Tips for Growing your Social Media Networks

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Social Media marketing is central to any digital marketing effort, and so it follows that growing your Facebook network and increasing the number of people who follow you on Twitter is essential to the success of your digital marketing campaign. Do this and all the other digital marketing techniques and platforms you use in your campaign will offer up ROI the way daisies pop up in the Karoo after it rains. Following are just some of the things you can do to grow your social media networks. Increase your Facebook reach Inspire people to share your content by making it fun, interesting and engaging. Ideal methods for this include images, text in meme format, videos, giveaways and competitions. (PS – announce competition winners too – it helps build trust.) If you can do ‘seriously cute’ or ‘seriously funny’ – do it. Those kinds of posts get millions of views. Few people share serious or important stuff. You don’t need to have kittens and babies headbanging to Metallica in their car seats, but if it makes you go ‘aaaw’ or laugh out loud, it will get shared – a lot. People also love ‘aaahah’ moments, so if you can do ‘clever’ or ‘enlightening’, do that too. Try to keep it original though. Don’t post five times a day.  If you spam people’s feeds they will un-follow you, and that’s damage you might never undo. Use plugins on your website that allow people to Like and Share your content – where they found it and without having to visit Facebook to paste a URL. Get more followers on Twitter Tweet regularly and often. Because they are short and can be read in microseconds, Tweets aren’t as invasive as constant Facebook Page updates that fill up your news feed to the exclusion of other posts. Make your tweets more visible outside of your community of followers by referencing popular topics through hashtags. Follow ‘Influencers’ (famous people or people and businesses with large followings) and re-tweet their tweets – with @mentions (signifying your re-tweet). Start conversations…and then keep them going. Make sure your tweets are meaningful and will inspire other to re-tweet them and ‘co-opt’ more followers. In both cases, you can learn a lot by ‘winging it’, but you also risk losing followers in the process. A best practice for all attempts to grow networks and get more followers is to design a campaign and have a strategy from the start. A next best practice is to implement your strategy with constant attention to Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics metrics and be ready to adjust your posts and tweets accordingly. If that sound like a lot of work, it’s because it is – if...

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Social media marketing – making yourself heard in the Twitterverse

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Today, everyone is doing #socialmediamarketing on Twitter – particularly since Facebook locked down the ‘free social media advertising’ businesses were enjoying through their Pages. Since you now have to pay to ‘boost’ your Facebook Page post to even reach all the people who Like your Page, the social media marketing community have turned, in unison, like a flock of sparrows, into a whole new Universe – the ‘Twitterverse’ – where a whole new race is on. Making yourself heard on Twitter  If your competition is tweeting away just as much as you are, about the same stuff you are tweeting about, somehow you have to make yourself heard in all the noise. So what do you post that’s better, funnier, more ‘re-tweeteable’ than the competitions? Yes, you do need to think about all that, but what you really need is ‘Brand Loyalty’ and this is where the focus of your strategy should be. Brand Loyalty in Social Media Marketing Perhaps like no other social media platform, Twitter offers the closest things to valuable ‘word of mouth’ marketing. Keep that in mind when tweeting – both text and images. Don’t tweet all the time, and when you do, make sure the tweets are short, sweet and meaningful. Don’t only tweet ‘salesy’ stuff, and keep all your posts light-hearted, informal and fun. Make your followers feel like they are part of a community. If you can # a trending topic with a funny take on it… then go for it! But stay away from politics, controversy and anything else that could be misinterpreted, land you in hot water, or lose you followers. Keep your opinions to yourself and watch out for the ‘tweet police’. Reward your followers for following you. Offer specials for your Twitterverse customer base. Get them involved in Twitter-based competitions, ask for feedback and reward it with specials and prizes – nice ones too. Don’t throw bones. Last but not least – track your Twitter followers’ reactions and re-tweets, and adjust your Twitter-based social media marketing campaign accordingly. #Buildbrandloyalty #youwillbeheard  #loudandclear #socialmediamarketing #Twitter #Twitterverse #greatpost #hahareferencedStarWars  #tweetpolicelol Contact Us at WSI OMS to help you design a social media marketing campaign that will inspire your customers to follow you on Twitter – and keep them following you. Please follow and like...

