Increase your visibility with Google local listings

Posted by on May 20, 2011 in Google | 1 comment

When searching for a local business on Google, there are 7 Google Map listings that appear.  According to the big boys (Google),97% of consumers searches online for local businesses.  Listings are free for any business with a physical address. Businesses that makes in person contact with customers qualify for a Google Places listing. On Google Places, the listings are optimized for smartphones.  If you don’t have a mobile site, or if your website is not mobile optimized, then this is the perfect free tool to get mobile visibility for your business. These listings appear in addition to your normal website listings on the SERP’s (search engine result pages). Once again, Google offers this service for free so get started with your Google Places listing. How to add your Google Places listing Business Name: This is your business name.  Don’t add extra keywords to your name Location: Use your business actual address.  Never use a PO Box.  Don’t create multiple listings if you service multiple areas from your location. If you are, designate service areas. Phone: Use your local phone number for your business. Website: Add your website address. Categories: Select up to 5 categories that describes your business.  Select the best categories from the drop down.  You can also use your own keyword categories, but do some research by searching for those keywords first in Google with your city name to make sure a map listing will appear with that keyword. Description: Use the description fields to include a description about your business.  You can also use keywords in your description and the custom attribute field. When using Google Places, make your listing as complete as possible.  Answer all the questions on the entry form on Google Places and include your hours of operation and methods of payment.  Upload videos and images as well to make your listing complete. Contact us if you need help in setting up your Google Places...

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Why any local business needs a website

Posted by on Mar 12, 2010 in Website Development | 1 comment

A website is the building blocks for establishing your online reputation. In today’s world, many people will browse to your website for more information regarding your company before doing any business with you. More and more people are browsing the internet at work and even at home. If you are a local hardware shop, why do you need a website? You don’t want somebody across the country contacting you to purchase and deliver a screwdriver to them. As a internet marketing company, we often hear comments like this from small business owners. The most important reason why you should have a website is that more people are using the Internet than the Yellow pages. People are looking for information online and searches the internet for what they want. Why not make it easy for them to learn about your business and services? Newspapers are quickly losing their ground to the internet as the primary source for local and international shopping information. The internet is now the most widely used media in the world. Find a couple of tips on websites for small businesses below. You can build credibility with your website. In today’s online driven world, all businesses should have a website. Your customers also expects it. With your website you can be found in local searches by using the cities that you serve and the products you provide in the text of your website. It is the text on your website that is important to the search engines. It will be easier for your customers to find you. With a website you are making this task easier for them. Include your telephone number and your address on your website. If you have products, include a description and the advantages of them on your website. Include the hours that you are open. Someone might be looking at your website at 3 AM and wants to know when they can come in. Don’t let them wait. Display it on your website. Include an about us page on your website. People want to know about you and your history. Include a coupon of interest on your website about a special you might be running. Let your customers print out the coupon. This way you will know when they came from the...

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