Part 2: How to keep your Facebook Fan page active and alive

Posted by on Dec 22, 2011 in Social Media Marketing |

Facebook has close to 1 billion active users, half of them logging in on any give day. According to Facebook statistics, more than 250 million photos are uploaded to the platform everyday. Facebook is big. In short, Facebook is where the buzz is happening right now. It is a powerful social networking site for businesses to be on and to include in your social media marketing campaign.  Not to sell directly, but to interact with targeted audiences. On Facebook, businesses can create a Facebook Fan Page, to gather fans, put up some information about the company, share what is new and interact with everyone that is part of the community. A business Facebook Fan page is where people can come together and experience your company in a fun and informal social setting. Here’s a couple of tips on how you can get the best out of your Facebook Fan page. Facebook Fan Page tips Targeted audience: Who do you want to target on Facebook and what content appeals to this audience? Always provide value to the audience you would like to reach. Many business are over sharing information and they receive no benefit from all their efforts. Pages: Create separate landing pages on your Fan page for people to go to that are not yet fans of your page. This can give you the ability to focus on encouraging new visitors to become fans. You can customize the experience so that it stands out and be unique to your style and business. Interaction: Interact with your network and add all the neccessary information about your business to the fan page. Give your fans something new to do or share something interesting to read. You can add links to your website and other social media channels so that your network can interact outside of Facebook with you. New content: Always try to keep your content fresh and unique with consistent updates to increase the traffic to your page. Add feeds from Twitter and your blog to accomplish this. Personality: Facebook is social. Always write with personality, warmth, and style. It is really not a channel to be formal on. When you get new fans, try to welcome them and make them part of the...

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Facebook: Creating a business fan page

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Creating a business Facebook Fan page is quite an easy process. Fan pages on Facebook can be used for business, fun, entertainment, or as a marketing channel and tool for your business. Most people refer to Facebook Fan pages as Business pages. To create a Facebook Fan page you need a Facebook profile and you have to be logged in.  Make sure to have the information regarding your business when you create your Fan page such as content, contact information, images, etc. Facebook Fan page title When you create your Business Fan page on Facebook, think about the title you want for the Fan page.  This is very important as you can’t change this later on.  Take some time and pick the title you want carefully as this is what people will see when they are searching Facebook. Fan page image Create an eye-catching image that the visitors of your Fan page will find interesting.  You can also include information on your Fan Page image such as what you do, contact information, tag line, etc.  This can help your visitors to see what your business and Fan page is about. Create your Fan page When you are ready to create your business fan page, click on the button “Create Page” found on the top left of the “Discover Facebook Pages” page. Select a category of your business Fan page and the title you have created earlier.  You can choose to not make your Fan page publicly visible while you create your Fan page until you have all the information on your Fan page. Editing your Fan page To edit information on your business Fan page is very similar to when you edit your Facebook profile.  Make sure that you have uploaded an image for your Fan page and all the information is visible and correct before you start promoting. No one will become a fan of a Fan page that is empty. Customizing your Fan page If you would like to customize your business Fan page and add more pages to the Fan page, search for the app “FBML” where you can add more HTML pages to your Fan page. I have found this “app” quite useful especially if you want to create specific landing pages on your Fan...

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