Get more traffic to your website or blog through social media

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To get targeted traffic to your website or blog is the heart and soul of Internet Marketing. More targeted website visitors means there are more people who can learn about your site and the services that you offer. Social Media Marketing is a powerful way and method to bring more interested prospects to your online profile. It has been proven that you can increase your ROI by implementing the right social media strategies for your business. How can your business use social media effectively and to what standards? Businesses needs to build credibility and trust by offering value and interacting with people. This doesn’t mean one way conversations, it means discussions. So how to get started using this marketing medium? Targeting Social media websites (Web 2.0), blogs and forums are generally category specific on a subject. Participate and be active on these sites related to your industry and niche. This will increase your online visibility. This can be a great method in obtaining targeted customers as you are directly communicating with them. Participate Be an active participant in selected social network communities. Be involved and post regularly. Interact with others in the community and become known. If you don’t have time for direct participation, find someone in your organization that will take this on. This is very important. Blogging My favourite. A blog is an essential tool for any business participating in social media. Write interesting topics that will interest your ideal targeted customer. Write fresh, original and important content and you will attract attention and links from other blogs. Links Links from social media websites and blogs can be very valuable in building your website search rankings. Original posts serves as link-bait which will drive your search rankings higher. Authority By participating and interacting in forums and social networking sites, you will build a reputation as an expert in your field. People like to do business with people they know and respect. There is no correct way to make use of social media. The key is to get involved and network with other. This will pay dividends to your business with increased visitors, prospects and...

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Write optimized and catchy blog post titles to get targeted traffic

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More than 75% of advertisements in the newspapers are skipped because they do not grab the reader’s attention. A powerful titled blog post article can draw huge amounts of targeted traffic via RSS feeds, blog aggregators, social networks and search engines. Your blog post headline must capture the attention of your readers in order for it to work. Your blog post headline (title) should make it seem as though getting the information and reading further is absolutely vital. There are only two goals in writing effective blog titles to grab the attention of your readers. The first goal is to write interesting titles to draw them in to read further. The second goal is to get listed on the blog aggregators and the search engines so that more people can find your content. Keywords Always try to add keywords/keyword phrases in your titles. This is what the search engines will notice. As you write your blog entry, try to write informative titles that will match what you would search for if you were searching for something similar on the web. Make your blog titles clear, clever and descriptive. You are writing them for two audiences – readers and the search engines. Choose which keywords you are going to use in your blog post titles. SEO blog post title tips The titles of your blog posts carry a significant value to the on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors of the overall blog. They are the text links that appears on the search engines result pages (SERP) when you have searched for a given keyword or keyword phrase. Title tags are specified in the <head> section of your html pages and they are defined between the <title>Your title</title> tag. Most blogging systems has a pre-defined section where you can insert the title of the blog post when you create a new one. Similar or same text: Every page on your website should have a unique <title> tag. If you have the same title on every single page, you are telling search engines that your blog is only covering one topic, and none of your content is unique. Exceeding the 65 character limit: Many blog post titles are very long. Most popular search engines has a limit of 65 characters on the link that they will display in the search engine results pages. If you exceed 65 characters (including spaces) you risk getting your title tag being cut off at 65 characters. Keyword stuffing the title: A common mistake web designers /developers tend to make is over stuffing the title tag with keywords. Saying the same thing multiple times doesn’t make it more relevant and search engines picks this up. Search...

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Targeting your blog audience to get traffic

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By identifying and connecting the targeted readership of your blog is absolutely necessary to the success of a blog marketing plan and strategy. Who is your ideal customer? Always focus on your targeted audience and who you would like to reach with your blog. If you can identify your targeted readership, it will allow you to address their interests and goals. You can then write about subjects that interests them from different angles and captivating story lines and converting more followers to build up your readership. Identifying your target Who do you want to reach with your blog? What niche market are you going after? Usually your blog audience tends to be different from your typical customers. Blog readers tend to be more technical, knowledgeable and more up to date with the latest trends and developments. These people read multiple blogs from different sources to stay up to date. It is very important to plan and write to attract those readers. What to write about What does your targeted blog audience wants to read about? Choose a topic and niche that your ideal customers will find interesting and informative. If you were a seller of hardware tools, then you may want to write something DIY related to using these tools. This way you can reach your targeted readers at about the same time they are looking for tools to buy. Of course you would have links on your blog to your hardware tools website for more promotion of your products. Conversational tone Your blog post writing should be honest, conversational and informal. Your blog can give your readers a glimpse of your personality. You should use phrases and terms that they are familiar with and that they will recognize. Your postings should build trust and credibility. Your objective is to connect with your targeted readers so they will return often and ultimately contact you when they need anything what you have to offer. It really doesn’t matter how intriguing your subject is or how well you write your blog posts. If you fail to reach your targeted audience with your blog, you have missed your...

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