How a digital marketing agency helps grow your social media following

Posted by on Aug 10, 2020 in Digital Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing |

The importance of having a social media presence in business is increasing. With an estimated 3.6 billion people currently on social media platforms and using them regularly and efficiently, every business needs to have a social media marketing strategy. Using a digital marketing agency to manage your social media will help you successfully promote your business’ brand across social media channels more efficiently in less time. Here are the services that a digital marketing agency will utilise to grow your social media following: Social Media Optimisation  Social media optimisation is the digital marketing strategy of creating and improving your social media plan to get measurable results by: Using inbound marketing attract customers to your social media profiles Staying up to date and capitalising on current trends Building relationships with current and potential customers Encouraging page interactions by using like, share, tags, etc. Driving relevant traffic to your website Online Community Management  Outsourcing your community management to a digital marketing agency is beneficial to your business for the following reasons: Community managers are up to date on social media channels with what they can offer and how they can potentially work best for your brand. Offering a new perspective and fresh ideas to make your brand stand out in the evolving social media world. Your social media is consistent by always being updated and that someone is responding to questions and comments.  Use a digital marketing agency to manage your social media marketing and don’t join the thousands of dormant accounts that are embarrassing and that were supposed to be populated.  Contact us today to help you with your social media strategy & other digital marketing services WSI OMS...

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Why you need a website if you have an offline marketing campaign

Posted by on Jun 23, 2020 in Website Design |

You have spent a lot of money on in-store advertising, brochures, flyers, and other forms of promotion. You probably thought that your marketing was 100% sorted before the global COVID-19 pandemic made its presence known. Even if your business has reopened, there will still be a need for social distancing, meaning that fewer people are likely to visit your store in-person. As a result, your offline campaign will not generate the results that you had hoped for.  How can you remedy this? The answer lies in creating a website with a web design that is both functional and attractive. Below, we highlight the main reasons why a website is still an essential marketing tool, even if your offline marketing strategy is up to scratch.  A website adds credibility to your brand If a potential customer wants to learn more about your business after seeing one of your flyers or brochures, the first place that they will go is online. Not having a digital presence can be a black mark against you and can make your business seem behind the times and unprofessional. However, having a great website mirroring your offline campaign message can be the push needed to encourage the potential customer to take action and convert, visit your store, or get in touch.  A website boosts customer support  If your customer has any questions about your business, campaign, or offering in general, they will head over to your website to access your contact details. However, if you have decided to implement a simple chatbot in your web design, they might get their answers that way instead.  A website increases sales  You will need to embrace the world of e-commerce for this to be the case. The beauty of e-commerce and online sales is that customers are not restricted to business hours should they wish to make a purchase. The process of buying and selling will be easier for the customer and for you.  Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that can assist you with web design to support your offline marketing campaigns? Choose WSI OMS. Along with expert web design for businesses big and small, we also specialise in SEO, content marketing, PPC, and social media marketing. Contact us today to learn...

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Digital marketing services you didn’t know your business needed

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As we all know too well, the scope and best practice guidelines of the digital marketing world are forever changing – even more so in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. So, considering the state of the world and the many businesses trying to get back on their feet, which digital marketing services are the ones that should be a top priority going forward? We break it down for you below.  SEO  SEO is at the heart of every successful digital marketing endeavour. It refers to ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ which involves optimising your website in such a way that it adheres to best practice guidelines as set out by Google. This could mean posting engaging, relevant content on your website, reducing page loading times, link building, and generally doing everything in your power to boost user experience.  Content marketing  Speaking of posting engaging, relevant content on your website, that is where content marketing comes in. The secret is to craft content, whether text, image, or video, to which your target market will easily relate and that they will thoroughly enjoy. This can prove a lot more challenging than you might expect, especially if you are not naturally good with your words or a whizz when it comes to capturing video footage.  A good idea, in current times, is to create content detailing how your brand plans to deliver goods ordered online safely and with social distancing in mind. You will need to reassure most customers of these approaches and safety measures to encourage a final conversion.  PPC  PPC, or ‘pay per click’, advertising is an excellent way to get potential customers onto your website and, hopefully, making a conversion. You can embrace PPC either via Google and other search engines where you essentially pay to have your ad appear at the top of search engine search results, or you can embrace it via social media. If you opt for the latter, your ads will appear on your potential clients’ newsfeed or when they are watching video content. Instagram and Facebook ads have proven to be especially beneficial for businesses big and small in recent times, so be sure to dedicate the majority of your marketing spend there.  The great thing about PPC is that it is easy to target your ads based on various criteria, whether it be demographics, interests, the specific device on which they are browsing (mobile marketing is huge right now!), or previous internet activity.  You can even target consumers who have visited your website but have failed to take the desired course of action. This type of targeting is known as remarketing and is a PPC essential for maximum profitability.  WSI OMS is a digital...

