New Features to Boost WhatsApp for Your Business

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Found in 180 countries and boasting over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the messaging market leader in 133 countries. Especially in countries such as India, Brazil, The Netherlands, Spain, and Italy, the most popular messaging app is WhatsApp. South Africans will not be surprised to learn that Africa is so dominated by WhatsApp that it has increased the continent’s internet usage. (WhatsApp is responsible for 50% of data usage in Zimbabwe!) It is no wonder, then, that businesses have wanted to get in on the action as part of their digital marketing strategy. WhatsApp for Business  Launched just over two years ago, in 2018, WhatsApp Business is a marketing tool which is: Highly targeted. The WhatsApp Filter Tool can filter one million numbers in a just few minutes. Accessible. A perfect example of “mobile-first” design. The WhatsApp location service allows you to send a map with your location to people on the go. Media rich. The mobile marketing application supports videos, images, GIFs, text documents, and vCards. WhatsApp technology creates customer-centric experiences. Free. While the API version has additional features which come at a price, the basic WhatsApp for Business is ideal for small business owners who have a tighter budget. Despite being free, it still offers a verified WhatsApp Account, text modules, product catalogue, opening hours, and tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.  Latest Features in WhatsApp  In recent months, WhatsApp has yet again upped its game. Some noteworthy new features include: Animated stickers. With Facebook’s eye on merging their messaging apps, this quick way of communicating will already be familiar to Messenger and Facebook users. Video focus. The advent of COVID-19 bumped WhatsApp’s video call capacity to eight participants. To focus on someone, press and hold to maximise their video to full screen. QR codes. Avoid the pressure of fumbling with your keypad, and add new contacts using QR codes instead. Award-Winning Solutions  For help with your digital marketing efforts, including social media marketing campaigns, and internet marketing strategy, contact WSI for more...

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Harnessing Facebook this Coming Festive Season

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Despite the recent boycotts against it, Facebook is consistently the most popular, most visited, and most widely used of the social media platforms. The network still boasts 74% of the social media market share, so it would be foolish to turn your back on it altogether – especially with the mass disruption of COVID-19. Christmas Marketing 2020  We don’t yet know if the upcoming festive season will be a virus-free celebration with family and friends or an isolated one for the history books. Either way, the build-up to the holidays requires a sound internet marketing strategy that will not only weather either option, but also recoup possible revenue losses. Facebook has analysed data and created an informative guide to global shopping in 2020: Gen X and Baby Boomers have been forced to rely on mobile and e-commerce thanks to lockdowns. These groups dominate the growth of online shopping – increasing by 50% or more year on year. New products and services stand a better chance of being explored during Christmas shopping at the best of times. Add to that receptiveness fuelled by imposed disruption, and the coming shopping season is the ideal time to make new connections.  Mega sales will appeal to shoppers more than ever in light of the economic downturn. Key factors this year will be price and avoiding crowds (i.e. online shopping). Those who shop the mega sales tend to shop on mobile, spend more, and splurge on items for themselves. Sale dates to plan for: Black Friday – 27 November Cyber Monday – 30 November Last shipping day 21-22 December January sales 1-31 January Shared values have become more important to consumers now that we have come to realise what is really important to us. Along with affordability, brands need to be authentic and take action. Award-Winning Solutions  If you need advice on your digital marketing strategy, including social media marketing for Christmas, contact the WSI South Africa team for more...

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8 Steps to Refreshing Your Corporate Identity

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Did you know that your corporate identity influences consumers and their purchasing decisions? Now you do! It should, therefore, be clear that a consistent corporate identity is vital to ensure that your company will be recognised, remembered, loved and shared. But, crafting your corporate identity entails more than giving free rein to a designer. So, how do you create a strong corporate identity that sets your business up for sustainable success? Follow the 8 steps below, and you can’t go wrong: Plan Your Company Strategy It is pointless to create an identity that is only relevant to your current position. Your new identity has to be based on where you are going, so keep your business strategy for the future in mind. Assess Your Existing Distinctive Brand Assets Brand assets are much more than just your logos, your font or your existing colour palette. It expands into all the brand elements that are associated with your business, even the themes that you use in your advertising or office spaces. Ideally, the public should still recognise your brand even if your logo is not used. Think of the Savannah ads that were instantly recognisable simply based on Barry Hilton’s dry humour and the dimly lit pubs. Know Thine Enemy Invest in market and competitor research. That will enable you to know what everyone else is doing, so that you can identify what is uniquely yours. Out With the Old, In With the New Once you know what differentiates you, think about what you should keep and what you are willing to (or should) let go. Remember, you not only want to be recognised for what you do, but also for being unique in your category, so make your selections with that in mind. You Are As Good As Your Partner Use a professional agency (with trusted talent) to help you develop your brand identity. They must be able to translate your brand values into something simple (yet striking), visual and current. Rome was not Built In A Day Do not be alarmed if the first draft is nothing like what you had in mind. It takes time, patience and going back to the drawing board (often!) to create your new identity. Be open-minded; listen to what your agency has to say and trust your team and the process. On Your Marks, Get Set, ‘Logo’ Brand identity is about so much more than just a logo: colours, fonts, spacing, iconography, imagery, brand assets, the list goes on. You want to achieve longevity. So, focus on a digital-first approach by designing for digital and dynamic environments. Then, build the concept out into the static environment. Design for 2030 Do not perfect your brand identity...

