Video marketing is much more than just creating videos and uploading it to your website and YouTube. You need experienced marketers to help you craft exceptionally engaging videos that will grab and keep your target audience’s attention.

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