Ten ways to increase traffic to your website

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To grow your online business, you need a high flow of new customers. How will they get to your website? How can you increase the constant flow of new visitors to your website? Organic SEO: Search Engine Optimization uses keywords in the text, headings, page names and META tags. Links from other relevant websites are another important factor. Pay per Click: Advertise on Google and other search engines to get almost instant results. These ads come up based on the keyword query and you pay each time someone clicks thru on your ad. Affiliate Marketing: Advertise on other relevant websites and you pay the website owner each time a referral purchases or takes a particular action such as signing up. Article Writing: Write and publish educational articles and place them on article syndication sites. Other web site owners can publish them on their web sites. Links in the bottom resource box will lead interested people to your website. Blogging: Blog marketing attracts readers. Blog regularly about related topics your targeted customer is interested in. Include links back to your website. Social Networks: Set up profiles at popular social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace , etc. Forums: Participate in online forums as an expert. You get to promote your business “quietly” in your signature line. Promo Items: Purchase things like pens or stress balls with your Web site name and URL on them and give them away at trade shows and industry events. Video: Setup viral video about your company, products and upload them on to a video network site. Free Offer: Offer a free ebook on your site. Give away a free report or analysis. Promote this on the social networks or in...

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Getting traffic with Search Engine Optimization

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been discussed many times. There’s lots of misinformation found on the web on ways to increase the visitor traffic to your website or blog. Many people are searching for the “secret” to achieve their traffic goals but unfortunately there’s no “secret”. SEO, same with other online marketing related methods like Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay Per Click (PPC) and content marketing is a never-ending practice with many methods. Even though Pay Per Click (PPC) – with correct optimization and testing is a fast way to get noticed and to build leads, with correct SEO done for your online presence could result in a steady increase of traffic to your website through organic search results. Free traffic! The SEO methods has changed over the last couple of years and more people knows what it entails than 10 years ago. If I say “know” – I mean more people and companies realises that SEO is way to attract more visitors to their website and online profiles. They know there’s a way by improving their website to get more visitors. But how do you improve your website to get the best results? Do they really only need to insert keywords and descriptions in your META content? Really? This is old news buddy – META keywords and descriptions is a thing of the past, well not entirely, but to an extent. Find below a couple of tips to help you better understand SEO. SEO is all about tricks to fool the search engines SEO, if done correctly can bring targeted traffic to your website. The object is not to fool the search engines, it is to communicate exactly what your website and pages is about. There are ways to trick the search engines and these methods are known as Black Hat SEO. I’ve written a couple of topics in the past about this. The problem with “Black Hat SEO” is that if you practice these methods, your website could be “Sandboxed” meaning that your website could be taken off on all the search results. I just need to insert META tags to optimize my website Almost every website owner and developer has heard of the usage of META tags. They used to be an important part of SEO, but no longer. Of all the META tags, the Title tag is given the highest importance by Google. Correct SEO is by selecting the correct keyword phrases and using these in visible text on your website and in the outbound links from other websites. I only have to optimize my website once In the old days – 2000, you were able to optimize your website and leave it alone. The...

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How to get more targeted traffic to your website

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Most online business have one common need and that is to get more targeted traffic to their website.  More traffic = more sales and business leads. The web is also one of the primary advertising mediums for most home based businesses. You might have a great looking website with all the bells and whistles, but without targeted traffic and interested visitors, the best looking website is useless.  I’ll say that again – useless. The best answer is to do two things. Optimize your website to be search engine friendly (SEO – on page ). Optimize and use a blog with it’s RSS (real simple syndication) links. By using Search Engine Optimization combined with Blog Marketing (Social Media Marketing), you will be able to get good rankings on Google and this will equal to more targeted traffic. Search Engine Optimization SEO can improve the volume of quality traffic to your website or online profile.  Selecting keyword phrases that your targeted customers will actually use are the foundation for Search Engine Optimization.  This is the first step that will ultimately determine if SEO will turn into online sales or business leads. I’m not talking about the keywords in your Meta content but about the keywords and keyword phrases found in the content of your website. Make sure that your keywords and content is always relevant.  To have a baseline, assign no more than four keyword phrases to each page you want to optimize. On page Search Engine Optimization requires text that the search engines can index – content is king.  Use your keyword phrases 1-2 times each in the top 25% of the body text. You can also use the keyword phrases in the links, headings and any bulleted lists of your website. Blog Marketing To have a separate blog that links (link-bait) back to your website can quickly produce valuable links that the search engines will quickly recognise. You don’t have to set-up your blog on a separate domain, rather create a sub-domain for it eg http://blog.yourdomain.com or http://www.yourdomain.com/blog. Using your targeted keywords as a guide, write a minimum of 3 blog postings each week.  Each posting should be between 250-500 words in length.  Use your keyword phrases in each blog posting title and in the text of the posting.  Be sure to link back to the most relevant page on your website with the keywords you have selected. The search engines will quickly detect these links and each link will help your rankings. These methods I have just explained is a combination of on page Search Engine Optimization together with Blog Marketing.  This could be more powerful to increase targeted traffic to your website than doing either individually. Leave...

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