How to spark conversation with social media

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When it comes to meaningful conversations via social media marketing, and deep discussions on all the various Web 2.0 channels, don’t just think about Twitter and Facebook. Even though these are most likely the most well-known social media channels available, in most cases the comments on these platforms doesn’t deliver that much results. If you are only interested in these two channels, you need to manage this over what you don’t and what you do want to become involved in. Did you know that there are many other social media channels where your comments and discussions can reach a meaningful level and often lead to deeper conversations? Here’s a couple of the channels that I use on a regular basis. Social media channels LinkedIn: If you are looking for professional and in-depth discussions on particular business topics, LinkedIn is the route to go. Although this social media channel tends to be more B2B, it can be an excellent resource for solving and sharing solutions. Pinterest: The new kid on the blog. Pinterest is an image sharing website with a big difference. The images that gets shared on this network can be commented on, and the comments can spread to Facebook or Twitter by sharing your images on this platform. Instagram: This is big and expect lots of news about this in the coming weeks as it is now owned by Facebook. In truth, people don’t like to comment all the time, however there are millions of users that shares content on a daily basis. This makes Instagram the perfect channel that you can leave comments on. Google+: While this social network by Google is not as popular as Twitter and Facebook, you can still find very useful and meaningful conversations on this network where you can leave comments on. Foursquare: This network is different to the rest as it connects people on what they are busy doing and where they are. If you own a walk in business, why not add it on Foursquare and let you customers leave comments on their check in that they can share via their Twitter and Facebook profiles? Automated awareness. While some of the channels explained above will not spark an immediate discussion with your social media campaign, why not use these in your strategy as well? Facebook and Twitter are not the only channels where you can spark a conversation with social...

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25 great answers to one good social media question: How can it benefit my business?

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1. You can easily open dialogue with – and converse with – your clients 2. You can build and cultivate good relationships with clients 3. You can network with other industry professionals 4. You’ll build trust in a natural and more meaningful way 5. You can share insights, opinions, and experience in a way that benefits your clients – and brings them back for more 6. It helps establish you as an expert in your niche 7. You’ll better brand your business with a social media presence 8. You’ll increase your online visibility 9. It fosters better relationships with people you know and potential clients 10. It provides opportunities for collaboration with other like-minded professionals 11. It can act like a virtual marketing research base – you’ll learn more about your clients and target market 12. You’ll leverage the effectiveness of the web – everyone uses the internet to find information today, and you can be that information source 13. You’ll have direct control over your online reputation – responding to clients questions, complaints, and compliments 14. You’ll be able to directly provide customer service and feedback to your clients – and them to you 15. It can help you generate leads 16. It helps keep you up-to-date on the latest and hottest industry news 17. You’ll be able to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, allowing for easier competitive analysis 18. You can use social media to attract traffic to your business and your business’ website 19. You can build link popularity (and clicks) by posting links to your online content and business webpages 20. Consumers are already talking – social media allows you to join the conversation and be in the know 21. You can create, maintain, and join groups and communities related to your business and filed of work 22. It opens the door for networking opportunities you might have otherwise missed 23. People (your clients) will know you, have access to you, and in time, trust you – which translates into more sales 24. It puts you in direct contact with people who are ready, willing, and able to hear what you have to say – and very often have money to spend 25. It’s low cost, and low risk to you and your...

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Using LinkedIn with your social media marketing campaign

