SEO Tips to drive organic blog traffic (Part 2)

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Due to the popularity of our previous blog post on SEO tips, we’ve created a part 2 to provide you with even more relevant, actionable advice to drive organic traffic to your blog. Here’s what you need to know. Link to your own content If you have a lot of valuable information to share about a specific industry, niche or subject, make it easy for readers to find everything they could need with internal links that are organised in a hub and spoke model. Let’s suppose that you’re writing about gardening. You may have already created a library of useful content that your readers could find valuable. Now go through your posts and see if you can link words or concepts in one post to others, for example: if you’re writing about “water-saving plants” it could form your hub, and you could link to other articles like “caring for succulents” or “ground coverings that keep your soil moist” as spokes. The idea is to keep your reader on your site as long as possible by providing them with content they want to consume in a way that is easy to navigate. This will help Google to see that your content is relevant and useful and can help to boost your page ranking.  Keep your content updated  It’s incredibly annoying to find a great resource that answers your question only to realise that the source is out of date. Revisit your content often and update it so that it remains relevant and applicable to your audience for as long as possible. Update broken links and add new information if you can – this also allows you to tell your audience that your great resource is now even better, which leads us to the next tip. Repurpose your content  Be sure to get the most out of your content by adapting it to be suitable for different formats and platforms. Your audience members may come from a variety of different sources, so you need to make it available for as many people as possible. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to put some work into adapting it for different purposes. Although it takes a little longer, it will give your content the best possible chance of getting seen, which will indicate to Google that your content is valuable for a broader audience.  Let people know about your content In addition to your regular audience from social media and newsletter sign-ups, you also want to reach a broader audience in your network. You can do this by letting people know that you’ve mentioned them or their resources in your writing. You can even go a step further and reach out to...

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5 Blog SEO tips you can use for more traffic

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Having a blog is a useful tool for businesses looking to increase their online visibility and connect with customers. However, to stand out in the competitive world of digital content, you need to implement SEO tips in your blogging. Here are five traffic-boosting SEO tips to use:  1. Keyword research  Research keywords of what your customers are searching for and what is currently trending, as this will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort towards driving more traffic to your blog. There are several useful tools that you can use, for example, Keyword Planner and Google Trends.  2. Optimise images for SEO  Including images on your blog makes it easier to read, but also offers an opportunity to add keywords to the page. Use the image file name, alt text, and caption text to do further search engine optimisation on your blog.  3. Add internal links  Linking internally on your content helps search engines know the validity or relevance of your page and will keep your readers on your site for longer. Having a link building strategy will raise other related pages to search engines and boost your blog’s performance. 4. Mobile-friendly  Hitwise reported that almost 60 percent of online searches are done on a mobile device, and Google will first display mobile-friendly results. Ensure that your website design is responsive to mobile and only has one URL to help your SEO come back to your site. 5. Evergreen content  Focus on writing content that won’t go out of date within a few weeks or months. Plan your content marketing in a way that it is dateless and always relevant. Also, recycle your old posts by updating them once a year. It is essential to use good SEO practices in your digital marketing strategy for your blog to get more traffic and will give you that edge over your competitors. Contact us today to help you with your SEO or to update your blog web design that WSI OMS offers. Please follow and like...

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Optimise YouTube videos: SEO Services & Local SEO

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SEO services and local SEO can lead consumers to your business by helping them to find your website, YouTube channel and other social media profiles. Over 2 billion people watch content on YouTube, every month, so this platform can give you fantastic exposure as long as you optimise your YouTube marketing videos. How to Optimise your YouTube Marketing Videos with SEO Services & Local SEO    Keep your brand consistent with your overall branding strategy  The branding of your YouTube channel must be consistent with that of your website and other social media accounts. 1. Use keywords in the title of your videos  The title is what makes people want to click on your video, and adding keywords to the video title ensures the audience and SEO algorithms will find it.  2. Put keywords at the beginning of your video description Only the first three lines of a description are displayed before you must click ‘see more’, so include the keyword in the first three lines. 3. Use keywords in the video file  The YouTube algorithm will find your video more easily if you include the keyword in the video file. 4. Use thumbnails to attract attention and show the video’s topic Customise thumbnails to be eye-catching and accurately reflect the content of your business video.  5. Use relevant tags Tags tell consumers and YouTube what your video is about. Keep your tags relevant and use keywords to promote content and context.  6. Pick the right category  For the best ranking, do thorough research and find a category the reflects your audience, style and content. Search engine optimisation is not the only way to optimise your YouTube marketing videos. Post videos regularly, make them mobile friendly and easy to share, include a call-to-action in every video and create playlists that feature your videos with others.  Need more SEO marketing tips? Contact WSIOMS, your local SEO and SEO Services experts, for help with keyword research and SEO integration that will help your audience to find your carefully created content.   Please follow and like...

