The 5 elements of a strong inbound marketing strategy

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There are so many reasons why all businesses need to adopt a solid inbound marketing strategy. Firstly, this manner of marketing helps to ensure a more targeted approach to drawing in new clients because it focuses on the buyer’s journey by tailoring content to edge the consumer ever closer to making a conversion. Secondly, it ensures that you cover all bases from a digital perspective, making certain that you fully embrace all opportunities to make a lasting impression. Sound interesting? Here are the five elements that go into creating a strong, successful inbound marketing strategy.  Search engine optimisation  SEO is arguably the most vital aspect of this kind of strategy purely because it is responsible for attracting more visitors to your website. By optimising your site for search, as well as for improved user experience, your chances of gaining a higher number of leads are vastly increased.  Social media marketing  Social media provides you with the chance to interact with your customers and potential customers directly. It is also a tool that allows you to extend your reach and brand influence, all the while moulding a positive online reputation.  PPC  Fast-track your way to the top (literally) by dedicating a decent amount of your marketing budget to PPC, otherwise known as Pay Per Click, advertising. This advertising will push more customers onto your website and further boost your chances of them making a conversion. Maximize this opportunity by making doubly sure that your landing page and website design is easy to navigate and appealing to your specific target market. Do not forget to go beyond Google Ads and investigate remarketing and display advertising opportunities, too.  Content marketing  By creating quality, relevant content, you actively engage your customers in your brand while setting yourself apart as an industry thought leader. Content marketing should extend from blogs and videos all the way through to beautiful images, podcasts, and more.   Email marketing  It is a proven fact that email marketing can encourage customer loyalty and retention. It is a wonderful tactic for keeping customers interested in your offering, ensuring a constant flow of traffic to your website, and putting up-sell ideas and tactics into practice.  Are you in search of a full-service inbound marketing partner? Look no further than WSI OMS. We will help you to bring all of these elements together for a seamless strategy that will generate the results that you deserve. Contact us now to learn more.  Please follow and like...

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Join Francois’ SEO webinar on staying ahead of Google updates

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There is a lot of uncertainty with Google ranking factors currently, which is driving the SEO industry crazy. The search engine giant continuously introduces new updates, which can make it seem like an overwhelming task to keep up. I will be hosting a webinar entitled Stay Ahead of Google Updates and Prepare for SEO Today and Tomorrow on Tuesday, 2 June at 18:30 GMT+2. During this webinar, you will learn that SEO is much more than “if I rank #1 for my product/services keywords then I win; If I don’t, I lose” and think beyond keywords. Some of the topics I’ll discuss during the webinar include competition monitoring, content strategy, website health, keyword visibility and page performance. How do I check my website’s health? Healthy websites are key to improving organic traffic results. I’ll show you the indicators of a healthy website. How does content impact my SEO strategy? Using a pillar content strategy, you can publish ‘topic-based’ content to support your SEO. I’ll show you how this approach works. How do I improve my page performance and keyword visibility? During the webinar, I will also show you how increased organic traffic to your product or service page can improve your page performance. You will also learn why it’s better to focus on multiple keyword phrases for each product or service – not just a select few. Continuing with the old school SEO mindset will just set you up for failure. Join my one hour tomorrow to find out how you can prepare for SEO today and in the future. Save your seat now. Please follow and like...

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SEO Services: Google’s opinion on website quality