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Get social and get selling with strategic social media marketing tips

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Everyone and their grandmother seem to have a smartphone these days. In fact, the scope of smartphone users is growing to include much older and much younger users than ever before and you know what that means for your business? It means that you have more social media marketing opportunities than ever before. If your business isn’t performing as you thought it would on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, then it’s time to make a change, before you miss out on potential exposure and profits.   Below we share just a few social media marketing tips to help your online advertising campaign:   Capitalize on images and videos. Social media platforms are predominantly flooded with pictures and videos because they’re quick to view, fun and don’t require too much reading. Keep it simple, fun and interesting on your social media accounts and you could notice a change in your target audience’s response. Narrow down your target audience. You cannot appeal to everyone: that’s an impossible task and a huge waste of time. Know who your target consumer is and make sure that all your social media posts will be particularly interesting or appealing to that specific person / type of person. It’s tempting to try to please and entertain everyone but that’s not going to engage with the right people or make sales. Analyze the success of your online content. If an online advert is doing particularly well, use it on your social media platforms too. Also, make sure that you’re posting the type of content that’s already working well for your brand. Trying new things is great, but don’t lose sight of what works in the process. These are just a few strategic ways to ensure that your social media marketing can succeed.   Social media marketing services offered by WSI OMS At WSI OMS we can provide advice on social media marketing or we can create full-fledged social media marketing campaigns across various platforms that are highly targeted and guaranteed to be a success for your business. For more information and advice, simply contact us via email or telephone at WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Does your business need a Twitter account?

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Absolutely! With around 1-billion users, Twitter is a social network that can be a valuable asset to your company. It can have significant impact on the reach of your content, as well as influence on your customers. One of the biggest attractions of Twitter is it allows people to share information instantly and connect with people all over the world. Twitter works extremely well for viral promotions and special offers. Using the 140-characters to promote a new product, service or seasonal discount can place your business in the spotlight. The best way to do this is to add a visual to your tweet. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets, 18% more clicks and 89% more favourites. By turning your promotional codes, new product or call to action into a visual appealing graphic makes it perfect for repurposing to other social media networks, like Pinterest and Instagram. To get even higher engagement rates, use words that trigger activity from your followers, like ‘free’, ‘how to’, ‘help’ and ‘please’. Twitter is a great tool for customer support. Feedback about your business or products and services, whether good or bad, is often tweeted. If you’re not on Twitter, you may not know what is being said about your company, which could be damaging to your reputation. You can use Twitter to offer effective and timely support to your users. It’s also an excellent medium to find and connect with influencers. Following and commenting on tweets from influential people in your industry will give you insights, as well as establishing a certain familiarity with the influencer, so that if you ever do need to ask a favour, they should recognise your handle. Using Twitter chats (online meetings set for a scheduled time where users discuss certain topics using a dedicated hashtag) can help to expand your customer base and professional network. It also helps you learn a bit on the way and shows you what kind of things people are interested in and want to chat about – giving you ideas for your own content. If you’re not yet convinced of the power of this great tool, contact us and we’ll introduce you to a world of business opportunity through social media. We can also help with content creation and formulate a strategy to get your digital marketing bringing in returns. Please follow and like...

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What’s the secret to making videos go viral?

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So you want to know the secret to making a video or infographic go viral? You ask, is it possible? Well, not really – unfortunately no one can predict the reaction of humans. Who would have thought Charlie Bit Me would have got 825 millions views, or a sneezing panda having 216 million? There’s no accounting for taste, apparently. This said, there are a few success stories out there. As usual, the answer is no quick fix, it’s hard work and perseverance. It wasn’t luck that got the Dollar Shave Club almost 20 million views. CEO Michael Dubin planned the video, filmed it in one day at a cost of $4 500 and strategically released it to coincide with the announcement of $1 million dollar funding and the relaunch of his website. It didn’t hurt, either, that Michael studied comedy – he felt humour was a powerful device to tell a story. And it worked! Even the Dollar Shave Club never expected it to go quite so big so quickly – their server crashed on the second day. With an annual revenue of $65 million, Michael Dubin is still smiling, with more products added to his exclusive club offering. Another interesting success story is Girl Learns to Dance in One Year (Time lapse). Karen Cheng, an ad designer based in San Francisco decided to chronicle her journey of learning to dance over one year. Karen did a lot of marketing prior to releasing the video and she states that her video going viral was not an accident, but the result of hard work. She posted her video to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Hacker News and asked all of her friends to share it. On the 2nd day of its release, bloggers who had seen the video on Reddit began writing about it. Blogs drive a lot of traffic, with millions of followers and readers, which is just what Cheng wanted. By Day 3, the video had made the YouTube front page and had got 1.8 million views. She shared her success story online and summed it up in six points: Release your video on a Monday or Tuesday, since most people watch YouTube at work – weekends and holidays are slow. If there’s a big breaking news story, that will also detract attention, so wait for the news to lose traction before releasing your video. See if there are any potential sponsors who might be interested in your video. Cheng wore different brands of clothing in her video, used various bits of music and an App to keep her committed to her goal. She contacted each company – some shared her video, some didn’t. But she says to try...

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