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A Social media marketing guide to Facebook Ads

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If your social media marketing strategy does not include Facebook ads, you’re missing out on a crucial method of telling the world about your business. Because Facebook ads are becoming more complex and with new developments happening all the time, it is important to set clear goals for your Facebook ad campaigns so you can monitor your success and make the relevant changes in time.  Social Media Marketing Best Practices: Facebook Ads    Don’t aim for popularity- create objectives that drive value  With so many different advertising objectives available to your business, it can become difficult to pick the correct goals to aim for in Facebook advertising. The best plan is to determine which goals will produce the most value for your business, and aim for those objectives. Value-driving objectives no longer just include likes on your page or clicks to your website but should include conversions and brand awareness. Being popular on Facebook may help your business to reach more audience members, but if those views don’t convert into sales, they are not worth the advertising budget.  Try out Facebook’s Placement Optimisation  Placement options on Facebook include Facebook and Instagram feeds, the Audience Network, and Facebook Messenger. If you choose to activate all the placement options available to you, the Facebook Ad platform will learn which placements are the best at achieving your objectives in a cost-effective manner, enhancing your campaign performances without all the research effort from your side. Experiment with the Campaign Budget Optimisation option  Similar to the Placement Optimisation process, the Campaign Budget Optimisation lets the Facebook Ad platform find opportunities to achieve your set goals across your ad sets and give priority in the budget allocation to the ads that are performing well. This option takes away some of the control you have over your ads but can help you to spend your budget more effectively across your Facebook Ads.  Learn when to niche down and when to target broader audiences  For a long time, Facebook Ads that targeted small, niche groups performed better than broader target groups. Due to the increase in targeting and competition, it may cost more to target a smaller group with your Facebook Ad. This aspect of the Facebook Ad platform makes it crucial to understand when targeting a broader audience may be more cost-effective. If you’re trying to make your budget go further, set your audience broader so Facebook Ads can reach different people at a lower cost.  Optimise for mobile when creating  The statistics for mobile use of social media platforms alone should indicate that mobile-first creation is key to achieving success in social media marketing. If your advertisement doesn’t load correctly on a mobile device, it...

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The 5 elements of a strong inbound marketing strategy

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There are so many reasons why all businesses need to adopt a solid inbound marketing strategy. Firstly, this manner of marketing helps to ensure a more targeted approach to drawing in new clients because it focuses on the buyer’s journey by tailoring content to edge the consumer ever closer to making a conversion. Secondly, it ensures that you cover all bases from a digital perspective, making certain that you fully embrace all opportunities to make a lasting impression. Sound interesting? Here are the five elements that go into creating a strong, successful inbound marketing strategy.  Search engine optimisation  SEO is arguably the most vital aspect of this kind of strategy purely because it is responsible for attracting more visitors to your website. By optimising your site for search, as well as for improved user experience, your chances of gaining a higher number of leads are vastly increased.  Social media marketing  Social media provides you with the chance to interact with your customers and potential customers directly. It is also a tool that allows you to extend your reach and brand influence, all the while moulding a positive online reputation.  PPC  Fast-track your way to the top (literally) by dedicating a decent amount of your marketing budget to PPC, otherwise known as Pay Per Click, advertising. This advertising will push more customers onto your website and further boost your chances of them making a conversion. Maximize this opportunity by making doubly sure that your landing page and website design is easy to navigate and appealing to your specific target market. Do not forget to go beyond Google Ads and investigate remarketing and display advertising opportunities, too.  Content marketing  By creating quality, relevant content, you actively engage your customers in your brand while setting yourself apart as an industry thought leader. Content marketing should extend from blogs and videos all the way through to beautiful images, podcasts, and more.   Email marketing  It is a proven fact that email marketing can encourage customer loyalty and retention. It is a wonderful tactic for keeping customers interested in your offering, ensuring a constant flow of traffic to your website, and putting up-sell ideas and tactics into practice.  Are you in search of a full-service inbound marketing partner? Look no further than WSI OMS. We will help you to bring all of these elements together for a seamless strategy that will generate the results that you deserve. Contact us now to learn more.  Please follow and like...

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