How do you start a social media campaign?

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Many people ask the question on how they can start a social media campaign for their business.  Where do you start?  Do you create a Twitter profile? A Facebook Fan Page? A dedicated YouTube channel? Even though these are very good Web 2.0 channels, never start a social media campaign by just creating your profiles with no plan behind it. The first step for any business starting with a social media campaign is to know what is currently being said about them online.  How does your customers feel about your brand? Are there any discussions about your brand already happening online? What are your competitors up to? Do they already have a social media presence? A wide range of social media monitoring tools are available that you can use to respond to complaints within a couple of minutes after the complaint has been posted. By actively monitoring social media inside your company can increase your reputation and enhance your credibility to helping customers. By reacting quickly to criticism you are more likely to convert complaints into product sales. Conversations are happening online in all kinds of places. It’s important to understand how to get in there, and how to listen where the conversations are happening. Social Media Monitoring Tools Twitter – Twitter is vital for businesses to pay attention to what is being said about them on this micro-blogging service.  Use Twitter’s real time search engine to find quick updates. HowSociable? – A simple, free, tool that can measure the visibility of your brand on the web across a couple of metrics Technorati – Technorati is one of the best options for tracking social media sites. Custom RSS feeds lets you find quick updates on any blog that utters your company name. – More people are sharing their bookmarks online. RSS feeds make it easy to track whenever someone bookmarks a web page that includes mention of your company. Google Alerts – It lets you track web, blogs, news and groups for any phrase you want. (Free). Trackur – Trackur monitors all major search engines, not just Google Brandwatch – This tool combines alerts combined with data analysis. BuzzMonitor – It is an open-source social media aggregator that you host on your own web server. Software downloads are free. Developed by The World Bank. Please follow and like...

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Social Media Marketing: Facebook Insights

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Facebook is really a great Web 2.0 channel for communicating with current and new prospects.  Do you know how effective your Facebook social media marketing strategy really is? Facebook Insights can help you check and monitor how effective your Facebook efforts really are. Facebook Insights is a tool connected to every Fan Page on Facebook that allows administrators of the Fan page to track user activity on their page.  Here’s a couple of the main reasons where Facebook Insights can help improve your overall Facebook marketing plan through monitoring. Facebook Insights Impressions and feedback: If there was a sudden spike in any of your wall post impressions or feedback, do you know what caused it?  Look for any consistent trends in the feedback and impressions that you receive.   What caused these spikes?  What are the most effective messages? Comments: Was there a sudden spike in user engagement where users commented on any of your wall posts? What messages did you post? Likes: Which styles of writing in your wall posts received the most likes?  Was it during a specific time that spiked more likes than any other time? New page likes and Inbound links: This is a great feature of Facebook Insights.  This gives you a summary of the demographics that have recently started following your Fan Page and who is referring new followers to your page.  This also shows where they are from.  This can help you check if any of your other strategies are increasing awareness and activity on your Facebook Fan Page. Demographics: With this excellent feature you can tailor your Facebook updates so that they are custom made for users in a specific area. Perhaps your company deals in both the USA an Germany? You could use this feature to communicate effectively with both demographics, without spamming at least one of the languages with undecipherable updates all the time. To consistently monitor, watch, and evaluating the statistics of your Facebook marketing strategy is vital to the success of your Facebook strategy. Please follow and like...

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How to get Twitter followers

