The Perfect Paid Search Advertising Campaign

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How can you get more out of paid search advertising? Let’s discuss ad conception, creation & how that ties in with your landing page. The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Model  Pay-Per-Click, or PPC for short, is the model used by Google and other advertising services. The model charges the user’s account for every click on an ad. The amount charged is dependent on the competition for a specific keyword and the user’s budget for the ad campaign. You can gauge competition for a keyword by using the Google Ads Keyword Planner. Make sure you have a Google account so you can use the feature. If you have a Gmail account, you can link that to any other Google services. The keyword “digital marketing” has average monthly searches of 1K to 10K and medium competition. At the time of writing the top of page bid low range is R9.55 and the high range is R41.81. What this means is to be guaranteed of outbidding the competition for the keyword, you need to bid R42 or higher. Generally, the bidding process is fair by giving all bids within the low and high range a fair chance. The number of impressions your ad receives will depend on your budget. Please note the information above pertains to the South African market. Targeting different territories will impact on the competitiveness, search volume, and cost. Keyword research is the cornerstone of any copywriting. If you find a keyword with a high search volume and low competition, you’re well on your way to success. Creating The Paid Search Advertising Campaign  Okay, you have the perfect keyword. What now? Decide on your budget, both Google ads and Microsoft Advertising allows different ways to set your budget. The most common method is setting a daily budget. Both engines will then aim to keep your spend within your daily limit. For this article, we’ll be focusing more on Google Adsense. Choose a budget of at least R100 a day. If your daily budget is too low, you might only get one click per day. That makes it hard to gauge success. You can set up a maximum cost-per-click (CPC). Setting up a maximum CPC will help you gauge over time whether your bid is sufficient for your industry. Great, you have a budget in mind. Consider Your Goal  Placing your first ad is a lot like starting a new blog. Be prepared to make some mistakes and don’t expect overnight success. Since the platforms allow for various ad types, you’ll have to consider your end-goal. Some of the types of campaigns to consider are: Generating sales Leads Website traffic Product and brand consideration Brand awareness and reach App promotion Whatever you...

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Digital Marketing Guide: How to Be a Better Blogger

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Blogging might be an integral part of digital marketing but, unfortunately, not everyone is a born blogger. We’ve created a guide that will help you to not only write better blogs and target the correct audience, but that will also help you to stay on-trend and improve your reputation as an authoritative source in your industry.   Digital Marketing Guide to Being a Better Blogger: Topics and Targeting If you know who you are writing for and you pick topics that will speak to them, you have half the battle won. Take some time to find your audience, research them and brainstorm topics they will be interested in. Once you’ve determined your audience, you can alter your tone of voice and address pain points they might be experiencing. By speaking to the correct people in the correct way and providing answers to their questions, you’re paving the way to becoming a “go-to” source for issues they experience.  When brainstorming topics suited to your audience, be sure to maintain a balance between evergreen content and trending topics:  Evergreen content will rarely become outdated and can easily be updated with minor changes. It includes topics that will drive traffic to your blog, long after being published (nothing time-sensitive goes in this category).  Trending topics may have a shorter life span, but if the topic is relevant for a short time, it can drive a surge of traffic to your blog, especially if the content has an edge of exclusivity to it. However, don’t rely exclusively on trends to drive the majority of traffic to your blog. If you do, you’re setting yourself up for a large time investment in creating new trendy content all the time.  Writing Here are a few valuable tips to keep in mind when you are writing: Start with an outline for your post (that will guide your writing) and if this outline can be valuable to your audience, incorporate it into your post. You don’t need an outline for every post, but the more complex your post, the more valuable this roadmap becomes to your audience.  Keep your writing concise, but don’t under explain topics. Add just enough information so your post is clear but easy to digest.  Keep SEO principles in mind when writing. Also, remember to incorporate keywords into every part of your post, including the title, descriptions, headers and captions. Earn links from other sites by incorporating (and citing) authoritative data and quotes from industry experts.  Schedule time to go through old posts and update outdated information, maintain links and improve on existing content. Content  Blogging and content creation is not only about the written word. You can experiment with different types of...

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Francois Muscat Won the WSI Lifetime Achievement Award

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WSI are immensely proud to announce that Francois Muscat recently won the WSI Nick Lattanzio Lifetime Achievement Award at the WSI Global Convention, which was held in Cancun in October. For the first time, Francois was rendered speechless.  This award isn’t something that digital marketing consultants can enter themselves for. The Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to people based on their contribution to the WSI Network over an extended period of time. Francois Muscat is a WSI Training Coach and Certified Mentor who advises other Internet marketing consultants around the world on business strategies and internet marketing programmes. Sixteen years ago, Francois made the leap from the corporate life and started his own business. Francois bought a WSI Internet franchise and said that it has been such a ride. He’s had many highlights, but the Lifetime Achievement Award is a personal highlight that tops them all. Francois advised that is was an unbelievable honour, and he want to thank everyone who has worked with him, his team and his wife Marianna. Please follow and like...

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We Won the Top Rated Service Provider Award at the WSI Global Convention

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Our company won the Top Rated Service Provider Award at the WSI Global Convention, which was held in Cancun in October. It was an honour to win this award against stiff competition, and Francois Muscat is immensely proud of his team for the work they pulled off back at the office to be rated so highly among WSI’s digital marketing consultants. What sets us apart are our quick responses, the value of our services and the mentorship of new consultants. Our team members understand that a proactive digital marketing strategy requires snappy responses to clients, keeping an eye out for opportunities in their industries and being able to implement changes quickly. The real value of our services lies in how it boosts clients’ bottom lines. By having measurable goals that we’re working towards, we make sure that whether we’re writing content or designing a new site, we’re doing so with a real business goal in mind.  Global Digital Marketing Solutions Provider  Over the years, Francois Muscat has been in a fortunate position to mentor new digital marketing consultants that join WSI. While many of them partner with us for mentoring, even more end up using our services – and they recommend us to others. Francois would like to credit his team for not only building and maintaining strong connections with our consultants, but also for providing them with the solutions that help them achieve their business goals. His company isn’t a one-man-show, it’s a team of creative and intuitive copywriters, web developers, SEO consultants, administrative staff who provide everything from mobile marketing and marketing automation to email newsletters, content marketing and social media services to clients all across the globe. Please follow and like...

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New Report Highlights Skills Shortage in Digital Marketing

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In today’s rapidly changing world, digital transformation is no longer an option for business. Yet, with digital at the heart of all things marketing today, there is no guarantee that business will survive this fast-paced modern industry either. It is a fine line to cross, and a workforce who is oblivious to these changes can be crippling to any organisation.  In a recent global survey published by The Economist Group and the Digital Marketing Group (Perpetual Evolution: The Interplay of Talent and Technology in the Future of Marketing), research highlights a dire shortage of critical skills and talent within this space. Based on interviews with more than five hundred international marketing executives, the report indicates that 74% of marketing executives are of the belief that the marketing industry faces a critical talent shortage of digital experience, marketing experience and soft skills needed to meet customers’ increasing demands.  The marketers identified ‘customer experience’, ‘strategy and planning / brand management’ and ‘data and analytics’ as crucial to their organisations’ success and business performance.  The survey further points out that many of these marketers will need to place a strong emphasis on recruitment and reskilling of their existing workforce equally.  With global marketing struggling to ‘future-proof’ organisations during this skill shortage, business needs to become diligent about ongoing employee development and agile teams in order to easily adapt to this constant digital evolution.  Need help with your copywriting, social media or digital marketing strategies? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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