Designing a great logo

Posted by on Dec 28, 2011 in Website Design |

When it comes to marketing your business or web page, a clever logo design is a vital key to getting your company known and recognised. Designing an effective logo is often easier said than done and much of a logo’s power lies in the metaphor. Follow these tips on creating an effective logo. Tips for effective logo design Find a concept. A good logo design should say everything about your company with one single image. Think about what you are offering as well as what kind of clientele you want to attract. The idea is to get people’s attention and give them instant information. Overall image. A good logo design does not stop with the selection of a good symbol. It is important that the pictures and text work together in a way that is pleasing to the eyes and rich in information. Keep it simple. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the more complicated the logo, the better. When you are appealing to the public it is best to keep it simple – understandable at first glance. People will be put off by something that is too intricate and confusing. Size does count. It is vital that you check the scalability of your logo to ensure that it will look as effective on a pen as it will on a billboard. When it comes to marketing your web page or company, you want your logo to be identifiable. A great logo design is vital to the success of your company or web page and it is important to understand that these things take time. Getting professional help from a graphic design company is a good idea as amateur logos are very rarely successful and you want an attractive, clever logo design that sticks! Need help with your web design or graphic design? Contact WSI South...

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The makings of a great logo

Posted by on Nov 19, 2010 in Website Design |

Some logos are imprinted in our memories forever whether it is with web design or normal print  – not just because it represents an international brand, but because the logo was designed so well that any designer will stop and think: why didn’t I design that logo first? Logos are the core of a company’s brand identity and most brands try to stick to one logo for as long as possible (changing logos can be confusing for consumers if not handled correctly), placing an enormous sense of responsibility on the logo designer. Here are some of the elements that all great logos have: Elements of a great logo Scalable: This logo has to fit on a billboard as well as a business card. Make sure you can shrink the logo without losing any intended meaning or effects. Applicable: Research the industry your company is in and make sure the logo is consistent with the market, but that the logo isn’t similar to the company’s competitors. Colours: Although brand identity and colours go hand-in-hand, make sure the logo is just as effective if colour isn’t used. Memorable: The logo needs to be easily recognised amongst consumers so that it comes to mind when thinking of the company’s products or services. Logos may seem like a relatively small job, but it can often take quite a few designs before you’ve got a happy client. Designing a great logo Ask the client for a complete brief that includes examples of what they like. You may be surprised to find out that the client had a completely different idea of what their logo should entail than the one you were mapping out in your mind. Sketch a few examples. Don’t start designing in Photoshop before you’ve done a few logos on paper first. Show the client the top five. Give the customer a few variations and options so they can choose which logo they like (this may save you some time-consuming...

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