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You may likely be at a point now where you have used your Twitter account for weeks, months or longer.  You are playing it by the safe rules: you get close associates to follow you back, you are following relevant accounts, you only tweet quality content and you never post your stream with only ads. Despite being good on Twitter, the organic approach to attracting visitors to your Twitter profile and clicking the “Follow” button is not working the way you hoped it will work.  Your followers number doesn’t go beyond 99 (double digits) and you are becoming desperate.  How can you get your Twitter profile to work? Hiring a social media firm With new technology trends, new businesses arise. Maybe you have thought about outsourcing your Twitter and other social media marketing campaigns to a company that “guarantees” thousands of followers in days. If you have researched social media (Web 2.0), you most likely know that not all of those “followers” will be interested in what you have to say, and most likely, not all of them are real people.  Most of the time these accounts do nothing more than to pump Twitter full of affiliate marketing spam and links. Unless you are a super celebrity or someone with a strong social media presence, the explosion of followers that doesn’t expect reciprocation is highly unlikely. If you have integrated Twitter in your marketing strategy and you have your Twitter profile on your website and print media so that people know that your account exists, it’s time to massage your Twitter profile and work towards building a stable list of people who seeks your information. Look at other profiles Log into your Twitter account and take note of the “real’ people following you and see who else is on their lists.  Does any of those profiles look interesting and appealing that will return a follow? One of the ways marketers speculate is to look at the gap between followers and follows.  If the number is about even, or if the profile follows more than being followed, there will be a good chance you may get benefit. Other ways to get followed Check if your profile has been added to any lists and look at the profiles of the people on the same list if they are relevant to follow.  You can also search for potential followers by searching for hashtags (#) associated with your business.  Another strategy is to follow competitors.  While you may think that this is not good strategy, consider the people who follow business rivals may discover your profile as well. Invest some time daily towards these activities, in addition to your current Twitter strategy, you...

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Social media: The easy way to get started

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These days, there’s so many choices and options to promote your business online. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of these options and it’s a great way to increase the effectiveness of your other online marketing strategies and it works hand in hand with SEO and blogging. Even though Social Media Marketing (SMM) is not a new trend, it is a new frontier for many and it’s busy taking the online world by storm.  How do you start a Social Media Marketing campaign for your business to get noticed and build brand authority over your competitors? Here’s a couple of Social Media Marketing tips to help you start your SMM campaign.  Choose the best social media (Web 2.0) channels that will fit your targeted customer the best. Social Media Marketing Blog: Your blog can be seen as the vocal point of all your Social Media Marketing strategies.  Integrate your most if not all of your social media channels onto your blog.  Tweet your latest blog posts, and display these on your LinkedIn (company or personal) profile and your Facebook page or profile. Twitter: Twitter is one of the easiest social media profiles to get started with.  Post short updates on your profile such as company news, products, blog posts, etc.  Twitter is a great social media channel that you can use to engage in conversations. Facebook: Facebook has become one of the best business networking channels where you can connect directly with your audience, interact with your network, post videos and discuss topics. LinkedIn: This is one of my favourite professional business social networking channels.  With LinkedIn, you can share knowledge, form alliances, attract new customers and build brand authority. YouTube: On YouTube, you can create your own dedicated channel where you can post videos to your profile. Videos are great if you want to engage and reach targeted groups.  When you have uploaded videos to your own channel, embed them onto your website and blog. These are just some of the social media channels that you can use to get started with your Social Media Marketing campaign. Please follow and like...

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Part 2: Social Media Marketing 2011

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In my previous post (Part 1: Social Media Marketing 2011), I started this blog post series explaining a couple of popular Social Media Marketing myths that are floating around.   Because this is a series of posts, I am going to continue on a couple of other myths regarding SMM. Social Media Marketing is really not about selling directly, it’s all about listening and providing value before you start marketing. With this said, find below a couple more myths on this exciting trend. Social Media Marketing Blogging (Web 2.0 – social media) is too risky Many people are afraid to start blogging and to participate in various social media channels for the fear of messing up or negative reaction.  Did you know that the conversation online (buzz) will take place about your brand or your company with or without you? It is really risky not to be part of the social media trend.  With a blog you can demonstrate thought leadership and it could be the vocal point of your online marketing strategy. Blogging is definitely on my short list that I believe every company should have, but I will explain this in great detail in one of the future posts of this series. SMM is about placing advertisements on social networks Not at all, this is a form of paid advertising.  Social media is all about engaging and interacting with your targeted audience.  Placing banner ads on various social networks or websites will not do this.  The ultimate goal with Social Media Marketing is to show that your business is trustworthy and credible, and to inspire trust. I’ll get nothing out of social media Although it is tougher to measure success with social media that will include brand awareness and reputation, Social Media Marketing is very effective with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  More organic search engine results will result in more sales, leads and traffic. No statistics available There’s literally hundreds of methods and monitoring tools available to measure the impact of your Social Media Marketing campaign.  These tools can track the number of your mentions for your brand name, number of followers, comments around the web, and even the number of visitors to your site that were referred from various social media channels. Please follow and like...

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