Social media marketing = targeted traffic

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Social media marketing (SMM) is a very effective way to drive targeted visitor traffic to your website or blog. The traditional methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) is still effective, but Web 2.0 opened new doors and traffic generated from these channels cannot be ignored anymore. Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube are not only used in the business arena, but also in political campaigns. There are many strategies being applied on social media channels and generating thousands of leads that converts. Building followers on Web 2.0 channels can form long patterns of interested referrals all pointing back to you. Friends, family and your network are in constant interaction referring back to you because you are the expert in your niche.  This is a form of “word of mouth” marketing. Search engines The digital landscape keeps on changing everyday and over the last few years, there is a strong indication that the search engines loves social media. Many of the top search engines are paying significant amounts of attention to social media because it equals real-time data. When one of your social media profiles such as your blog gets the number one spot on Google, it can push more traffic to you. Social media can generate high quality incoming links back to you just because trusted social media channels tend to get fast listings. Credibility All the traffic generated from social media channels can improve the consumer perception of your company. People trust company more when they are getting “referrals” from people in their own network and that they know. It is all about building trust with social media. With social media you can get traffic straight from the content you publish on your social media profiles and from the people who are talking about you online. Please follow and like...

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Social media optimization and SEO

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SMO better know as Social Media Optimization is a form of word of mouth marketing through the use of various social media channels such as blogs, social networks, and media sharing sites. The main focus with SMO is about trust and relationship building and about increasing targeted traffic to your social media profiles. SMO focuses on getting traffic from social media sources. When your content is published on your website or blog, traffic will increase to your content if you shared the content to your social media profiles. SMO gives people a good reason to visit your website or social media profile because of all the great and original content you publish. The links from these channels back to your blog or website is very important for SEO because they are sending “social signals” to the search engines. Improved search engine rankings are often a benefit with social media optimization. Traditional marketing is different Traditional marketing is very different from social media marketing (SMM). SMM is about publishing and sharing interesting and original content. It is also about creating trust, relationships and engaging with your network of followers. SMM should never be directly be about selling. Build your social media relationships first because people prefer to buy from people that they know and trust. You can use social media to build your reputation and brand, not to sell services or products. Brand yourself as the leader in your niche.Your brand is what you represent, what you care about, and your personal connection with others. Always be the persuasive and unique voice in your target market. Your goal is to build a natural following of people who are interested in what you have to say. Members of your network can interact with you and learn about your services and products in this process. SMM focuses on sharing content on your profile through the use of social bookmarking, RSS feeds, news, polls and user rating services. Sharing is made easy by adding social bookmarking features alongside your content to help your content travel. Combine social media optimization with your search engine optimization efforts. You can use it to bring in targeted traffic to your website and blog through links and gain better search engine placements. Please follow and like...

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The definition and characteristics of social media

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There are thousands of articles and blog posts describing the actual definition of social media marketing (SMM) online. Many internet marketers are still broadcasting that social media is the next big thing and even though it might all seem new to you, it has been around for a while. When you mention social media to most people, the first thing that they usually think about is Facebook and Twitter. If you think that social media only consists of those two channels (tools), have a look below on some characteristics of this trend, and why it is important to include a detailed social media marketing strategy for your business. Social media marketing characteristics Contributing and participating: Social media is all about contributing and participating in online conversations. With all the new social media channels being launched everyday, people enjoy communicating with others in interactive communities. Open and transparent: One of your main goals should be to build trust with your current and prospective clients in your social media strategy. You must always be truthful when you are dealing with your market online as one negative comment in 140 characters or less can destroy your reputation. Build relationships: If you are a small business owner, it is important to establish relationships with people in your target market. Conversations online on various channels can happen in real-time with real people. People don’t want to be offered any services or products, they want to be connected to be heard. Community focused: Social media marketing for small organizations usually only depends on communities online. Many people use online communities to find and filter for relevant information if they are interested in a specific product or service. If you offer a good service to your customers and you take care to build solid relationships on these communities, you will get positive comments and opinions on your services and products. Social media marketing is an excellent method for small businesses and young start-up companies to get the word out about them. SMM allows you to promote yourself while building lasting relationships in various online communities. Please follow and like...

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How to use LinkedIn with your SMM strategy

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LinkedIn is a professional social network that everyone should use if they want to grow their business online. LinkedIn is very different to other popular social networks such as Facebook as it has become the norm as the universal business network. One of the most important keys to network on LinkedIn is to spend some time and building up your profile to be 100% complete. Your profile on LinkedIn is one of the central ways that others will find and network with you. The more information you include to complete your profile, the more searchable you will become and the more chance you will be able to make a connection with someone on the LinkedIn network. Here’s a couple of tips on why LinkedIn is an excellent network to use for your business. LinkedIn for business use Increase business: Network marketing using LinkedIn increases your overall chances of connecting with targeted people on this network. Members of the network can search for services not only in their direct network, but also the members that are connected to their network. Branding: It is important to increase your credibility if you want to become known as the expert in your niche. A strong presence can reinforce your strategy what you are doing elsewhere. Networking tool: LinkedIn is seen as the most accepted network to connect with other professionals. Facebook is the biggest, but they do not cater for the same professional audience that LinkedIn covers. LinkedIn allows for reconnecting with old colleagues, vendors, and clients. People search: LinkedIn features a powerful people search where you can find targeted people who you want to connect with. The LinkedIn database is organized and kept up to date with every member on the network. Relationships: Who knows who in your LinkedIn network? Not only can you use your own network to connect with someone, but you can also connect with others that are connected to your network in some way. You can find who in your LinkedIn network has contacts at a certain organization that can give you a referral to connect with someone. Please follow and like...

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Why social media monitoring is important

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Social media monitoring which is part of online reputation management (ORM) plays a crucial part in internet marketing and social media marketing strategies. Social media monitoring also plays a vital role in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of your overall campaign. A proper social media marketing (SMM) campaign should always be planned and created around your business objectives and goals. Here’s key points we are using when creating a social media strategy: Creating a social media strategy Planning Designing your path (What is our goals?) Execution (Who will be responsible for what?) Review and measurement (Success indicators) A social media marketing campaign takes time to show tangible results. One should always have some clarity in what needs to be done. Measure the engagement, collaboration and plan the next step. Social media measurement Social media (Web 2.0) is not just about the traffic or conversations that you get on selected social media profiles.  Always make sure that you measure the conversations and the influencers that are part of your campaign. You can also measure the provoking level of involvement, influence and interaction your social media campaign creates with targeted prospects. To get the best picture of the results, make sure you are measuring your campaign with website analytics. There’s a couple of free and paid tools available online that you can use to actively monitor your social media campaign online. Even though some of these tools are quite expensive, most of the free ones available will give you insight into your campaign.  An excellent tool that we often use with many more features than just brand monitoring is Netvibes. This is a free tool with a paid option where you can get more features. Failure or success with your campaign depends on the engagement level that you are able to create in better understanding your efforts and this can all be seen by measuring your campaign. Please follow and like...

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