More Tips for Online Video Content Creation

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In my first Online Video Content creation post, I covered the following: Advantages of Online Video Content Focussing on making Online Video that is brief and action orientated The structure for Online Video Content Not wasting time on production quality This post introduces a few more Online Video Tips that can help you produce valuable video content. Online Video Content Tips Aim to keep your Online Video Content genuine. Creating videos that use sophisticated production techniques with hired actors risk alienating your prospects with content that does not “ring true”. Your Online Video should be produced using: Actual people from your company discussing the aspects pertaining to your industry that they are passionate about. A conversational tone. Conversation breeds authenticity so you shouldn’t need to write a script. Your Online Video production should meet the basics of lighting and sound. Nobody will be interested in a fuzzy and inaudible production. Online Video Content is meant to connect with a target audience as quickly as possible. Don’t think you have to use the senior executives in your company in order to get your message across effectively. Audiences will relate better with people who are good communicators and who fall into a similar demographic to your target market. Choose presenters from within your organisation that are outgoing and express an interest in giving video a try. In my next post I’ll be focusing on which channels are best to distribute your videos and measuring and optimising Online Video...

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Using Online Video Content as an Internet Marketing Tool

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Online video has grown in recent years. The stats are as follows: 39% in 2007 46% in 2008 124% in 2009 It is important that Internet Marketers get used to working with Online Video channels like YouTube now in order to convert visitors into leads. Advantages of Online Video Online Video is an excellent brand awareness and content creation tool It is low risk and requires minimal investment of time and money Online Video Tips It is important to make Online Videos that are brief (to-the-point) and action orientated. Research shows that those who click play on your Online Video will hardly ever stay interested for longer than 2 minutes. The model for Internet Marketing Video structure is to aim to convert your audience in less than 90 seconds. Break your Online Video Content into: A brief introduction (10-15 secs) A 30-45 second overview/teaser A 10-20 second Call-to-Action Don’t waste time on production quality Deliver your Online Video Content in a transparent and basic manner. Trying to create a refined production will only introduce added costs and turnaround time. Ask yourself what kind of Online Video will best communicate your message without undermining your brand. When it comes to Online Video make it your objective to start small and experiment from there. This Blog post is the first in a few about Online Video so be sure to check back here soon for more Online Video...

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