How to choose the best SEO company

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Always be suspicious of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company that makes promises about getting your website on the first page of Google.  Most of the times these promises are too good to be true.  Instead, judge them by the SEO results they are getting for other websites they are working on.  Ask them to show you the results. You must be able to trust them that they will take care of you and your website. Find below a couple of tips to help you choose the right Search Engine Optimization company. Internet Marketing Your Search Engine Optimization company must advise you on improving your website conversion rate.  They must be able to convert visitors into buyers.  Your website is much more than just a brochure on the internet.  It needs to actively generate leads and business and not just visitor traffic.  1 targeted visitor is more worth than a 1000 un targeted visitors.  Evaluate your SEO company’s ability to help you market your business online through your website. What is their approach? Ask them what their approach will be and if they are going to put any structured plans into place to drive more traffic to your website.  They should always be able to guide you through all the processes involved with any internet marketing campaign. Monitoring SEO is really an ongoing process.  Your search engine ranking positions must be continuously monitored. Ask your SEO consultant to provide you with a weekly or monthly report that they must supply to you and ask them what steps they will be doing to obtain the best results. Budget Research and study what results you want to obtain with your internet marketing strategy.  Establish your budget before you begin looking for any Search Engine Optimization companies.  Compare each of these company’s costs and the benefits.  You can then decide which will give you the results that you need. References Ask for references and follow-up on these.  When you contact these references, ask them what their experience was like with the SEO company.  Did they accomplish what they have promised?  Were they good to work with?  Have they been responsive to any of their questions?  Will you ever recommend this company to other people? Your Search Engine Optimization company should deliver more than just top rankings.  It’s all about delivering targeted prospects to your...

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How to start your Social Media Marketing Campaign? Listen at the buzz

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You have read everything regarding the hype of social media and you have a fairly good understanding of the words Tweet, blog, Web 2.0, micro blogging and social networking. Where and how do you start your Social Media Marketing (SMM) initiative? What is going to be your first step? Getting a blog? Engaging on networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube? Before you jump into any of these social media tools and channels, setup listening tools first to understand what is being said about your brand, company, your key executives or just to view what is the “buzz” online at the moment. It is important that you will need to understand how people are feeling towards your brand before you start to engage with your customers and any future prospects. What voices in your industry and niche are the most influential? On what social media channels are you going to establish your presence to target where the active discussion are taking place? These questions should always be asked before you start with any Social Media Marketing (SMM) initiative. What is being said? By monitoring “what is being said” allows your company to respond and be pro active to any complaints in as little as 10 minutes after they have been posted online. By actively viewing and monitoring any social media involvement about your company can develop a strong reputation of reaching out to help your customers. By responding quickly to negative and positive criticism, you are more likely to convert bad complaints into product evangelists. Social media monitoring tools to help you monitor your market SaidWot: An innovative Media & Brand Monitoring, Online Reputation Management & Strategy Tool. This is a paid service. Trackur: This tool monitors all the major search engines and the entry price starts at $18 per month. Brandwatch: This tool combines alerts with data analysis. Paid and free options available. Buzzmonitor: This is an open source social media aggregator module for Drupal that you can host on your own web server. This software is free. Google Alerts: This tool by Google lets you track specific keyword and key phrase mentions and it’s delivered straight to your inbox as soon as it happens. This is a free service. uberVU – Monitor your company, follow competitors, connect with customers and fans. Free 15 trial. SocialMention – Real-time social media search and analysis. Free By listening at the “buzz” online should always be your first step when plunging into any SMM campaign as this can help you on where to start and what is happening at the moment. What is the “buzz” in your industry? Have a...

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