SEO In The South

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Search engine optimization, or, as we like to term it, staying relevant in the eyes of Google. Sometimes it seems like getting it right is like catching a slippery fish. You might catch its attention for a bit, but before you know it, it slips through your fingers, and you have to start all over again. SEO is difficult, but it can be made easier with the right advice. South Africans need an SEO solution tailored to their needs – where else are you going to find three or four different languages spoken in one sentence? If there is one thing that we Saffers are good at, it is making a winning plan. And so, with a leading firm like WSI handling your SEO and digital marketing needs for you, you are on a winning streak. That will key you in on all the latest stuff in the SEO world. It explains exactly what Panda was. (Hint, it is not the cute, cuddly bear you played with as a kiddie.) You are walked step by step through each change in the history of search engines. We go a step further, though, we explain key concepts as they relate to SEO to make you a mini-SEO marvel. Amaze your friends at your next braai by understanding exactly whatall the jargon means. Or, read up on the information so that you have a better understanding of the kind of concepts that you want to discuss with WSI. After all, time is money, and we want youto get the best possible results out of your consultation with us. Ready to jump right and claim your own piece of internet real estate? One that no Land Expropriation Bill will get near? Okay, let’s give you a little bit of homework to do – it’s just a tiny bit and it will be info you will actually use. And, please do it now, not now-now, or just now – it’s important. Audit How Well Your Site Ranks Locally On Google Why Google In Particular? Because Google is the big chief when it comes to search engines. In February of 2017, 95.9% of all mobile searches were performed using Google. It didn’t perform as well on desktops for the same period with only 80.5% of all traffic, but still, you want Google to show your site some love. Why Locally In Particular? Because, let’s be honest here, if you are a plumber in Pofadder, getting a call from Jabu with a blocked loo in Springs is not going to do you much good. So, do this for yourself now – take the industry that you are in, whack on the town name at the end,...

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How to improve your website rankings with blogging

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Did you know that with blogging you can improve your entire website domain search engine rankings drastically? Blogging is an excellent way to attract targeted traffic and links back to your website.  It does this in a couple of ways. How it works Blogging regularly adds fresh new keyword rich content to your website.  Each blog posting you make adds another page to your website.  Larger websites with lots of content generally ranks better on the search engines. Blogs written with original and interesting opinions will attract links from other blogs which will build up the links of your entire website. Blogging works with RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and as soon as you publish a new posting, visitors will begin arriving within minutes.  You don’t need to wait for the search engines anymore to find your content. Link to relevant and specific pages on your website by using keywords in the anchor text will help the rankings of those pages. How to get started? What purpose do you have for your business blogging?  If you are after good results, your blogging should reflect your business goals.  Start by creating a one page blogging plan that will include your targeted audience, keywords and topics you want to focus on.  Always use your blogging plan to keep your writing focused. People usually trust the content from blogs that come from individuals more than stories from large mainstream news sites or corporations. Many people searches and reads the content from a number of different blogs and then they draw their own conclusion.  Blogging allows any size of business to broadcast their message...

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6 Nasty website problems that can affect your rankings

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Too gain the best search engine results, your website should be optimized to be search engine friendly. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role for any website that wants to rank higher on the search engine result pages. What are common mistakes and problems that will keep your website from being ranked high on the search engine result pages (SERP)? All Flash websites: These are websites built entirely in Flash. They are good looking and visually vibrant. Search engines have limited ability to index Flash content. The best solution is to provide additional HTML pages that search engines and visitors can look at. Splash Pages: This is a graphic entry page where often the only text present is the word “Enter.” Search engines give more value to the home page than any other page on the website. Splash pages are a complete waste of the most valuable real estate on the entire website and should be removed if search rankings are important. Frames: This is an extension to HTML that allows several web pages to appear in a single web browser window. These pages are held together with a “Frameset” command. Frames create severe problems with search engines being able to “crawl” your website. Frames websites should be recoded into HTML or better yet, into XHTML / CSS formats. Online carts: Online stores come in many forms and many have excellent functionality and “instant” ability to easily have an online store. Many do not allow FTP access so there may be very limited SEO Potential. To these carts add as much keyword rich content as possible and launch an aggressive link popularity campaign. Website builders: These are websites designed and maintained with a CMS. They have no FTP access and are marketed under names like: Websites Tonight, Websmartz and EZ Generator. This includes many special purpose websites such as Real Estate, mortgage and insurance agent websites. These usually have no FTP access and you will be limited to adding keyword rich text and an aggressive link popularity campaign such as blog marketing. Dynamic URLs: These are the database queries that have a “?” in them. Replace long query strings and session ID’s with search engine friendly URLs. This will greatly improve the crawlability of a large dynamic database driven website. Invalid Code: Check your website at and if the number of code errors exceeds 25 per page, go in and fix the errors. This website validator will tell you the nature and the location of the problem. You do not need 100% valid code to get #1 rankings, but large numbers of code errors does hurt...

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What you can expect from good blogging

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By posting relevant good content on your blog, you will get your business noticed online.  Blogging can build trust and credibility and it opens up a new realm to what you will find with a normal website.  With a blog, you are the expert in your field.  The goal with a blog is to engage and interact with your visitors. Even though you should have goals and a solid plan with your blog, it can be a bit different to the goals that you have with your website.   Find below a couple of points on what you can expect with a successful blog. You can reach new readers Your blog can reach new readers and targeted visitors by placing your content right in front of them.  This can all be done via the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed linked to your blog.   The new visitors and readers browsing your blog is usually different to those reading traditional advertising or even your website. Be followed You can build trust and credibility as stated earlier by the regular posting of fresh informative content on your blog.  You can build a following of readers and targeted users that will understand who you are and what you stand for. Inform your customers Your blog can build your market if you produce or sell products.  You can get potential customers to understand your services and that you can solve the problems that they might have.  Case stories is a excellent way of promoting your products/services and how that has influenced your clients. Communication is king You can build a community with your blog.  Keep the lines of communication between your business and your customers open.  With a customer service blog it allows the flow of conversation to travel to your business as well as your clients.  This can also alert you to developing issues. Website Rankings Blogging can increase your website ranking. You can generate regular keyword rich content.  This will attract search engines if you use relevant keywords in your post titles, tags and content.  Link to other websites or blogs that you are referencing in your blog posts.  You can also use keywords in these links to push up your rankings on the search...

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