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LinkedIn is a professional social network with over 100 million users. This network allows you to make connections and find new business at a faster rate and reach new areas you want to reach than traditional internet marketing ever could. In today’s digital business lifestyle, being a bit “Web 2.0” savvy goes a long way. LinkedIn is an excellent channel if you want to reach specific people. It should never be used as mass market broadcasting as this can hurt your reputation on this professional network. Here are a couple of methods you can use to get the most out of your LinkedIn strategy. LinkedIn strategy Profile: Build up your LinkedIn profile to be 100% complete that will highlight your experience, expertise, and the capability that you offer. Your profile should show your unique selling proposition of why business prospects should use your services. Include a link to your Twitter profile, blog, and your website. Invite: Search for people that you know on LinkedIn and connect with them. You can also send out connection invitations to colleagues, clients, and even suppliers. You can use the advanced search tools on LinkedIn to find people you went to school with, or that you worked with at a previous employer. Networking: Use LinkedIn answers to network and interact with targeted prospects. Ask them questions that would interest them. Invite these people to join your network and become a connection. Once the connection is establishes, meet them by phone or for a cup of coffee to strengthen the relationship. Prospect list: Use the advanced search of LinkedIn and other sources to compile a list of targeted prospect companies you would like to reach. This can be done by any demographic or industry. Introduction: Search through your contact list for people that are working at the companies you would like to reach. Look for similar connections and other contacts busy working at those companies. Use the introduction feature and create a warm call opportunity. This can greatly enhance your success rate. LinkedIn is much different than the other popular social network channels online. It is focused towards business and business members.  If you want to connect with like minded professionals and you want to grow the visibility of your business online, try connecting in...

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Using Twitter to get your message out

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What is Twitter all about? Do I really need a Twitter profile for my business? Will I get any followers on Twitter? These are some of the questions we hear on a daily basis from some of our clients when we talk about social media marketing. Facebook at the moment seems to have everything in place for sharing interesting content and to inform your network of new services and news in your industry.  The big question is however: Is Facebook the ultimate social network and should I use Twitter at all? Facebook has our social life in one place where we can do everything we love. Everyone in our network is just a click away, we have all our photos organised in chronological order, and we can see everything that our family and friends are talking about.  Why do we need Twitter? Twitter opens up new doors It is quite simple: Twitter opens up your “social presence” to the world. What if someone you don’t even know agrees and finds your message (update) interesting?  What if they want to tell their network about it? With Twitter this is all possible. Twitter with its real-time search engine can cause your message to spread within seconds to every corner of the world. Using Twitter brings out more opportunities where people can consume and share your message as it happens. Twitter is a 24 hour news portal where everyone is a personal reporter.  This is not just a major step in internet marketing, but advancement in communicating as well. Back in the day, we didn’t need the internet at all, but now we can’t stand a day without it. Even though you will find many spam profiles on Twitter where people are using celebrity names to get their message out, I have found that Twitter is an excellent social media channel to help spread your word about your business.  Whether you are promoting a new blog post you have published, a new website you have launched, a new service you are offering, I can bet you that there will be real people on Twitter that will find your message interesting and follow you to start and engage in...

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The fuss about social media marketing

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Social media marketing (Web 2.0) is part of internet marketing that utilizes popular social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook to create a brand presence for your business. Social media is used to extend your identity and to communicate actively with targeted customers. A social media strategy should always be included in your marketing campaign.  Social media is another form of viral marketing and has grown quite big over the last couple of years with many small businesses incorporating it into their overall marketing campaigns. The social media bandwagon Why is everyone jumping onto the social media bandwagon? The reason for this is that social media marketing can be seen as a “free” way of communicating directly with targeted customers. The only real cost is the effort and time necessary for the upkeep of your social media profiles to keep your visitors and people that follow you interested. Even though social media marketing is not the only cheap option available, it is proven to be very effective, with some brands and companies achieving major success through various Web 2.0 marketing methods. Old Spice, achieved a grand following to their network last year with their funny viral campaign where they advertised their odour scented body wash on their YouTube channel. Social media is great for brand marketing as more politicians are using Web 2.0 to gain a following through various online channels. In the states, Barack Obama used social media to build a huge following on Twitter and Facebook with a targeted social media campaign. Sounds too good? Does this sound fantastic? Social media marketing should not be seen as the be all and end all.  It is a single method of marketing amongst many, and a method that must be used with great care. When people are carrying out a poor and not well optimized social media strategy, it can damage your company’s reputation.  An optimized social media strategy should be handled differently than traditional old school marketing.  You are no longer just broadcasting sales messages to consumers, they can interact with your message. Social media is still the new frontier in online marketing and it is a powerful method in advertising your services or products to all the corners of the world.  Make sure that your social media strategy is incorporated with your overall marketing campaign so that they can work hand in hand with one another, and to help you establish your brand...

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