Social media marketing: Measure your results

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If you do a quick search on Google you will find hundreds of results regarding the tracking of ROI (return on investment) on social media marketing. ROI will always be the standard to determine your success with SMM, but there’s a few other metrics that can give you an indication if you are on the right track with your digital marketing initiatives. Here’s a couple of tips that you can use to measure your social media results. Even though there are more available, these are most likely the easiest to track. Measure your social media results Community: The easiest to track is building communities on various Web 2.0 channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the latest one, Google+ Traffic: This is also easy to track and you can use Google analytics to track your traffic and a URL shortner service such as to check if people are actually clicking on your links. Engagement: A key statistic to track is how your networks are responding to your activity efforts.  You can track the number of conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.  You can count the number of comments and likes on Facebook, comments and +1’s on Google+, retweets on Twitter, comments on forums, comments on blog posts, and comments on LinkedIn.  You can also use various social media listening tools for this as well. Sales: If you want to track your leads and sales you are going to have to implement some sort of measuring and tracking results.  You can use specific tracking campaign forms, tracking URL’s, tracking phone numbers, or simply asked the person that contacted you how they found out about you.  There are other tracking options also available. Conversions: The last piece to track is to check how many dollars were produced with all your social media activity. Even though everyone will tell you social media is very easy to track and measure, it is not easy to track if you don’t have solid social media marketing campaign and strategy that you follow.  SMM should be treated exactly the same as you would treat any other internet marketing campaign – follow it through. Please follow and like...

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Include YouTube in your social media strategy

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Few internet marketers value the relevance of online videos for their social media marketing campaign.  The usage of online video channels such as YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo, and the local one Zoopy, can help you build brand authority, starting the conversation, and driving targeted traffic to your website to name but a few. This is the first post in a series related to how you can use videos in your social media strategy. Find below some tips that can help you make the most out of YouTube and how you can get the most out of your own dedicated video channel. Make YouTube part of your strategy There are approximately 120 million members on YouTube.  If you are planning your social media campaign, YouTube can be a powerful channel where you can drive targeted traffic to your website and at the same time help your business get good rankings on the search engine result pages (SERP’s). All around the world people are using YouTube to find relevant information that ranges from movie trailers, latest music, product reviews, and news.  There are over 200, 000 new videos uploaded every day on YouTube.  That is quite a number. YouTube is reliable YouTube is an excellent source for free video content hosting with the added advantage of adding friends to your network and subscribing to your own dedicated YouTube channel.  The “favourite” and “like” buttons are available on all videos making easy to get new subscribers to your channel. As a Web 2.0 channel, posting bulletins and comments on your own channel is a very good way to market your business to someone that finds videos interesting, and at the same time you are gaining credibility and enhancing the traffic flow (eye balls) for your business. Brand your own YouTube channel The very first thing you should do when you have created your account on YouTube is to register and brand your own dedicated channel.  Put as much information on your channel and don’t forget to include links to your website and blog.  Think of keywords that could attract targeted visitors to your channel and include these when setting up your channel. After you have created your own channel, make use of YouTube’s so called promoted videos advertising.  Subscribe to other people’s channels that you find interesting and try to actively participate by leaving comments, posting bulletins, and adding friends. If your channel is doing really good, YouTube will get your channel promoted on their homepage and that will instantly mean a vast amount of traffic to your own channel and business. Please follow and like...

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Social media is driving online activity

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Social media (Web 2.0) is busy driving online activity.  Social media optimization (SMO) is becoming increasingly important as more businesses are taking advantage of social media to promote their services or products, and at the same time building brand authority for their name. According to Facebook stats, there’s more than 750 million active users on Facebook and 50% of that user base logs in at least once a day to see what is going on.  These results are staggering and it  means that +-375 million people are logging on to the biggest social network to check what their friends are up to.  This means that the possibilities and benefits are endless for businesses using this channel to engage with their network. The focus of SMM Although people are using social media more than anything else online, why is the Web 2.0 phenomena regarded as a social gold mine for targeted traffic?  People aren’t just spending their time browsing away on Facebook, they spend quite a lot of time following links from the network.  For this exact reason Facebook is becoming a great source to find relevant information. Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the focus of social media marketing (SMM) is all about creating appealing content that members of your network will want to discuss and share with their friends. So what does this all mean?  Will an internet marketing company have to change their strategy and plan to integrate SMM more than SEO? Is this already happening and we haven’t released this yet? SMM and search results While having a high rank on the search results is a great source of inbound traffic, the most valuable method of drawing activity to your website is creating relationships with your targeted market. A great benefit of SMM is that if you can increase traffic to your website together with building customer loyalty through SMM strategies. You will also see a boost in traffic because Google will regard your company more valuable when ranking your website. Don’t get me wrong, SMM is not easy, but if you have an optimized SMM strategy and campaign, you can be sure that you are in the right direction of building your foundation on which a continuously growing online presence can be built. Please follow and like...

