The top Internet Marketing Mistakes to avoid?

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Internet marketing gurus can debate all day about what makes an online company so successful. Indeed, many strategies are subjective. There are, however, certain mistakes that we all agree MUST BE AVOIDED! Instead of banging on all the time about the keys to success! I’m going to tell you how NOT to fail! Here are the top 10 internet marketing mistakes that you must avoid at all costs: 1. Having a slow-loading website A web page shouldn’t take anymore than a few seconds to load. If people have to wait for our content to load, they will get aggravated. You definitely don’t want anyone’s first impression of your site to be agitation. Avoid this by ensuring all your images are below 100KB. (Ideally all images totalled should be under 100kb). Sign up to Amazon S3 and get your videos hosted under cloudfront, after you’ve converted them from large file sizes down to the smallest you can manage without affecting the quality. DO NOT have a website full of flash! It’s not flashy if all your audience sees is a buffering circle – 3 seconds and they’re gone……Plus Google sees words and not pictures 2. Having a sloppy, haphazard website Everything should be organized neatly. Your layout should have easy navigation. All of your pages should be interlinked. If somebody wants to find something on your site, they should be able to do so. Consider creating a site map, not only will it help your ranking in the search engines, it will guide people around your website. Ensure you have a search function and make sure there are clear calls to action, where you want people to go, how they contact you, how they get more information etc. Sometimes when it comes to design – less is more! 3. Don’t forget to submit your site to search engines This one seems like a no-brainer, yet a surprisingly large number of webmasters neglect doing this. Take the time to manually submit your website to Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Lycos, etc. (I didn’t do this for months – simply because I didn’t know I had to!) Get your site out there! It’s no good happily filling it with content if no-one’s going to read it! 4. Failing to update your site or blog every single day At the very least, you should update three or four times a week. The more original content your website has, the better its chances of ranking high in search engines. Plus, consistent updates show dedication, which will give visitors a reason to return in the future. Look, people want some real bang for their buck these days. The key word here is VALUE! You need to...

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ZEN and the Art of Article Marketing

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Article marketing is an art which requires practice and experience in terms of understanding what works. In this article I’ll talk about the critical mistakes that marketers make and then it’s up to you to decide to do it yourself or outsource to experts Ego Since it’s your business and you know your market and are well know is it THAT important to insure that you are writing good articles. You may skip the introduction, write in huge paragraphs, not focus on keywords and promote yourself within the content. This is your ego talking and can be done unconsciously by relying too much on reputation to make the article effective. When you write articles, you are marketing to new readers as well as readers who have heard about you. So treat every article like you’re writing to impress and attract new readers. Break-through Information Some experts slow down with the number of articles they write because they are thinking about what vitally important break-through information to write about. What is being said in the market place about a particular topic has already been said many times by many experts. With article marketing, you don’t need to focus on writing new information. Explaining old, but useful information is a good approach. Not everyone who reads your articles is knowledgeable. You need to target new readers as well. Using Poor Resource Material Again, this is related to the expert’s ego who seem to use the same resource for all their articles as they have been effective in the past. Adding more Fuel After you distribute your article, the work doesn’t’ end there. You need to spend time promoting the articles and make the most from them. Try to point as much traffic as you can to the articles that are online. Social bookmark them, tweet them, put them on your blog and tell your existing customers. This extra effort will add a lot more clicks and drive traffic to your article which will attract more readers. If your article is one of the most read during the past 90 days, it will get displayed in a premium location and enjoy better ranking from search engines which will again drive traffic and more visits Should I Use a Trusted Internet Marketing Specialist Article marketing is an art that you need to continuously approve. What works today, may not work tomorrow. We didn’t have Facebook and Twitter a few years ago but now we should use them to promote our articles. Make a checklist of things to do when writing and you’ll get more mileage from your article marketing. Or partner with a trusted Internet marketing company who can assist in doing keyword...

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