Social media marketing tips for success in 2020

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Many digital marketers love spending time developing social media marketing strategies because there is a lot of room for experimentation and creativity. But. Because social media marketing does not conform to loads of digital marketing rules, it can become overwhelming to achieve success in this medium. Here are a few key aspects that will help you achieve your goals in social media marketing in 2020 How to be successful in social media marketing in 2020: Focus on building your brand through organic engagement  Your brand can have incredible products, outstanding visuals and professional customer service, but without organic engagement, you won’t stand out on social media. If you want to win loyalty, you need to engage your audience instead of putting up a perfectly produced image.  Your brand needs to be sincere, approachable and even a little light-hearted at times. The idea of social media is to sell the experience that your brand can provide in an authentic way. By engaging with your audience, you’ll gain loyal followers who will be brand advocates.  Show up where your audience is  By knowing your audience, you will be able to speak to them in the right manner, wherever they are engaging on social media. Don’t waste time creating content for platforms that your audience will never engage with.  Instead, invest your time in choosing appropriate channels and participating in discussions with your audience on those channels. Social media should never be treated as a static platform that merely houses your product images, but as a living community that is continuously growing and evolving.  Align contests with your goals  Everybody loves a giveaway, but if you’re using contests on social media incorrectly, you won’t get the ROI your brand can achieve. Instead of placing the focus on the prizes that your audience can win, shift your attention to creating a way for contestants to engage with your brand.  If you successfully implement this approach to all your contests, you will be attracting an audience that wants to interact with your brand, not just those who want to win the prize and disappear into the digital void.  Use video content to update and refresh your social media  Brands can learn a few lessons from independent creators, including how to use video content to liven up social media feeds successfully. With a good creation strategy, your brand can consistently show up in social media feeds with fresh video content that is engaging, interesting and easy to digest.  The best of all is that video content can be short, informal and incredibly powerful in communicating relevant information in an instant. This format gives your brand a way to always remain at the forefront of trends...

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Essential Digital Marketing Trends During COVID-19

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Staying afloat during the global COVID-19 crises can be daunting for businesses. Still, with the ability to access the internet and a few key digital marketing trends, business owners can minimise the impact of COVID-19 and future-proof their operations.   Digital marketing trends: Tips on shifting your focus during COVID-19 Create opportunities to interact With a lot of people spending more time at home and the entire business world slowing down (if not stopping entirely for specific industries), your audience may have more time to consume your content, but only if it’s produced correctly. You need to shift your focus to creating content that enables your audience to interact with your business and the content itself.  Create opportunities for your audience to provide feedback through polls and quizzes, make your product posts shoppable, introduce video messages to your feeds and make use of AR/VR technology to stand out from the competition. Keep an eye on incoming engagement so you can reply in time to build your reputation among consumers. If you provide shoppable posts, give your customers a clear indication of what they can expect in terms of production and delivery timelines (before they hit the “checkout” button).  Use SEO smartly  The rapidly changing environment is creating a lot of change in SEO trends. Although this might be hard for brands that usually rank well, it is good news for brands that offer products and services which were typically reserved for smaller markets. No one could predict the upswing in searches for toilet paper and face masks a year ago, but good digital marketers can innovate and use SEO smartly to come out on top of the SERP.  The new favourite shopping destination: Social media  While addressing trends, we cannot forget about the uptake in online shopping. Due to the restriction of movement (and rules for gathering), businesses are offering services and products online. If you have a product-based business, or you can provide your services online, now is an excellent opportunity to sell on social media.  Investigate the different platforms and options for selling online, and engage your audience where they are hanging out on social media. It is vital to remember that good social media marketing means more than pushing your products onto a social media platform. You’ll need to understand how people search for and shop on social media. Addressing Google Ads  In 2019, Google announced improvements in bidding goals to help marketers reach to improve their performance. While these improvements helped to optimise ad bids and improve conversion, some industries are now seeing a decline in their pay per click results. It is essential to keep a close eye on your Google Ads performance and make strategic changes to...

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Using SEO to sustain your presence during COVID-19

