How to Create an Instagram Video

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Instagram – a marketer’s best friend. If you want to expand your reach and to attract a bigger audience online, Instagram is the way for you to go.  However, Instagram requires creativity. So, we’ve listed a few ideas for you to get started on creating unique and engaging video content: Set a Goal for Your Video Your short video (of one minute) needs to be compelling. This can be challenging as you don’t want to lose your audience’s attention. You need to decide what goal(s) you want to achieve by posting the video. Are you trying to attract more followers? Do you intend to attract more traffic to your website? Try to be specific with the video’s tone and feel.  Tell Your Brand’s Story Every business has a story. The best way to attract your consumers’ attention is to create a video that tells a story. Plan your video to ensure that you optimize each second by dividing the content into three different parts: The beginning,  The middle, and  The end.  Stay focused on your end goal.  Setting the Stage for Your Video You don’t need a fully equipped set up to create a professional looking video. You can create a masterpiece with your smartphone if you follow a few basic guidelines during filming. The most important aspect to consider is the lighting. Try to find natural light in your space. Filming Your Video You need to decide on the type of camera you are going to shoot with. Your smartphone’s camera would be ideal or a DSLR camera. We don’t recommend that you use Instagram’s camera function as it limits your shooting capabilities. Shoot in either portrait or landscape mode with the shot always focused on your subject.  With the many different types of videos around that you can experiment with, you can enhance your Instagram page and create a winning video marketing campaign with these simple steps.  If you have found these four tips useful, and you want more of the same, contact us today for more information on how to enhance your online presence.  Please follow and like...

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All your business needs to know about Pinterest Analytics

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Like other social media platforms, Pinterest have analytics that can tell you a lot about your business, your customers and can shape the way you do your business. With Pinterest, you can see what people like from your profile, what they save from your website and what they are interested in too. Pinterest Analytics only works on a business profile, but a personal profile can easily be converted. From your profile page, the analytics button is found on a drop down menu from ‘Edit Profile’. Once in, you’re taken to a dashboard where you’ll find an overview of what’s going on with your profile: Average daily impressions Average daily viewers Average monthly viewers Average monthly engaged Top pin impressions in the past 30 days In addition, using a code you obtain from Pinterest to confirm you are the owner of your website, you’ll be able to know what all of your website content is doing on Pinterest (Website Analytics), not just the pins you’ve pinned. This shows you how your content is performing overall, a vital piece of information. Under your Pinterest Profile, you’ll be able to review Impressions, Repins, Clicks and All Time Data. This will tell you how well your content is performing on Pinterest, over specific timeframes. Pin insights will give you advice on how to increase Impressions, Clicks and Repins so you can refine your strategy and reach more people. It will also tell you what devices your audience is using. Under Audience Analytics, you can access information about your audience, from both demographics and interests. With Demographics, you’ll be able to discover your average monthly viewers, average monthly engaged, country of your audience, metro, language and gender. Under the Interests tab, you can find out the variety of topics and niches your audience find interesting. This is a great way to find out who your competition is, as well as getting ideas of what to pin next. Whilst time consuming, the information you can glean about your content and the audience viewing it, is core to the success of your business. Having a presence on a number of social media platforms means you need to look at the analytics for each one, since your audience on each may be slightly different. Using analytics can help you find and create content that is more relevant to the audience you have. Pinterest is going from strength to strength, with the recent developments of buyable pins, location data enablement, personal messaging and visual search. Any business not already on Pinterest will want to get on board as soon as possible. To find out more about social media marketing and social selling, contact us – we’d love to...

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Ten Writing Tips for Great Social Media Posts