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How to use Twitter in your social media marketing campaign

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In my opinion, Twitter is definitely one of the best Web 2.0 channels to use in your social media marketing campaign. For many people and businesses it has provided an effective vehicle for internet marketing success.  It doesn’t mean that you will be successful for just being on Twitter, it is all about connecting with targeted audiences and establish lasting relationships with your network. Find below a couple of Twitter tips to help you with your social media marketing campaign so that you can make the most of your tweets. Twitter marketing tips Be unique: While tweeting the title of a new blog post or a news article, it doesn’t always grab a users attention.  Coming up with your own creative and unique tweet description will separate you from the noise on Twitter. Narrow your message down: You only have 140 characters to get your message out so it is no secret that shortness is key.  Always try to narrow your messages down to the key points, it may surprise you how much unnecessary content you can leave out. Headlines: While being original is very important, your message should always be straight to the point and say exactly what it needs whilst grabbing the attention of readers. Stats: Using interesting statistics and facts in a tweet can really catch a user’s eye.  If you are posting a new blog post or article, use a great statistic from the content rather that its own title when you are sharing it on Twitter. Check the time: Research and check what time your targeted audience are active online.  If you are targeting university students, there’s really no point of tweeting during class times.  The best time to target that audience will be when they get home and eagerly checking what is happening online. Focus: Always choose an area of interest or a topic and stick to it.  This way your followers will get a level of consistency and continuity. People like to know what they are getting. Interact: Keep your followers in the loop as your pool of followers grow.  You don’t have to engage with your followers all the time, but every so often.  This will remind your followers that you are aware of their voice and you value it. Links: If 140 characters is not enough to really say what you want to, link to the original content using a URL shortner such as  While this is not a form of link building, it will drive more traffic to the article and therefore help boost search engine rankings in the long run. With your social media marketing strategy, take all of these points into account when you are writing...

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How to run a social media competition

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Quite a few social media marketers are busy promoting online competitions to engage with participants and to build up their lists.  This kind of activity is very effective to increase traffic to your website, especially if you offer a good prize.  If you offer a good visible prize, it could be instant eye candy for your audience, and it could go viral. If you think that this is a simple solution to build up a list and that you only have to promote the prize on your Facebook Fan Page and instantly get thousands of new followers…think again.  Careful planning and research needs to be done before you launch your campaign to ensure you get the results that you want to achieve. Here’s a couple of basic tips to get you started with your social media competition campaign. Objectives Always start any campaign with a clear understanding of your social media objectives.  Plan and anticipate the promotional concept of the desired outcome you want to achieve.  By doing this, you shouldn’t just anticipate the mechanics, but also the limitations you will be facing. Targeted audience Who will be your expected targeted audience?  How old is your audience?  Where do they come from? It is important to understand your audience before you can market to them.  Ensure that the competition you will be running will be appealing to your targeted audience for the activity to be effective. Make sure you set clear requirements for the participating audience to comply. Social media channels Decide on the social media channels you are going to use to promote your competition.  Select which social networks you are going to use to broadcast information regarding the competition.  Will it be your blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or a combination of all the channels? When selecting the channels you are going to use, be sure that you are familiar with their promotion guidelines.  In the past there have been a number of cases where brands have lost their Fan page on Facebook because they didn’t comply to the Facebook guidelines when running a competition on Facebook.  Different channels have different guidelines so be sure to read them all. Always remember your marketing objectives for the competition you will be running.  Don’t put all the information straight on the channel you will be using at the start.  Start with a tease so that your audience can get curious on what the competition is about.  This can help with generating traffic, subscribers and new followers. Running a competition can be very effective if you follow the simple guidelines above. Please follow and like...

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