Copywriting Services for General Website Content

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Below we’ll explore how our copywriting service can assist with general content for your business’ website. Just about every successful business in South Africa needs to have a website. A well-designed website will give your business credibility, while simultaneously providing your clients with all the information they need about your services and products. This information needs to be packaged in such a way that it is easy to read and interpret. A website is nothing without content A beautiful website created by the world’s best web designers is useless without quality content. Your website will need a few standard pages including product pages, an about us page as well as a contact page to name a few. A team of professional copywriters can assist you in creating the content for these pages, making it easier for potential customers to find the information that they need – in a format and style that appeals to them. Increase sales and profitability Having effective, written content on your website allows both existing and potential customers to quickly find information with regards to your services and products. It usually also provides a bit of background information about your business and enables clients to easily get in touch with you. Your written content needs to distinguish your brand from the multitudes of competitors online; it needs to sustain the attention of the browser to the point of converting the prospect to a sale – by prompting appropriate call-to-actions. This is where a professional is indispensible! WSI OMS specialises in all facets of digital marketing and the parent brand, WSI, is a global leader in the industry with a footprint in over 80 countries. We’ve worked directly with some of the world’s leading companies as well as with SMEs across the broadest spectrum of industries. Contact us today to find out how our copywriting services can bolster your online reputation and ongoing digital marketing...

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Using trigger words in your content

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Certain words have been proven to work better in persuasive copywriting. There’s nothing mysterious about using trigger words to get your reader to click on the Buy Now button. Here are the words that can help give the website user a much-needed nudge in the right direction: You As a copywriter, you’re writing for the masses, but each reader should feel that you are writing for him or her. Instead of saying “many people suffer from insomnia”, write “you’re tired, overworked and overstressed – getting the sleep you need could change your life”. Make the article a personal conversation with the reader, not an objective piece for your client. Safe / Secure People aren’t inclined to take risks (especially when it comes to buying something over the internet). If you’re writing about a beauty product, say that it is 100% safe and has been tested. If you’re trying to get people to use an e-commerce website, say that the site is 100% secure and has unique encryption features to keep their personal details safe. Easy Try to make your offer seem like the most simple, obvious solution for the reader’s needs or wants. Say that the ordering process is easy and explain what to do (try to eliminate any questions or arguments that the reader will have by answering any potential question in your content). Excitement Build hype with using emotional words such as “exciting” and “excitement”. Make sure the reader knows that you are excited about being able to offer the product (and why the reader should be excited about buying it). Purchase Not that you should be throwing the word “purchase” all over the page, but “purchase” sounds much better than “buy”. Instead of saying “buy now”, tell the reader that they can “secure” their product or “purchase” the product. Find out The phrase “find out” immediately gets a reader curious. Avoid words like “learn” (this sounds too time-consuming and exhausting), rather tell a reader that they can find out what everyone else is talking about (not “learn about a new...

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Why you need unique content on your site

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For every hobby, profession, music artist or sport, there are a million websites. All of these sites have content on them, but only a few are popular (and it’s always the same ones that get the top spots on search engines for a specific subject). Why? One of the reasons is because these pages have unique copy that gets updated on a frequent basis. There are a lot of factors that Google, Yahoo and Bing look at when ranking a page (such as reciprocal links, keywords in metatitles and so forth) but these algorithms are continuously changing along with the internet. A few years ago, when Search Engine Optimization started to gain popularity, you could simply retype the same keywords over and over again (such as “electrical supplies America electrical supplies America”) and you would probably get a top spot in Google for that key phrase. Nowadays, the smart search engine folks have a number of different ways to check if your article is actually about the search phrase (by looking at secondary keywords that would most likely be on your page) and to check if you didn’t steal somebody else’s ideas. What happens to duplicate content? According to Google, duplicate content shows below 100 results (who’s going to click that far to read your page?!). Not only do you make your content invisible, but you will also lose Google ranking for your website. Search engines don’t do this to punish you for no reason – their focus is on giving customers (internet users) access to the information they are looking for. If they find your article somewhere else on the internet, they figure that the user won’t want to read the same article twice so the original page ranks well and yours does poorly. Simple as that. Keeping it fresh Google spiders index your page when you add new content to the site. If you do this frequently, they come back to your site on a regular basis to index your pages in the search engine. If you are struggling to get around to updating your website and adding new content, find out if you can outsource the job – having unique articles on your site is important, so make sure it gets done...

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Writing website content

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Your website should always answer your visitor’s queries and solve their most urgent need or problem. The writing of website content is most likely the most time consuming part of developing and creating your website. A good way to start writing the content of your website is to ask yourself a couple of questions about your visitors. This can help you to establish the purpose of your website. What is the purpose of your website? This can be your first question.  What is the purpose of your website? Why are you creating a website? Are there any specific services or products that you want to promote? What CTA (call to action) do you want your visitors to take? What is the problem? What is the problems your website visitors are trying to resolve? What questions do they need before they will take the final decision and buy? What is your selling sequence? Use this to plan your web site map and the order of your navigation. Your home page Use the most important keywords on your home page.  What is your value proposition? You can use this in the page headline. If I came to this website, what would I most want to find out and know? What are the advantages of your offering over your competition? How is what you are offering better? How will what you offer benefit your customer? What makes your products or services convenient to use (easier, faster)? About us This is the page where you can humanize your business and it is usually the second most read web page on your website. What do your website visitors want to know about you and your business? What is your expertise and how does it address their questions and problems? What is the history of your business? What caused you to start the business? What special affiliations or certifications do you have? How many employees, volunteers or students do you have? Services or products This is usually the pace where you can get specific about your offering.  You may want to create a separate page for each service or product that you might have. What need or problem do you solve? How will your services or products benefit them? What are the important specifications and features? What other options are available? How does someone buy or obtain more information? Always provide more details, illustrations and pictures to explain your offering. When writing website content, make sure your content is concise and scannable.  Clarity and brevity are important. Write as if you were answering someone’s questions on the phone. Use simple easy to read words and write with shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs. Leave a comment...

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