8 things you need to know about social media in South Africa

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With the ever increasing popularity and use of Social Media technology by many forward thinking companies in South Africa and many of our WSI clients I thought that the following article would be fitting. This interesting article from Memburn has some valid points which I would like to share with you.   8 things you need to know about social media in South Africa By Stuart Thomas: Senior reporter   Social media in emerging markets is in a healthier place than ever. According to figures from Socialbakers, only two of the world’s top five Facebook countries are developed. With the rise of Mexico, that number could soon be one. They’re very much on the up in other words.   South Africa is no different. Cheaper and faster internet access, along with a proliferation of internet-enabled mobile devices is driving people to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter faster than ever.   In fact, the latest findings from tech research company World Wide Worx suggest that Facebook in particular is going mainstream. Some 5.33-million people now access the big blue social network on the web, while an estimated 6.8-million access it using their mobile phones.   That said, World Wide Worx CEO Arthur Goldstuck did note that social networks aren’t growing as fast in the country as it once did. There are still however a number of key things you can learn about the country’s social media scene.   1. It’s not a young man’s game anymore  Forget about kids messing around on Facebook. That’s 2007 thinking. One of Facebook’s largest global demographics is retirees and the same is rapidly becoming true in South Africa. According to World Wide Worx, the number of over 60s on Facebook grew by 44%, compared 30% for those aged 30 to 60. The lowest growth rates meanwhile were around people aged 19 to 30.   2. South Africans want people to know they’re at the airport No seriously, the most used check in sites in the country are airports and shopping malls. Maybe because there’s nothing better to do at either.   3. It’s not about where you live any more World Wide Worx says that both Facebook and Twitter have crossed the rural/urban divide. Although there are still more people on the social networks in urban environments, there are the same number on both in rural areas as there were in urban areas 18 months ago.   4. Instant messaging is still really big Yes Mxit is more than just instant messaging, but it’s a large part of what drove it to the 9.35-million user mark. South Africa’s love affair with IM is also why some 4.6-million people now use Whatsapp and its newest social network 2Go has...

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Exhibitions and Events South Africa

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If you’re looking for Exhibition and Events Services in South Africa then consider Oasys Innovations. I’ve just been to meet with this highly capable company and their impressive range of Exhibition and Event Services include: Corporate Events Exhibition Stands Electrical and Lighting Displays Audio Visual Rentals World Class Event Activation Services Oasys’ experience with Exhibitions and Events in South Africa has seen them service a number of first-class clients including the Sun City Nedbank Golf Challenge and the Sunday Times Food Show. Oasys Innovations can help you no matter the size of your Event. Whether they’re supplying you with Audio Visual Equipment or some furniture for your Exhibition, their products and expert service is world class. Contact Oasys now for Exhibitions and Events in South...

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WSI Offices on Google Street View South Africa

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We were very excited to see our offices appear on Google Street View South Africa. I remember when the Google Prius drove passed our office in 2009 and here’s the image they captured at 149 Goodwood Street in Kyalami. What is Google Street View? Google Street View is the new addition to Google Maps and it allows you to explore a certain area with panoramic street-level photos. Where is Google Street View Available? It hasn’t been applied to all Google Maps yet but it is active for the following countries: South Africa Australia USA Japan Singapore Italy France Spain New Zealand Although Google Street View isn’t available worldwide you can follow the link to track where Google Street View is becoming available. Although there have been concerns about the safety aspect of Google Street View, the Internet giant has taken preventative steps to ease worries. Using Google Street View Google Street View has a number of useful functions for users including: Find the location for you work meeting and check out the parking that’s available in the area (not in real time) Find the best spot to watch a marathon Explore your travel destination before you fly Look at areas where you have intentions of buying property Google Street View is a great tool and the only way you’ll be able to unlock its potential is by having a look for...

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WSI South Africa Internet Summit 2010

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Imagine a whole morning devoted to the understanding of new communications tools, facilitated by industry leaders with the foresight, insight and knowledge to help you implement them. You’ll walk away with a transformative view of the practical value of digital innovation: real-world possibilities that your brand, your agency, your clients, or your small business can embrace. Sell more by marketing your business on Google, Yahoo & Bing. Many businesses are seeing the advantages of switching a greater portion of their advertising budget onto the internet as it’s ultimately more measurable and the best medium to make your business a success. You’ll get real-world advice from internet marketing experts and learn how to ‘amp’ up your efforts by implementing the most effective digital and social media opportunities out there. No thinly disguised sales pitches – just practical knowledge to take your business to the next level. WSI’s Internet Marketing Summit Now in South Africa for the first time after receiving rave reviews from a recent world tour: ST. LOUIS /KANSAS CITY / CHICAGO /TAMPA /MIAMI / ORLANDO/ SAN DIEGO / SAN FRANSICO |/L.A. / TORONTO / PARIS / LONDON/  MEXICO/ SPAIN/ UK/ SOUTH AFRICA So, you want to master social media and become an internet marketing rock star, huh? Now’s your chance to learn from the greats in this half-day workshop headlined by WSI leaders in digital marketing education, you will go a long way to equipping yourself with the knowledge about the power of online marketing and how to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. Don’t worry about all the technical jargon, we speak your language and will show you how to create the best online solutions for your business. Book your seat now! Avoid disappointment and follow the link to book your seat online now for the upcoming WSI Internet Marketing Summit for an action packed morning session that includes a valuable networking lunch. 09h00 09h30- Ron McArthur, President of WSI, the World’s leading Internet Consultancy Will open the summit and provide a view of current and future trends that your business should be aware of. Having joined the company in 2004, Ron McArthur continues to focus WSI efforts on the growth and profitability of our customers, consultants and partners within the WSI e-Marketplace. Ably positioned at the helm, Ron has built a team that embraces the concept of strong relationships in all their interactions within our global community. With his long standing experience in the franchise industry and unrelenting focus on providing superior customer service, Ron leads the WSI team towards realising the company’s vision – to be the world’s leading provider of Internet solutions to the small and medium size business (SMB) market. 09h30 -10h30- Michael...

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