Social Technology by Scott Klososky

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I am sitting in a plane on the way home from London, and it’s midnight. The air conditioning is not working but at least the engines are. The baby in the row next to me is also feeling the heat and is crying quite a lot so I put on my Dr Dre’s and turn up Randy Crawford and decide to pass the time writing this post on my Ipad. I have just attended the WSI Excellence & Innovation conference in Birmingham. Of the two days we were lucky to hear Scott Klososky present to us 3 times. The Future of Social Tech The first presentation was on the future of social technology and he made some real interesting predictions. He opened by saying that if we don’t start accurately predicting where technology is going in the future our revenue streams in 3 years will start to dwindle. So it is important to understand how to take advantage of social technologies and start testing it now. Otherwise we will always be behind our competitors and they will be teaching us instead of us leading the way. It’s best to be teaching your competitors as it enables you to grab market share, rather than being behind and learning from them. High Beam Leadership Later that afternoon a select few of the top performing franchisees were invited to attend Scott’s High Beam Leadership presentation. It was real interesting and he highlighted that managers were low beam which meant they focused on the next 12 months and the execution of tasks, where high beam leaders looked in the future at least 5 years ahead. He explained the process he goes through when conducting one of his High-Beam leadership workshops. Step 1 is to identify trends. We were given 10 minutes each to come up with trends that could affect our businesses. Creating the list made you think carefully about what actions one should take to ensure the continuous viability of your business. Step 2 we had to review each trend and decide whether to leverage it or defend it. Step 3 we had to paint a picture of the future Step 4 was to create an investment portfolio. We had to identify what is needed to be done and to allocate resources like people and money to achieve our objectives. Step 5 is to communicate our plan to the rest of the company Then a review would be held every 12 months to see which trends needed to be removed and which had to stay and add new one as as well. The Last presentation was on mobile marketing. Scott discussed the new “M” Generation, kids that are between 5 and 8...

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Francois Muscat receives WSI Community Award 2011

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Last week WSI Held their annual UK WSI Excellence & Innovation Conference in Birmingham. Over 130 UK and International Internet Consultants attended the conference. Over two days we were treated to some great presentations covering everything from local search to implementing and Enterprise Social Technology strategy. On Friday we attended an awards dinner where the local and national Internet Consultants were recognised for special achievements. Along with many of my colleagues I was recognised for the Community Award; Here I am with my lovely wife Marianna who I owe most of my success to. The WSI Community Award for recognition for helping fellow Internet Consultants. It was an honour accepting the community award as I really enjoy helping my fellow consultants. Being recognised for this is really...

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Digital Media Training for WSI in Toronto

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This week I will be presenting a number of Digital Media Training sessions with other trainers at WSI’s headquarters in Toronto. It is going to be an action packed week for the new intake of WSI Franchisees  from all over the world and I look forward to meeting them. I remember quite clearly when I did my initial training in November 2003. I was excited about starting my new venture as I had just come out of the corporate world in South Africa. It has been hard work till now but it has all paid off. My business is doing well and we are fortunate enough to be in an industry that is changing and growing rapidly. I really enjoy the continuous learning that this business offers as it keeps my job interesting and by being part of the WSI network I get the opportunity to meet other successful Internet Consultants and attend training sessions by them. That is the real value of investing into this WSI franchise. This week the Digital Marketing training sessions will cover solutions that WSI Internet Consultants can offer their clients and they are categorized in 3 parts: Lead Generation Online Credibility Client/Prospect Communication These are the 3 things that every business needs and especially so if their competitors are online. In Lead Generation we cover: Paid search marketing Organic Search, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media marketing Content marketing In Online Credibility we cover: A professional “About Us” page Social media profiles every business should engage in Blogging to demonstrate “thought leadership” and develop credibility Preparing your Google “CV” Content Marketing that creates an asset out of your website In Client/Prospect Communication we cover: Email marketing so that you can stay in “touch” and “Top of Mind” Blogging as an alternative to distributing news Building your database list using whitepaper marketing This is what we will cover in the first 5 days, so if you are a new WSI Franchisee you are in for a good learning session this week. Then on the weekend the Internet Consultants will attend a two day sales training workshop from Marvin Himel. Marvin has been instrumental in developing the sales process for all new WSI Franchisees. At the moment I am in transit in Frankfurt Airport after a 10 hour flight so what better way to pass the time than by writing this blog post. The objective of this blog post is to demonstrate how quickly one can get indexed in Google for specific and relevant keywords. In this post we are targeting “Digital Marketing training in Toronto” as the “Long Tail” phrase. Our blog posts normally rank very well and quite quickly and although...

