Francois Muscat Won the WSI Lifetime Achievement Award

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WSI are immensely proud to announce that Francois Muscat recently won the WSI Nick Lattanzio Lifetime Achievement Award at the WSI Global Convention, which was held in Cancun in October. For the first time, Francois was rendered speechless.  This award isn’t something that digital marketing consultants can enter themselves for. The Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to people based on their contribution to the WSI Network over an extended period of time. Francois Muscat is a WSI Training Coach and Certified Mentor who advises other Internet marketing consultants around the world on business strategies and internet marketing programmes. Sixteen years ago, Francois made the leap from the corporate life and started his own business. Francois bought a WSI Internet franchise and said that it has been such a ride. He’s had many highlights, but the Lifetime Achievement Award is a personal highlight that tops them all. Francois advised that is was an unbelievable honour, and he want to thank everyone who has worked with him, his team and his wife...

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We Won the Top Rated Service Provider Award at the WSI Global Convention

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Our company won the Top Rated Service Provider Award at the WSI Global Convention, which was held in Cancun in October. It was an honour to win this award against stiff competition, and Francois Muscat is immensely proud of his team for the work they pulled off back at the office to be rated so highly among WSI’s digital marketing consultants. What sets us apart are our quick responses, the value of our services and the mentorship of new consultants. Our team members understand that a proactive digital marketing strategy requires snappy responses to clients, keeping an eye out for opportunities in their industries and being able to implement changes quickly. The real value of our services lies in how it boosts clients’ bottom lines. By having measurable goals that we’re working towards, we make sure that whether we’re writing content or designing a new site, we’re doing so with a real business goal in mind.  Global Digital Marketing Solutions Provider  Over the years, Francois Muscat has been in a fortunate position to mentor new digital marketing consultants that join WSI. While many of them partner with us for mentoring, even more end up using our services – and they recommend us to others. Francois would like to credit his team for not only building and maintaining strong connections with our consultants, but also for providing them with the solutions that help them achieve their business goals. His company isn’t a one-man-show, it’s a team of creative and intuitive copywriters, web developers, SEO consultants, administrative staff who provide everything from mobile marketing and marketing automation to email newsletters, content marketing and social media services to clients all across the...

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5 Tips for Making Sure Your Email Newsletters Are a Hit

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Email newsletters are a great way for people to get a sample of the content and updates from a company. People generally subscribe to newsletters if they want to receive information about a brand. However, they don’t want constant blasts of short information. So, the way you structure your email newsletters has to be carefully thought-out. Here are a few tips to make sure your newsletters are a hit:   Plan the Content Earmark around three to five different topics that you want to include in each newsletter. This can include your most recent content such as blog posts or curated content and company updates. The layout of your newsletter should be in sections because people don’t read a newsletter from left to right like a book. Make sure they can see which section they want to click on for more information.   Keep It Brief People don’t want to spend an hour reading a company’s newsletters. Keep your content brief and relevant so that people are able to skim through the content to find the information they need.   Create an Intriguing Subject Line The subject line is the first impression of your email newsletter. Keep it short and tell a person what they can expect to find in your newsletters.   Use a Familiar “From” Name Whether you are using a brand name or a company name, make sure recipients can immediately see who the mail is from.   Segment and Personalize Content Segment your customers into like-minded groups so that you can send them content that speaks to their purchasing history, demographics and needs.   Need help with your email marketing campaigns? Then contact WSI OMS...

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Sending an email newsletter? Read this first!

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As a web designer, you are probably tasked with a variety of projects that aren’t exactly “design” related. While you may not be too involved in the copywriting part of your responsibility might be to ensure that e-mail newsletters glide through spam filters and display correctly in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and so forth. Besides focusing on intricate, crisp newsletter designs, it’s important to know what factors influence the bounce rate of your newsletter. Here are some simple tips to follow to lower your newsletter’s bounce rate: If you use Dreamweaver, turn off the inline styles option If you save various fonts (such at Times New Roman 10 pt) as a specific style in Dreamweaver(such as “Style_2”), you need to turn off this feature when creating a newsletter. While the feature may be convenient for creating web pages, a number of email clients won’t necessarily recognise this style when they open your newsletter, making the text and fonts look odd. Use <br> instead of <p> for line breaks Ever received an e-mail newsletter that was just one huge chunk of text, deprived of paragraphs and line break? This is because many of the programs used to build e-mail newsletters don’t recognise sentences that are separated by a <p> tag. Rather use line breaks <br> to ensure that all the paragraphs aren’t grouped together. Send out a test copy When you send out a proof of the e-mail newsletter, send it to your Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and other e-mail addresses so you can see what it looks like. You might be surprised to see how the look of the newsletter can differ when opening it from different...

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