How to successfully implement a Facebook strategy as part of your social media campaign

Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in Social Networking |

If you want to make the most of your social media campaign, you should definitely ensure that your company has a presence on as many social media platforms as possible. The most widely used of all of these platforms and therefore the most important, is Facebook. But how, exactly, do you implement a successful Facebook strategy? Although, to ensure maximum impact, it’s best to consult experts like WSI before implementing a Facebook strategy, what follows are good basic rules to adhere to: The most important thing to remember is to post regularly, but not too often. Only update your status after people have stopped commenting on your posts. Your posts should also be related to what your company does. Don’t engage in trivial conversations that have nothing to do with you or the products you are selling and/or service you provide. Since they are great attention grabbers, uploading pictures and videos is also a good idea. Again, just make sure they are about your products and /or services and make your own website the host site of your videos. The next thing to remember is to engage with people on a personal level. If they post questions, answer them as quickly as possible. Give a basic answer and then refer them to your website for more info. This is a neat trick to get your conversion rates up. Also, if you think a comment is insightful or helpful, let the person who posted it know and thank him or her for bringing it to your attention. In addition, Facebook advertising is something you should consider investing in. It is not that expensive and very target market orientated. It will draw people to your page and website. Last but not least: Make sure that the person you put in charge of managing your Facebook page has the necessary skills to communicate with people effectively on this platform. Contact us today for more expert advice concerning social media...

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How to develop your first social media campaign

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Have you invested in social media for your business? It might be time to think about developing your first social media campaign. How do you know if you are ready to run your first campaign? There are a few questions that you should ask yourself first – read on to find out more. What networks do you have in place? It is important to analyze which networks you are currently using effectively and which you can leverage off.  A common mistake that people make is trying to spread themselves to thin and investing in multiple platforms that they do not engage in effectively.  Rather than trying to run campaigns over multiple networks, you may want to concentrate on one to start off with. This will make a campaign more manageable and you can learn valuable lessons. Not all social networks are equal Remember, users make use of different social networks for a variety of reasons. If you are unsure, think about why your community is engaging with you online – your campaign needs to address these needs. If you don’t have an effective support network in place, your campaigns will fall flat. Spend time building up this network and you will see the results in the long run. Decide what your goals are Every campaign needs to have goals in order for your business to see results. Make your campaigns measurable and ensure that you are tracking your results. This will assist you with campaign improvements in the future, and help you keep track of your successes. WSI Internet Marketing specializes in social media marketing services that can be tailored to suit your small business. To find out how we can help you, get in touch with us by visiting...

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Which social media channels do you use?

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Social media marketing can almost be found everywhere on the web can it can be a bit confusing for a small business owner to start using social media to increase their brand awareness. Most of the time people are only focusing on one or two social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook because they are the biggest. There are thousands of social media channels available that you can use and while you won’t be able to use them all effectively, which ones are you going to use? Before you start interacting with your social media marketing campaign, it is important that you first identify where your potential customers are. Facebook and Twitter is not always the right choice for every business. The social media channels that you use will all depend on who you want to reach with your campaign. Other social media channels Never start your campaign by looking at only the big social media channels that you can use. Forums and blog are most likely the most underused channels that can be extremely powerful to connect with others. Do a bit of research and gain some insight what people are currently talking about regarding your business or services. This can help you generate content that you can share with your audience. Also, look at popular blogs in your market niche. This can also be a strategy to write guest posts to increase your exposure. Other social media channels that you can also look at includes Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube for videos. Don’t focus on only one social media channel because you are then spreading yourself very thin on the social web. Get the balance right on who you want to target and you will find that your exposure to potential prospects will be positive, and the amount of targeted visitors to your website will...

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How to make your Tweets stand out

Posted by on Mar 24, 2012 in Social Media Marketing |

Twitter is one of my best social media channels that I use and suggest to our clients.  For many people and businesses it has provided a vehicle for their social media marketing campaigns. It doesn’t mean that if you create your profile on Twitter you will be a success, but like any other social media medium, it is all about connecting and interacting with targeted audiences. Twitter is about establishing and maintaining relationships.  Once again this all sounds good and easy, but how do you actually go and Tweet and make the best out of your efforts?  Many people believes that you must first speak and then others will listen.  Unfortunately, this is not true in real life and the same goes for any social media channel that you want to use.  Always listen first before you start broadcasting what you want to say. Find below a couple of tips for making the best out of your Tweets. Twitter tips Original: When you are tweeting the title of an article with a link back to the source, will this grab your followers attentions? Try to come up with your own creative title that others will find interesting. Be short: You only have 140 characters to get your message out so always try to be concise. Shortness is the key on Twitter.  Always narrow your tweets down to only key points, it’s amazing how much info you can leave out. Headlines: Being original is also very important. Your message should always be straight to the point and be eye catching to others. Interaction: Twitter is all about human interaction.  People won’t follow a Twitter user that only spams other members.  Be a real person and connect with others. When to tweet: What time are your demographic online and when are they active? If you are trying to target another business, there’s no point in Tweeting to them at 3:00 AM in the morning.  The cleverest time to target a specific demographic would be the times that they operate in. Focus: In my experience it is always best to choose a specific topic and stick to it.  This way you will get followers with a level of consistency.  People always like to know what they are getting. Interesting tweets:  A tweet that doesn’t make the reader ask a question or cause them to think about it is a wasted tweet.  Everything that you tweet should be geared to provoke interaction from...

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Launching a social media marketing campaign

Posted by on Feb 21, 2012 in Social Media Marketing |

When you are in the process of launching or planning your social media marketing campaign, always be transparent. Never try to hide what you are doing. Engage with your target audience and don’t start with only broadcasting sales pitches. This should always be avoided even if your marketing department is only interesting in selling. This approach will never work. Social media campaigns designed to push a message relentlessly will turn off social media participants immediately. Internet marketers have to learn new strategies and take a lower key in presentation. With social media there is less room for publicity and much more room for serious discussions. Maintaining your social media campaign When you have launched your social media campaign, it is very important that you maintain it. Your campaign requires time and commitment to accomplish your goals. Don’t give up too soon.  A common example is launching a blog for your organization and you never post new content on the blog. It is important to keep the campaign active. The key with any social media marketing campaign is to build up a database of interested followers that you can connect and engage with. It is almost like building a direct email list except you now have to chance to communicate directly with your “list” online. Building your followers and network requires capturing ongoing trust of the participants and always taking care not to abuse that trust. With your social media campaign, there will always be some grey areas because audience interests are fragmented and coalitions of interests may be passing. You will notice with your campaign that sometimes that your hard-core followers are few and your occasional supporters many. One of the big challenges with any social media campaign is how to motivate the entire group. Try to run your social media campaign with flexibility so that you can adjust your message based on what is effective. I have noticed that initial social media approaches are scattered using a range of methods. One tries a number of different tactics and keep the ones that works while dispensing the ones that doesn’t. There may never be true tactics because of the nature of social media and all the different...

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