Useful Search Engine Optimization websites and tools

Posted by on Jun 1, 2010 in SEO | 1 comment

I have found a couple of useful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that can help you with the optimization process of your website. SEO is a long-term process and if done correctly, you will reap the benefits. It does not mean that when you use these SEO tools that you will instantly get better rankings on the search engines. They are only as useful as how you use them in the exploration of your website SEO process. If you have a couple of useful web tools not listed here, feel free to comment your tool and I will add it to the list. Keywords and Content Free Directory ( Meta Tag Generator ( Keywords Suggestions for Google ( Keyword Density Tool ( Website Keyword Suggestion ( Keyword Difficulty Check ( Keyword Optimizer ( Keyword Typo Generator ( Keyword Density Checker ( Social Media Keyword Checker ( Meta Tag Generator ( Website Server, Domains, ETC Domize ( Check Server Headers ( Spider Emulator ( Business Name Generator ( Class C checker ( Search Engine Optimization Analysis Tool ( Search Engine Rank Checker ( Domain Age ( SEO Friendly Redirect Checker ( Page Size Extractor ( Alexa ( Check Yahoo Web Rank ( Web Page Analyzer 9 Indexed Pages ( Domain Stats Tool ( Domains Bot ( Page Rank Lookup ( Instant Domain Search ( URL Rewriting Tool 9 Page Size Finder ( Google Trends ( Quancast ( Robots Text Generator ( Awstats Website to country tool 9 Graphical Search Comparison ( Backlinks Reciprocal Link Check ( Multiple Datacenter Link Popularity Check ( Link Diagnosis ( Backlinks Summary ( Backlink Builder ( Link Popularity ( Domain inbound links checker ( Backlink Watch...

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SEO Tools you should not live without

Posted by on Apr 16, 2010 in SEO | 2 comments

Many people have written long informative ebooks, paperbacks, blog posts, etc regarding Search Engine Optimization. Even though they are good to read and follow, I believe the best methods to improve your SEO skills is by self exploration and testing. I would say that again…TESTING. The search engine algorithms changes constantly without any notice so it is good practice to stay actively involved in the Search Engine Optimization battlefield. Here is a list of 30 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools you should not live and work without. These tools includes: Keyword research tools, Site Check Tools, Link Tools, Ranking Tools, Analytics Tools and various other tools. Keyword Research: Google Insights for Search Google Adwords Keyword Tool Google Trends Wordtracker SEO Blogger Wikipedia article traffic statistics Site Check: Google Webmaster Tools GSite Crawler Google Website Optimizer Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer Tool Pingdom Tools Link Tools: Yahoo! Site Explorer Xenu Linksleuth Majestic SEO Link Diagnosis Link Harvester Social Media for Firefox Ranking: KeywordEnvy Search Engie Rankings Tool Rank Checker Disable personalized search plug in RankTracker Analytics: Google Analytics Woopra Compete Spyfu Various: googlebar (not Google Toolbar!) Quirk SearchStatus SeoQuake SEO for Firefox SEOpen...

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