Attracting New Customers to your Business via Social Media

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Whether you’re selling your products and services to other businesses or to private citizens, there’s a good chance that they will be active on several social media platforms. Understanding the social media landscape is the key to understanding where you should focus your efforts. Identify which social media channels your target market is most active on This is probably the most important step that you can take in ensuring that you reach your target market. If you’re targeting high level employees at some of the largest corporations in the country or the world, you’d be well served having a LinkedIn page to supplement your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. On the other hand a business that specialises in artisan goods may want to look at a Pinterest account – it’s up to you to figure out where members of your target market are congregating on social media. Make sure that you engage with your target market As your social media accounts grow, you will find that more and more consumers will attempt to reach out to you on these platforms. It is of the utmost importance that you engage with these consumers and answer any queries or questions that they may have. Establish yourself as an authority in the industry and show that you care about client needs. Contact the team here at WSI OMS today to learn about how we can assist you in your social media marketing...

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Social Media Marketing: Measure your ROI

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Many companies and individuals are jumping in on the Social Media band wagon full of enthusiasm as a way to build their brand, acquire new customers and the marketing of their products and services. Mashable made a blog post: STATS: 84% of Social Media Programs Don’t Measure ROI where a number of online marketers aren’t measuring ROI (return on investment) on their social media marketing (SMM) campaigns. Many companies that are measuring their social media marketing campaigns are usually watching for direct measurable results. Although this will show improvements, this won’t translate directly into the measurement of ROI. These Social media metrics includes: Followers on Twitter Retweets Number of fans on your Facebook fan page Page views (overall) Unique visitors and page views Bounce rate and time spent on site Search rankings improvements Links Trackbacks, pingbacks and comments Even though these are great indicators to show a social media marketing campaign success, they fail to show if the campaign is yielding results. Business owners and senior managers are looking for financial impact. Return on investment needs to be tied back to business metrics such as increased business or sales leads, decreases in expenses and profitability. How to measure your Social Media ROI The best way to show the success of your social media marketing campaign is to create graphs of the most important indicators that are showing results over time and then overlay these results with key financial results. To give you an example: if you measure an increase in brand or product mentions by month for the last year against the monthly sales on the company website, you may be able to view a direct correlation to an increase in mentions with an increase in sales. The key is to overlay these results from various campaigns (social media) and channels to see which are having the best impact. Many blog posts has been made about the measurement of Social Media. How do you measure your social media marketing campaign...

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How to start your social media marketing campaign

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Social Media Marketing is mostly used to increase the visibility of your products or services and to influence perception of your company brand.  Social Media Marketing is also used to interact with people that could be interested in your products or services.  Social Media is a powerful method to bring targeted traffic to your website or profile and you can increase the search engine rankings of your website or blog with it. Social Media Marketing is not just about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  You should always take some time to research and plan what you want to accomplish with it. How are you going to launch your Social Media campaign? Purpose What will be your topic? What do you want to achieve with your Social Media Marketing campaign? Are you only interested in inbound link? Subscribers? Improving your brand perception and visibility? Always settle on one primary purpose and 1-3 secondary ones. You can firm these into measurable goals such as to attrack 500 links to your company blog within a couple of months. Audience What do you know about your targeted customers? Will they be interested in what you have to offer? This goes well beyond age, income bracket and education level.  What interests those customers? Where do they spend their time discussing, reading and learning online? Where Research and investigate where the conversations are happening.  Are they mainly on blogs or forums? Are discussions happening on Social Networks? Are answers being sought on LinkedIn answers or Yahoo answers? By finding out where people are searching for answers is where you want to start your Social Media Marketing campaign. Participate Become part of the community by joining the dialogue. The amount of influence you exert will be based on how actively you join in the conversations and contribute. Comment on your own blog and on others.  Join in on forum discussions related to your niche. Follow and Tweet on Twitter become active on Social Networks. You can even create your own dedicated YouTube channel. Monitor It is important to setup your own monitoring and listening system.  Use Google Alerts or other paid tools to track brand mentions, social or tweets and blog conversations. If your goals are around Search Engine Optimization, measure and monitor links and rankings. What you measure and monitor will be based on your purpose and goals. Always measure your progress toward your goals. Download a whitepaper created by Gary Levine titled: Leveraging Social Chatter: Online Brand Reputation Monitoring and Management for more information on monitoring. Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding Social Media...

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Social Media should be used with other marketing campaigns

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) should always be used in conjunction with other traditional marketing campaigns.  Social media combined with traditional marketing methods will increase returning visitors and help strenghten SEO efforts.  This can also help your branding and lower your marketing costs.  Before we jump the gun, are you familiar with the term social media marketing? “Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks”. Social Media is a shorter top level term that describes the space overall, and covers the activities around social interaction, content, videos, images and audio exposure.” Some say that Social Media Marketing is new, but it isn’t.  It has been around for a while now but only gained massive awareness with the birth of Web 2.0 technologies. So how can you integrate this “new” trend with your existing marketing campaigns? Increase return visitors The first step that is the most common in social media marketing is to integrate a blog into your website with easy bookmarking functionality. If you provide valuable interesting content that encourages conversation with your visitors, you will develop a readership. By regularly mentioning your services, products, brand and other keywords, you will steadily increase your stream of visitors. You can also talk about your blog in your traditional marketing campaign to draw curious new visitors to see what is being said on it. Search Engine Optimization A natural result of social media is that if you provide unique interesting content, people will be engaged by what you said and link to it if they agree or disagree.  This can lead to allot of discussions and conversations throughout the web. These links can increase your overall marketing strategy. Use keywords from your SEO campaigns in your discussions to boost the rankings of your website for these keywords. Branding and awareness Social media is very strong to increase brand visibility and authority.  To give you an example, Facebo0k ads builds name recognition and brand exposure. With YouTube you can post a catchy video about your products and services and this can spread virally. In any marketing campaign, doesn’t matter how you look at it, the more you see a product, the more likely you will be influenced by it, even if you don’t want to be. Save money Interaction through social media takes time and dedication but the benefits you can receive from it, out weights the cost and time involved.  Social media is also cheaper than most other traditional marketing methods. This can stretch your campaign budget while improving the overall reach of your campaign. Social media has shown tremendous growth over the...

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