Designing your mobile website

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Just like it is really old school and outdated for a business to not have a website or a presence on the social web, not having a mobile friendly online presence is the same. People accessing the online universe and their favorite social media channel increases every year exponentially and it continues to grow at an alarming rate. With all the advancements done to mobile technologies and as network connection speeds increases, it is foolish to not take advantage of getting a unique mobile website for your business. With your mobile website people will be able to reach you on the go and increase visitors to your website. Who doesn’t want more eyeballs to their business? With this said, it’s very important that you create an optimized mobile website that will work and be displayed correctly on most mobile devices. Find below a couple of tips to help you design your mobile website. Mobile website design Your mobile website should be much simpler than your normal online brochure. Don’t use big images making your mobile website slow. Also, use less text and use a minimalism design to get your message across. Think how you can simplify your design, the navigation and your content to make it as easy as possible to read your mobile website. Focus your mobile website content on the needs of your visitors. Check mobile markup language: Mobile browsers are not the same as traditional desktop browsers. To ensure a high level of user friendliness, validate the code you are using by using many of the free mobile markup checkers available online. Target tablets and smartphones: Design your mobile website for tablets and smartphones. This is the highest segment at the moment in mobile. Even though there are more smartphones than tablets at the moment, tablets are all the buzz right now and the usage also increases. Screen display size: The display sizes of mobile screen are increasing. From iPads to iPhones, make sure your design layout is fluid and will provide the same user experience when used on both screen...

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Why you should run a mobile marketing campaign

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In this new digital connected world where our daily lives depends on technology, it is no surprise that mobile use is on the rise. More people are starting to use smartphones as it can run your daily life straight out of your pocket. If you want to check email, search for local restaurants, find out what is being said online, or just have fun and share a picture with your friends, use your mobile. With this growing trend, what should a internet marketing agency focus on when it comes to mobile marketing? Understanding how mobile can support your other internet marketing strategies is the best place to start. Most people searching for local businesses is done on a mobile device. These are the people who are looking for new restaurant, movie schedule, driving directions, etc. Sadly, most local businesses does not have a mobile website dedicated to these visitors. Mobile friendly websites should be simple and they should not be as cluttered than the websites viewed on normal browsers. Mobile websites should generally be designed to be compatible with mobile devices and sometimes needs special requirements. Local businesses that doesn’t have a mobile website, are missing out on a huge growing market segment. Here are a couple of reasons why your mobile website needs to be different from your normal business or personal website. Mobile website tips There’s a variety of screen sizes. Screen sizes vary tremendously from the small to the much larger smart phones with touch screens. With smaller screen sizes, images must be reduced or even eliminated on only focusing on content. Smaller mobile pages needs less text than the text found on your website.  Remember, the screen is only that small and you want to get your message across. Don’t use frames and flash animations. Also, reduce HTML tables and focus only on compliant XHTML code to make your mobile website compatible with most mobile...

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Test your mobile website online

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Do you know how your website looks and responds on an iPad or any other mobile device?  Did you know that there’s a couple of emulators available that you can test your mobile website on? These online mobile emulators will give you a good idea on how your mobile website will look in a mobile browser environment.  These emulators also gives you the opportunity to test your mobile website quickly. Take note that these emulators are only for testing purposes and they should not replace testing your mobile website on actual mobile devices.  Only use these emulators to give you a look and feel of how your mobile website will look on various mobile devices.  Because they are online, they are very quick and easy to use.  Each emulator will give you a different view of your website. Opera mini Opera mini is one of the most popular mobile browsers on mobile devices.  It uses the Java ME platform and it requires that the mobile device must be able to run Java ME.  You can test your mobile website at the Opera Mini simulator website. dotMobi emulator The dotMobi emulator allows you to test your mobile website how it will display on a normal mobile phone. You can select a couple of theme skins (Nokia N70 and Sony K750) when you run the emulation. Using this emulator, you will be able to see how millions of users will be able to view your mobile website. iPhone simulator is an iPhone based browser emulator that will show you how your mobile website will look on an iPhone. iPad emulator If you would like to test how your mobile website will look on an iPad, use the iPad Peek web based emulator. To see an accurate simulation, use the Apple Safari or Google...

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Tips for designing a mobile friendly website

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The mobile web (mobile website) is an open field in web development and web design.  Businesses are quickly converting their normal websites to be mobile compatible to take the advantage of this growing technology trend. There is a couple of aspects to take into consideration if you are planning to create a mobile friendly website for your business. Text or graphics The smallest mobile handset screens have resolutions of 128 x 160 and these work best with text only.  More and more mobile handsets are being released with larger screen sizes.  Having more graphics works well on medium and larger screen sizes, but the graphics also need to be optimized for them.  Graphics must be small in size and they must be able to load quickly. Different resolutions What size screen should designers design for? This really depends on what mobile phone your target market is using. Feature phones have smaller screens with a size of 176 x 220 pixels. Today these are the most popular mobile devices for accessing the Internet. Smart phones have a larger screen size of 480x 320. Smart phones are the fastest growing segment of the cell phone market. If you are targeting a mixed market (smart phone users and feature phone users) a maximum size of 200 x 250 pixels is strongly recommended. Location It is a myth that mobile websites should be on a top-level domain (.mobi).  It is practical to have a mobile website only on a sub domain of your website eg “”.  Web sites can automatically detect what platform a visitor is accessing the site through and redirect them appropriately.  That means that if a user browses to your normal website via their mobile browser, they are redirected to your mobile friendly website. Keep it simple A mobile phone is a “on the move” business tool as users can quickly look up information on the mobile web.  Keep the menu structure of your mobile website simpler and easy to navigate.  Allow users to reach the content they are looking for in a few steps if possible. The future and beyond More and more people and businesses are realising the power of the mobile web.  People are busy trading in their cell phones for smart phones at an increasing rate.  By the end of 2009, most major companies will have mobile compatible websites. Within the next 3 years, most businesses will have mobile versions of their website to take advantage of this...

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Mobile Website Design Myths

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Found a great presentation “The Myths of Mobile Web Design” about mobile websites and some tips if you are designing a mobile website. The mobile web is growing fast and it is another way to expose yourself. Mobile websites are different than normal websites found on the web. Mobile devices usually have small screens with limited abilities and cannot process large websites full of graphics because most websites are developed and designed for the web, not the mobile web. Mobile devices requires simpler websites, smaller in size and with few graphics. The Myths of Mobile Web...

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