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A recap of 3 Busy weeks

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I don’t normally blog about about what I do personally but the past 3 weeks have been really great. Being in the Internet Marketing industry allows me to travel and conduct my business from almost anywhere in the world. Mighty Man Conference It started with me attending the Mighty Man Conference outside Greytown with my son Francois Junior & son in law Nick. We were with a group of 16 friends amongst a crowd of over 250,000 “men”. Here is an aerial photo of the venue and the campsite. Just like Woodstock in the 70s. One message that struck home was that we are all too busy in our jobs today and Angus Buchan said we should find more time for ourselves. He coined the phrase “I am to busy to be in a hurry”. I like that as it suggests one should not be distracted by rush jobs that always seem to take priority. Orlando Straight after the weekend my wife Marianna & I flew to Orlando where I was conducting a 2-day Internet Marketing training session for 45 USA Internet Consultants. We had a free day on either side of the training and went to Epcot & Disney when we arrived. It was a great session and meeting the WSI Internet Consultants again just strengthens the networking opportunity that the WSI Franchise offers. We are indeed one big family and we freely share information that makes us stronger as a group. After the training we were scheduled to travel to Bogota, Colombia for another training session there. In the morning before our flight I booked Marianna & I to do some bass fishing. Captain Skip picked us up and we had a great morning of fishing before our flight to Bogota. You can see who caught all the fish. Bogota, Colombia We arrived at Bogota late on Saturday and thank goodness we ordered transport from Carlos Sandoval of Elite Car Service Bogotá. I can highly recommend his service. He fetched us at the airport, was really friendly and told us about travelling in Bogota on the way to the hotel. The next day Hugo Valderrama & his son Carlos Valderrama fetched us from the hotel and took us on a tour of Bogota. They were such great hosts and made us feel so welcome that we definitely would like to go back to Colombia. Here is a photo of the Colombian WSI Franchisees. And 60 seconds of Spanish introduction by Hugo Valderrama. [youtube]loFxNRWGUwU[/youtube] After the training Karen Sullivan-Correa & her husband Umberto took us for dinner with Violeta Otava. We had a great meal and felt safe walking the 10 blocks to the restaurant. Colombia was...

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WSI South Africa Internet Summit 3 May 2010

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Yesterday I attended the WSI South Africa Internet Summit 2010 seminar held at Monte Casino. This was an excellent and informative Internet Marketing seminar facilitated by industry leaders with the foresight, insight and knowledge presenting various topics regarding Digital marketing and various other Internet marketing strategies. Find some information below on the industry leaders that presented at the seminar. Ron McArthur – President of WSI Ably positioned at the helm, Ron has built a team that embraces the concept of strong relationships in all their interactions within our global community. With his long standing experience in the franchise industry and unrelenting focus on providing superior customer service, Ron leads the WSI team towards realising the company’s vision – to be the world’s leading provider of Internet solutions to the small and medium size business (SMB) market. Michael Jackson – Keynote speaker Michael who has made a name for himself both locally and internationally as an outstanding keynote speaker talked about ‘The Challenge of Change’ that provides a dynamic view of the Global business world. Francois Muscat – WSI Internet Marketing trainer and speaker Francois is a sought after speaker at Internet Marketing conferences and has presented at numerous International seminars. He has been voted as best presenter in the last 3 WSI international conferences in Stansted, London and...

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