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Your website page quality (according to Google) is one of the most important factors that need to be addressed by your SEO services partner. If Google rates your website as low-quality, you won’t rank high on the search results for their audiences which means that you might be practically invisible to your ideal clients. Here’s what you need to know about Google’s quality standard. How SEO Services influence Google’s rankings As an SEO services provider, we have come to realise that many people think that more content on their website is better, but this isn’t the case. If your website is filled with low-quality content, then even if there is lots of it, it will send a really bad quality signal to Google. If, for example, you are answering commonly asked questions in the form of a blog post, but the content is poorly written and people quickly click away from the page, Google will notice. Google is very focused on the user experience and they keep track of how people interact with the content on your site. If you have authority content on your website, then you will have a higher chance of sending positive signals to Google. The best way to determine a page’s quality is to focus on engagement metrics such as the following:  Total visits Internal and external links Pages per visit – if a website visitor clicks through to other pages, then it is a good sign. Some of the offsite metrics that you can measure include:  Page authority Social shares Google considers a number of factors when determining the quality of a page. They are:  Unique content (including unique words, phrases and sentences) Links to the page Links from high quality websites to your pages The Page Answers the Query: Google can determine whether your page answers the searcher’s query by analysing the journey the searcher took to find your website. If the searcher enters a query into Google and finds your page, then goes back to Google with a completely different search term, then they will deduct that the information on your page answered the searcher’s query. WSI OMS offers SEO Services, SEO optimisation and link building services to businesses and brands of all sizes, in all industries. For help with your SEO Services, contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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SEO services & tools to monitor web performance

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When you spend money on SEO services, you need to find ways to monitor your performance and see if your rankings are climbing thanks to new tactics being employed. Using SEP optimisation tools can cut down on manual monitoring, they are quite affordable and they are easy to use. Here is more information on the best options available and how you can use them to your advantage. Top SEO services and tools:  Backlinks and more with Open Site Explorer This tool is your go-to when it comes to keeping track of your website’s backlinks, which is an imperative part of SEO. Every business should have a decent mixture of follow and no-follow links, as well as anchor texts and links to your website from other websites in order to make a difference in your rankings. Open Site Explorer provides information regarding your website’s domain authority, along with the number of backlinks that your website has accumulated and where they come from. It also offers advice regarding link building opportunities going forward.  Check your bounce-rate with Crazy Egg  Did you know that your bounce rate has a tremendous effect on the way in which Google recognizes your page? A website with a high bounce rate will notice a knock in its rankings over time. CrazyEgg has been designed to help you keep track of this bounce rate and user behavior on your site in general. It is essentially a heat-mapping tool which shows you exactly how far people are scrolling down on a page, how long they are spending reading what content and where they are clicking. This gives you a good idea of where to spend most of your time making improvements in order to maximize user experience and, ultimately, boost SEO optimization.  Address technical issues with Screaming Frog  When it comes to the technical elements of your website, such as response codes and missing image alt text, Screaming Frog is your best friend. With this tool in your corner, you’ll know exactly how well (or how poorly) your site is performing from a technical SEO perspective. The tool will also provide helpful advice in terms of how to go about fixing various issues.  If you’re looking for a local company that offers world-class SEO services including link building services and SEO optimisation, contact WSI OMS for more information on our packages and services. Please follow and like...

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How to Integrate Organic and Paid Content for Maximum Effect

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Looking to maximise your company’s SEO and Google rankings, along with taking user experience on your website to new heights? The key lies in integrating organic content and paid content or PPC. We discuss everything that you need to know below. Why Both Organic Content and PPC Are Important There are advantages and benefits to both organic and paid content. For example, PPC can lend a hand when it comes to helping a company get the proverbial ‘foot in the door’ in terms of increasing brand awareness and getting sales started. However, it is organic content that will boost reputation and conversions in the long run. Hence, the reason why integrating both is critical for long-term business success.  Ensure Consistency If you are going to successfully integrate paid and organic content, it needs to be consistent across the board. This goes for the message that it is communicating, as well as the overall branding, tone and style.  Embrace Remarketing Strategies If a potential customer has already visited an organic page on your website, capitalise on their interest by remarketing to them via PPC.  Focus on the Quality of the Content  Content of a consistently high quality is an important part of not only inbound marketing but also online advertising in general in that it will assist you in improving your organic rankings and your website’s user experience. All of this is sure to contribute to a better reputation and a higher number of sales.  Use High Performing Content in Your PPC Efforts Is there a specific piece of content that is performing particularly well organically? Take it to the next level and really make the most of it by incorporating it into your PPC efforts.  Need a hand when it comes to both organic content and PPC? WSI OMS is the digital marketing agency to contact! Our services extend from online advertising to SEO and everything in between. Get in touch now for more information.  Please follow and like...

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