The importance of your digital reputation

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Blogging and social media is busy changing our world and how we do business online. Your digital reputation is your credibility in cyberspace and how people see you. It is crucial  that businesses monitor what is being said about them online as conversations happen even without your participation. Your digital reputation can be made or lost in a few minutes – with only 140 characters (Twitter).  Just as powerful, positive stories of good customer service can quickly build a positive digital reputation. Marketing departments must add social media to their marketing mix and use blogging to promote and build their organisation’s reputation and brands. The blogosphere and social media adds a new dimension to business marketing. All these new online tools can greatly increase the speed in damaging or building a brand. Internet marketing together with various social media strategies should always include monitoring (listening processes) for what is being said about you, your brand, and your competitors online. If you are a public facing company and your image is important to you, then using social media is one of the costs of doing business in today’s digital world. How to start monitoring your digital reputation? Here are a couple of tips that can help you with this process. How to protect your reputation online Strategy: Setup various strategies and processes to monitor what is being said about you online. Google Alerts is a free service from Google that you can use to alert you via email or RSS as soon as someone mentions your name, brand, or even products online. There’s also paid services such as Radian6 that you can use for more in-depth analysis of your company. Internet Marketing: Create an optimized internet marketing strategy that promotes your brand in a positive way. Search engine companies can help you push down negative comments on the search engine result pages but this is not always favourable because if you get found out that you have used “false” reviews of positive content, it could have a double impact on your reputation and business. This type of strategy is not a guarantee and it can take months before you see any results. In the long term you should have a strategy to publish positive stories on your company and develop your online brand in an ethical way. Research: When a negative comment is made about you online, research and study the origination of the comment.  Who posted the comment? Was it your fault? Is the person who posted the comment open for discussion? Usually, if you have done your research about the negative comment, there is a chance that you can turn the foe into an advocate of your...

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Your digital reputation is your online persona

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Your online persona is your complete online presence. Your online persona is more than your website or your blog.  It is also more than your Facebook profile and your Twitter account. Your online persona is the sum total of what everyone says about you on the web.  Your persona is what people will find when they Google your name.  It is your digital reputation. Are you out of business cards?  Just “Google” me.  This works for businesses and people.  Future clients will not only search for your name or read your blog to see what you write, they want to know how you think as well.  These people will also look at how you represent yourself online via social media channels to see how you respond to comments or disagreements. It is vital that you manage and optimize your online persona and always behave professional online.  The web is an open field and you can find information on almost anyone. What you do and say online stays online. Find a couple of tips below what you can do to increase your online persona. Use common names If you have a common name you can add your initial as well.  Peter Winston can become Peter J. Winstone and now you can be easier found.  This is also a good technique if you want to separate your personal persona from your professional one. Alerts If you would like to track what others are saying about you, why not use Google Alerts.  Google alerts are easy to set up and manage.  Each time your name is found on Google, you will be emailed on the results. Image If you are after a key job, carefully craft your image.  Your image is made up of what others say about you, what you say and even the design you choose for your blog or website. Your image also includes your Twitter tweets and your political views.  It is a natural outcome of personal branding and it does affect how employers make their hiring decision. Optimizing your online persona used together with Social Media Marketing can definitely increase your visibility online. Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding the importance of your online...

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