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Content marketing: Prioritise the quality of your product descriptions

Posted by on May 18, 2020 in Copywriting |

One of the most important aspects of any inbound marketing strategy is copywriting – and product descriptions are something that needs an equal amount of attention as blog posts or your About Us page. You want to describe products that are appealing and that lead to sales. How do you create strong product descriptions? Here are some key points to incorporate into your writing. Write for your audience It may seem obvious, but many people fall into the trap of writing for themselves rather than their audience. How much do you know about your market? Do you know what they want and how your product will fill those needs? Are your descriptions speaking to that? Know your audience first, then write for them – this should make the process of content creation a little more straightforward. Ease buyer’s guilt Here’s an interesting truth about consumers: they all suffer from buyer’s guilt. Even as they click on something they really want, they feel some hesitation, especially if it’s a treat for themselves. Part of your product description’s job is to remove that guilt and make customers feel good about completing the purchase. You can do this by reinforcing the one-time-only nature of the offer (even if this is not the case). Let them know they are getting a bargain, give the product an air of exclusivity and highlight the utility and/or satisfaction they will get from buying it. The client needs to feel that the price they are considering paying is worth it. Use words but create images The copy in a product description is not just about listing the attributes of the product in a generally informative but boring way. It is a matter of drawing a picture for the customer, setting the scene, evoking the need and instantly demonstrating how the product will satisfy it. Be creative, not just descriptive. Paint with your words. If you need a professional to give your marketing copy a boost, WSI OMS can help. We are  a leading digital marketing agency that creates copy for all kinds of uses, including, but not limited to, inbound marketing. Contact us for more...

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How to use Instagram to promote your small business

Posted by on May 11, 2020 in Instagram |

Instagram has over 1 billion users (more than Twitter) which makes it ripe with social media marketing opportunities. You can use this platform to reach a massive audience with high impact posts that drive sales and brand buy-in. Do you know how to harness Instagram to boost your small business? Here are a few simple steps you can follow to put the platform to good use. Set up an optimised business account Aside from keeping your business account separate from your personal account, you need to optimise your profile for user appeal. Include a link to your website in your bio. Speaking of your bio, you need to craft it to be interesting and hook readers quickly. Make it easy for them to make the decision to follow you.  Create great, tailored, interesting posts Once you start posting, make sure you are creating posts that users really want to follow – this requires a good knowledge of your intended audience. Finally, never revert to a hard-sell tone on this platform – keep it relaxed and conversational, ensuring that your tone is in line with your target market. Expand your audience You may have beautiful posts, as well as a small, dedicated following, but you need to expand your reach and make sure that you’re not just preaching to the converted. One of the most effective techniques you can use to attract more followers is the use of hashtags, which could draw the eyes of people who don’t know your brand but have an interest in your general field. Boost engagement You want users to interact with your posts and your brand. One of the most important ways of doing this is through really careful, creative caption writing. Again, be careful with your language – make sure it matches the tone of your brand and the sensibilities of your target market. Also include a call to action that is alluring and never pushy. If you need help with your Instagram strategy, come to WSI OMS. We are a leading internet marketing franchise that can take your social media marketing to new heights. Contact us for more...

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