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Social media marketing requires you to engage with your audience, which means you need to actively participate in online conversations. Social media posts are the conversation starters and are absolutely vital to your overall social media presence. So how do you generate great social media posts? The writing thereof is of the utmost importance and should not be neglected or understated. If writing is not quite your niche, employing writing services is an excellent idea. However for the hopeful writers, here are 10 writing tips for social media posts: Craft posts that are worth sharing. This means your posts should be well-written and interesting enough for your followers to share the posts. It is also important that your posts are mobile friendly. Most people access the internet from their phones and if they cannot comfortably read your posts, it will be a futile post. You have to post with purpose. It is vital you keep your audience in mind and avoid straying from the most fundamental message/s you would like to convey. Headlines are imperative. Without a fantastic headline you will not be able to entice traffic to read your social media posts. Compelling headlines will result in more traffic, shares and building of your brand. Content is second to none. The amount of content you have will determine the amount of times the site is indexed which ultimately ranks you higher in search results. Long-tail keywords are useful. It allows for improved performance in search queries which is not based on exact keywords but also allows for related words. Create greater backlinks and get shared more by posting longer content. There is a connection between increased backlinks due to higher word counts. This increases SEO and therefore conversions. Give your posts due time. Longer posts should be given a day or two to age. Editing will in the end, fine tune your post. Use high-quality images. It is a huge visual contributor to your posts and should grab the attention of your audience. Repetition should be avoided. This is the reason why editing is crucial. You do not want to annoy your readers by repeating words, ideas and concepts. Don’t forget to add share social media buttons at the bottom of every post. The main idea is to reach as much online traffic as possible. So don’t forget to add all the necessary icons. These writing tips can dramatically increase the quality of your social media posts and are worth keeping in mind when crafting your next exciting, social media post. Call on WSIOMS for Great Social Media today Contact WSIOMS for all your social media related queries and requirements. Please follow and like...

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How to Harness the Power of Emojis in E-mail Marketing

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Emojis are graphic ideograms used in social media platforms and it is now being used as an e-mail marketing technique. It works in that it sets your e-mail apart from the rest, increasing its visibility and ultimately the amount of traffic you have reached. Your business can benefit from this form of e-mail marketing. Here are three tips for using Emojis in e-mails: Your target audience is the most important aspect to consider. This form of e-mail marketing is not appropriate for every business and you should therefore know the needs of your target audience. Although it is dependant on the industry in question, Emojis have been proven to increase e-mail open rates. You need to know which Emojis are appropriate for your e-mail. You cannot simply insert any Emoji. It must be relevant to the message you are conveying. It should market the written content of your e-mail. For example, if your e-mail’s purpose is to provide clients with your contact information, you can use a telephone emoji as it is relevant to the content of your e-mail. Likewise if your e-mail serves the purpose of an invitation, there are numerous emojis to choose from. Consider the different platforms. Some people access their e-mails from a laptop, other from a desktop and some from mobiles or tablets. You therefore need to consider the outcome of your chosen Emojis. It may present itself in the form of other symbols and might in that case, not be worth adding to your e-mail. Emojis can be hugely successful providing you apply the three principles above. It is an innovative and recent trend in e-mail marketing and could be a trendy addition to your future e-mails. Call on WSIOMS to strengthen your E-mail Marketing today Contact WSIOMS for all your e-mail marketing related queries and requirements. Please follow and like...

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Use old blog posts for new content ideas

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Coming up with new ideas for blogs can be challenging. However you can use old posts to generate new content ideas. Here are five ways how you can use old blogs for new content concepts: Re-Edit It And Clean It Up Do you have older blogs that are good structurally but require some editing to make them spectacular? Re-editing and cleaning it up can achieve exactly that. Follow the checklist below to ensure you edit and update blogs accordingly: Improve writing and grammar. Find, remove and replace dead links. Update references and data. Recreate images to fit a more current look. Add expertise that you have gained since the initial post. Dividing Older Posts If you are able to dissect older posts into smaller parts, you can focus on each of the topics and elaborate thereon. When editing older posts you can add links to each of the additional articles in relation to the older post. Apply SEO Principles Applying SEO principles to older blogs posts can greatly enhance traffic to your blog posts and update older posts to more up to date search engine searches. Copywriting services can improve your marketing strategies and build a professional business image and portfolio. Format Change Changing the format of older blog posts used for social media marketing for example can increase the number of people who actually read the post. Here are some exciting format changes you can apply to previous blogs: Slide decks. Social sharing graphics. Videos Podcasts Webinars Syndication E-mail auto responder course. Printable worksheets. Changing the Style Choosing a different style of writing can refresh older posts and attract new audiences. You can choose from different approaches such as that of an insider, outsider, expert, newbie, observer, cryptographer or convincer for example. This will ultimately add a fresh approach to your previous blog posts. Old blog posts can serve a good purpose by allowing you to gather fresh and new content ideas. Updating blog posts regularly is necessary to maintain an up to date social presence with your audience and to continue to grow and further your business. Call on WSIOMS today for great content ideas Contact WSIOMS for all your copywriting requirements. Please follow and like...

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