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Internet Marketing: Need to know information

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So, you’ve decided to hire an internet marketing company. Congratulations! Before you kick back your heels and say “go do it” to your newly hired partners, though, here are a few things you’ll need to know about internet marketing. Change your website: You’ll have to change your web site. A lot. Search engine optimization will require changes to content, code and maybe your entire server infrastructure. Conversion optimization and testing will require tweaks to your site design. Make sure you’ve got access and resources to handle that. Social media is everywhere: You will end up on Facebook, and Twitter, and who knows where else. Get used to it. Branding: Your branding people will freak out. Lose their minds. Swallow their own tongues. Because your internet marketing firm is going to push things. In social media, nut cases win…. It’s true. Everyone is eccentric, one way or another. Some people sing to themselves all the time. Others clean their houses compulsively. I’m a wild biker type when not presenting myself professionally. I have a stamp on my desk that reads “Customers find them. AND KILL THEM.” There you have it. Test everything: Your assumptions will be challenged. A good internet marketing agency will want to test everything. They’ll add a big red ‘buy now’ button to the home page, or move navigation around, or tweak your e-mail marketing creative. Turnaround times: Turnaround times will shrink. Rapid iteration is the best way to win at internet marketing. Content is king: Someone’s gonna have to write. No content, no marketing. Period. Social media requires characters Sanity is boring. In social media, sanity is also fatal. If you want to stand out in social media, you can’t afford to be ‘low-key’ or ‘mainstream’. You can’t ‘have wide appeal’. You need to be a character. Just a teensy bit nuts. Loopy, in a friendly kind of way. Some people might even call it ‘passionate’. I’m not talking about being fake, or pretending you’re someone you’re not. You don’t need to fake craziness. You need to tap into your own personal form of craziness. You have one. There’s no way you don’t. You do something that makes people avoid eye contact and back away slowly. When you do that, you’re also tapping into whatever it is that makes you great at what you do. I’m a salesman with a yen for writing. Of course I went into marketing! Letting my inner Woody Allen out, just a little, makes writing this blog fun. It also attracts a certain kind of reader – the kind I like to talk to. It’s about getting crazy in a good way. Sort of like me right now. I’m typing like...

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Create an Effective Internet Marketing Plan and Boost your Profits

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Is your business is failing to achieve the profits you projected and were expecting. The culprit just might be your marketing. More often than not, an effective Internet marketing plan is just what your business needs and is an integral part of the strategy used by any successful business. Identifying the best way to increase sales is the first step in developing an effective marketing plan. For example, you need to determine whether your business should offer new products or services, increase its share of the market, improve customer service or simply increase the number of units sold. At least one of these should be your marketing objective. The next step is to devise a marketing plan that will let you reach that objective and allow you to achieve your ultimate goal – increased profits. Your marketing plan should always be developed with your marketing objectives in mind. Marketing strategies are one of the first things to consider when you’re developing your marketing plan. Your business might be helped significantly if you better define your target market. Next, consider the effect of product positioning, promotion and pricing, all of which can have a critical effect on your sales. Unless your message is targeted to reach the right market and also the correct ‘persona’ your marketing efforts will more than likely waste time and money. You need to identify your target precisely; If your target market is too vague, such as “anyone who wants to buy,” your marketing efforts will probably fail. Avoid this mistake by honing in on your target. For example, if your business offers housecleaning services, your target market might be middle-aged working mothers who have very little free time to clean their own homes. Identifying your target this way will allow you to aim your sales message to specifically present your products and services to that target at the exact moment they are searching for you. In this example, you’ll supply the time, effort and expertise needed to clean these women’s homes, solving their housecleaning problems. Next, you need to develop an explanation of how YOUR products or services are better than those of your competitors. In other words, you need to tell your prospective customers what makes your business, goods or services superior. In our housecleaning example, the difference between you and your competitors might be your prices, the speed or thoroughness of your services, the satisfaction guarantee you provide, your use of environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, etc. Identify what sets you apart and build on it when tailoring your sales message. Now, determine the best way to create customer awareness. Promote your particular products or services, and while you’re at it, make sure to emphasize...

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