How to make your Tweets stand out

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Twitter is one of my best social media channels that I use and suggest to our clients.  For many people and businesses it has provided a vehicle for their social media marketing campaigns. It doesn’t mean that if you create your profile on Twitter you will be a success, but like any other social media medium, it is all about connecting and interacting with targeted audiences. Twitter is about establishing and maintaining relationships.  Once again this all sounds good and easy, but how do you actually go and Tweet and make the best out of your efforts?  Many people believes that you must first speak and then others will listen.  Unfortunately, this is not true in real life and the same goes for any social media channel that you want to use.  Always listen first before you start broadcasting what you want to say. Find below a couple of tips for making the best out of your Tweets. Twitter tips Original: When you are tweeting the title of an article with a link back to the source, will this grab your followers attentions? Try to come up with your own creative title that others will find interesting. Be short: You only have 140 characters to get your message out so always try to be concise. Shortness is the key on Twitter.  Always narrow your tweets down to only key points, it’s amazing how much info you can leave out. Headlines: Being original is also very important. Your message should always be straight to the point and be eye catching to others. Interaction: Twitter is all about human interaction.  People won’t follow a Twitter user that only spams other members.  Be a real person and connect with others. When to tweet: What time are your demographic online and when are they active? If you are trying to target another business, there’s no point in Tweeting to them at 3:00 AM in the morning.  The cleverest time to target a specific demographic would be the times that they operate in. Focus: In my experience it is always best to choose a specific topic and stick to it.  This way you will get followers with a level of consistency.  People always like to know what they are getting. Interesting tweets:  A tweet that doesn’t make the reader ask a question or cause them to think about it is a wasted tweet.  Everything that you tweet should be geared to provoke interaction from...

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Why I’m using Hootsuite

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Are you having problems with the scheduling and posting of new tweets? It is really time consuming to keep many windows open at the same time in order to stay on top of different social media channels.  If these are some of the problems you are facing then I suggest you have a look at the Hootsuite social media dashboard.  This could be the answer you have been waiting for. You no longer have to launch Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn every time you want to post or just read what others are saying. The Hootsuite dashboard allows you to schedule Facebook posts, tweets, Foursquare posts, link existing RSS feeds that you have and tweet them, etc.  You can also manage multiple twitter accounts and track tweet statistics.  This allows having multiple editors on one account. Hootsuite comes with a range of features designed to help you get things done easier.  Here’s a couple of the features. Hootsuite features Hootsuite allows you to schedule tweets you want to publish for multiple Twitter accounts.  You can submit scheduled tweets in bulk format directly from the Hootsuite dashboard. The Hootlet feature on Hootsuite gives you the ability to share interesting things that you find on the web with other people and scheduled tweets.  You can add an icon to your browser that you can click when you want to share something interesting. You can edit your Facebook posts, Foursquare posts and your Tweets. You can prepare tweets with certain relevant words eg: “News” or “New blog post”, giving you the added benefit of promoting your blog. Automatically shorten long URL’s.  This services gives you much better stats on who clicks your links on Facebook and Twitter. Hootsuite provides stats on the popular tweets you have made and it provides insights on influential users that have retweeted your posts. The mobile apps of Hootsuite allows you to access Hootsuite on your iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Hootsuite membership Hootsuite comes with three member levels which includes two paid ones and a free one.  Hootsuite Pro gives you unlimited stat history, unlimited account connections, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and the ability to bring in a collaborative parter. For $5.99 a month, the Pro Hootsuite level is extremely affordable for all the features available. The Enterprise level costs $1,499 a month and comes with VIP support and setup, the ability to add up to 30 team members, enhanced analytics, ten free reports and access for ten people to the certification program. All the features on Hootsuite will save you precious time and therefore in our industry, it’s a must have solution that will be appreciated by any busy business or avid social media...

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General Tweeting Twitter Tips

Posted by on Aug 17, 2010 in Twitter |

Twitter is one of the best Web 2.0 micro-blogging tools available online.  It has countless features and in my opinion, Twitter search is awesome.  Nothing beats real-time search! Although there’s many tips and tools available for Twitter online, find below a couple of General tips that will help you get the best out of Twitter for your business marketing efforts. For a great Twitter tips list – Twitter tips: the ultimate guide 10 tips on being a good Twitterer – CNN 140 Insights From Twitter (In 140 Characters Or Less) – The Future Buzz Daily Twitter Tips – Tweetgain Five Reasons Twitter is an Essential Social Media Tool – Search Engine Guide How to Add Icons to Twitter Profiles – Quick Online Tips How to be a Twitter all-star – iMedia Connection How to Get Things Done with Twitter – Zen Habits How to Mine Twitter for Information – Web Worker Daily How to: Promote Yourself – Wired How To Protect Your Privacy On Twitter – LifeHacker How to Speak Twitter – a Twitter Glossary – Business Week How to Twitter – Be a Twitter Authority and Unleash Maven Marketing With This Simple Twitter App – The Tweet Salon How To Twitter – First Steps and a Twitter Glossary – Hanselman How To Twitter – The Basics – Adam Covati How to Use Twitter – Mahalo How To Use Twitter – Squidoo How to Use Twitter as a Twool – How to change the world How to Use Twitter More Effectively – Blogtipz How to Use Twitter Without Twitter Owning You – 5 Tips – Tim Ferris Looking for Mr. Goodtweet: How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter – Guy Kawasaki Making the most of Twitter – Microblog your way to success with Twitter – the ultimate networking tool – Wordtracker More Twitter Tips – Dopp Juice NewscastTip: Twitter tips to launch, enhance your use of the service – NewscastStudio Pro Twitter Tips – Laptop Mag Simple tips for a better Twitter experience – TEDChris Ten Things you Must Know before Using Twitter – Tech n Marketing The secret to Twitter – Scobleizer The 10 ways I learned to use Twitter in 2007… (aka Why and How I use Twitter) – Disruptive Conversations Top 5 Steps after Joining Twitter – Tech n Marketing Twips: Twitter Tips – Tom Altman’s Wedia Conversation TwiTip – Twitter Tips in 140 Characters or more Twitorials – Twitter Tutorials twitter how to – twitter how to Twitter Tips – Regentpress Twitter Tips – Stricker Online Twitter Tips – Twitter Tips Twitter Tips and Tricks! – Library Clips Twitter Tips for Advocacy – KStreet Cafe Twitter tips from the field – Examiner Twitter Tips...

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