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing the emergence of what digital marketing experts are calling the “infodemic”, but with proper SEO practices and a sincere desire to provide your audience with relevant, trustworthy information, your business can remain pertinent to consumers.  How SEO can help you sustain your presence online during COVID-19:  Stay visible  Now is not the time to relax and forget about your SEO strategy- your competitors won’t! Now is the best time to clarify what you want to achieve and how to use your SEO strategy to accomplish your digital marketing goals. The topics listed below can further help you to develop your SEO strategy. The effort you make during the pandemic will help you to establish your reputation in your industry, which will help you to outrank your competitors when the pandemic blows over.  Provide your expertise Even if your products or services are not directly related to the pandemic, or deemed to be essential, you can still share your knowledge and improve your SEO ranking. The best way to approach the task of providing your expertise is to think about how your offerings can improve the lives of consumers right now. If you’re a restaurant owner, you might now be able to receive clients at the moment, but you can share some of your recipes or cooking tips that people can try at home. It won’t sell meals during the pandemic, but it will show your audience that you can impact their lives positively and that builds loyalty. Now is the time to serve your audience with your expertise and knowledge instead of trying to merely sell products.  Be sincere in showing empathy If you’ve received an email from every brand you’ve ever interacted with, you will understand how awful some of the digital marketing efforts can be. Ensure that your content is positive, hopeful and most importantly, sincere in showing empathy. It’s one thing to tell consumers that you care, but a whole different thing to prove that you are sincere.  Extend a lifeline for other businesses  If you can help out other brands during the pandemic, create an offer and use your SEO strategy to reach the largest possible audience. If you’re considering an offer that provides a discount on your services or products during the pandemic, think strategically about how you can share the message with the largest group of people, including the use of SEO tactics to generate interest in your offering.  Stay on top of trends  Keyword research is always essential, but staying aware of the changing trends should be a fundamental part of your SEO strategy at the moment. Because changes are happening rapidly in the digital...

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The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on SEO Trends

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The global reach of the COVID-19 pandemic is making an impact on every aspect of the digital marketing world, and SEO trends are not exempt from the changes brought on by COVID-19. Digital marketers have seen a shift in SEO trends. These are some of the current SEO trends that could influence digital marketing until the COVID-19 pandemic dies down. SEO Trends during the COVID-19 pandemic Trends on the rise  – Online shopping: Instead of heading out to physical retail stores, consumers are now more likely to use online shopping to purchase goods and services. Click and collect options, delivery of shopping and purchase of digital vouchers to support small businesses are all included in the online shopping trend. This trend is rising as the pandemic becomes worse all across the globe and might positively influence the future of commerce, as many people are shopping online for the first time. If the experience is positive, customers may return to online shopping even when the pandemic has runs its course. – Essential products and services  Searches for essential products and services are rising daily, and consumers are searching for items that used to be reserved for smaller, niche markets. Personal protective equipment such as face masks and gloves and hand sanitizers are becoming more popular as consumers try to keep themselves safe from infection. Local searches are becoming increasingly important because many governments are restricting travel, and people are starting to self-isolate, consumers will be looking for convenient, local options to solve their needs for products and services. – Health, hygiene and wellness information With the rising awareness of the existence and dangers of COVID-19, consumers are searching for products, services and information to keep themselves safe from the pandemic. Rising search trends include the symptoms of COVID-19, how to prevent infection, methods of sanitising your home, and reports on the global and local infection and death rates. – Recipes, food trends and nutrition Due to restaurants and fast-food outlets being closed during the pandemic and stricter rules for movement being put in place, people are preparing food at home more often. Searches for recipes, meal ideas, nutritional information and tips on how to meal-prep and make ingredients last longer have been on the rise. Spending more time at home and having limited options for shopping for food items has necessitated a more creative approach to preparing meals, and online sources that supply this kind of information is seeing an increase in website traffic. – News Most news outlets and news media companies are seeing a lot more traffic during the pandemic, but the increase in search traffic isn’t limited only to traditional news publishers. Independent creators are providing information...

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SEO: Ranking during COVID-19

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The world is currently facing a challenge like never before with the COVID-19 pandemic. Because this virus has permeated every part of our lives, SEO will definitely be influenced by the pandemic. If you’re trying to understand how you can switch gears to rank for the SEO keywords during the pandemic, here’s a list of our top tips. 6 ideas for SEO ranking during COVID-19: 1. Find ways to connect with the issue  The time is ripe for brands and businesses to show how they can provide value to their audiences, so don’t slip in a few COVID-19 related keywords for the sake of ranking. Insread, do proper research and find ways to connect your business to the issue at hand. You don’t have to provide an essential service to be relevant, but you do need to create a clear link between your business and the issues your audience might face during the COVID-19 pandemic. Think about the products and services you provide and emphasise how your business can solve problems.  2. Research COVID-19 related keywords and plan your target strategy Even if your brand does not directly relate to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still find ways to target certain keywords and rank in search results. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time in researching which keywords are appropriate to use and find creative ways to use those keywords in your content. 3. Ask your audience  If you feel lost in your attempt to rank for questions related to COVID-19, ask your audience about their experiences, pain points and worries. If you understand what your audience needs, you can change your strategy to align with what your audience wants to know right now.  4. Create a dedicated page to address the COVID-19 situation  If you want to provide information to your audience about your business during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can create one dedicated page on your website that contains relevant content, answers their questions and stipulates how your operation will address the challenges of the day. Be sure to include appropriate SEO keywords on this page to get the best results.  5. Be sure to update your FAQ page  If you don’t want to dedicate an entire page to COVID-19, be sure to at least update your FAQ section so your audience can stay informed on your strategies for coping with the situation. If your business can still operate normally, tell your audience of the measures you have taken to keep them safe when interacting with you.  6. Explore new channels  Most businesses have suspended regular trading, which has created the perfect opportunity for you to explore new communication channels. Experiment with providing content...

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