Social Media Marketing: Definining your goals

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Most of your clients are reading and are participating using social media.  Social Media is in such a high use today that every business should be blending Social Media Marketing (SMM) into their existing  marketing strategies.  How do you get started using Social Media? The first step in any SMM campaign should be setting up goals on what you want to accomplish. Before you start with any SMM initiative, you always need to establish your goals first.  What do you want to accomplish with your Social Media strategy? How will SMM going to help your business? Quite a lot of companies venturing into the Social Media playing field have a hard time understanding this because they do not clearly understand what is possible with Social Media. Just to get your thinking hats on: The Social Media Opportunity On Facebook there are more than 500 million users.  If Facebook were a country, it would have been the 3rd largest in the world. By looking at the top 10 highest traffic websites by Alexa, 5 of those are Social Media Sites (Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, WikiPedia, Twitter). Millions of videos are watched every month on YouTube. Find below a couple of goals that we are using with our Social Media Marketing strategy. Social Media Goals Measure and monitor the number of mentions of company name and brand online. Gain a better understanding of how your targeted audience and existing clients feels about your company and brand. Develop and build relationships with your current clients. Increase brand awareness. Increase your organic search engine listings. Generate more quality sales leads. So now you have an idea on setting up your Social Media Marketing Goals.  Where do you start and what are the next steps? How do you start your SMM campaign? Your first step should always be listening and monitoring.  By listening, you will see where the buzz is happening at the moment and where your targeted audience spends their time socially online.  The next step will be to choose specific Social Media channels that you can use such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. There are thousands of different Social Media channels you can use.  Always start small and stay focused.  Measure your results and make adjustments where needed. When you are comfortable with your Social Media Marketing campaign, expand...

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Social Media: Where to find the buzz

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On the web you can find over a 100 million blogs, seven hundred thousand news sites and about 50 online wire services cranking out press releases.  How is it possible for your business and your targeted audience to find anything that is interesting?  Well to be honest, it’s not – without the right tools! This might seem like a problem to many but actually there’s a solution to this – social media.  With the help of blog search alerts, RSS integration and news readers you can find valuable information regarding companies, individuals, real-time news, what’s happening and what’s the buzz at the moment.  These tools can also help you to research what others are saying about you and your company, competition and your marketplace. Blog Search To best way to find new and existing blogs to read is by doing a simple search on Google Blog Search or any other popular Blog aggregator like Technorati. With these tools you can also bookmark interesting blogs that you would like to follow-up at a later stage on your browser. Alerts Google Alerts is a useful tool in which you can set up “alerts” to be emailed directly to you with a notification when a certain blog has been updated or when new information regarding a given topic is published somewhere.  It is really easy to set up an alert as you can only type the keywords or business name you are interested and then click on the add alert button.  You can set up the alert to notify you immediately when there’s an update or you can select to have a daily summary sent to you. RSS aggregation Another way to stay informed with blog updates is through RSS feeds.  The RSS protocol was standardized a few years ago to be universal format so that all RSS readers can display it. RSS can be used in many ways.  You can use it to display summaries on the latest blog posts you have done.  Almost every blog includes RSS feeds wich can either be accessed through a link with the label “RSS” or “Feed”.  Once you have accessed the RSS feed for the given blog, you can choose to subscribe to that feed so that you can be notified when new topics has been published or updated. There’s a couple of standalone RSS feed reader applications available and by doing a simple search on Google will give you many results.  Some of the popular ones includes Google news reader, Microsoft Outlook, Feedreader,...

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How social media has changed marketing

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You can use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to build your reputation and your brand, never to sell products.  Always brand yourself as a leader.  Your reputation and your brand is what you represent, your connection and what you care about.  You must be the persuasive and unique voice in your market. One of the goals with most Social Media Marketing campaigns is to build a cultural following. Success doesn’t happen without effort. Most of the successful Social Media Marketing campaigns takes engaging your market at every turn and it can take many hours each day. SMM is about being where the buzz is at and where the conversations are happening.  Once you know this, you can start interacting in these conversations. Social Media Opportunity Social Media creates opportunity.  The power is in brand perception and brand development.  Success with SMM is like running a marathon, not sprinting.  Success with Social Media is about building honest relationships.  Authenticity must be real. We cannot hide any more in the world we are living in. The world is becoming more transparent.  There is really no more lurking in the shadows.  With Social Media, there’s a light that shines on everybody and everything. The online marketing landscape Online marketing has changed quite significantly over the last 5 years.  It’s getting increasingly chaotic everyday.  The old-fashioned way of controlling your market is long dead.  It’s all about conversing and interacting with targeted markets at ground level. All content should be offered for free and information itself should not have a price.  Social Media Marketing is about sharing information in exchange for building up your brand and reputation as the leader in your market.  Your goal is to make a difference to make your market and niche better. Your business can make quite a lot of money by packaging information in a way that has value.  This can be in the form of seminars, books, personal consulting or courses.  Giving advice and spending time with your clients has a high...

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How to start your Social Media Marketing Campaign? Listen at the buzz

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You have read everything regarding the hype of social media and you have a fairly good understanding of the words Tweet, blog, Web 2.0, micro blogging and social networking. Where and how do you start your Social Media Marketing (SMM) initiative? What is going to be your first step? Getting a blog? Engaging on networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube? Before you jump into any of these social media tools and channels, setup listening tools first to understand what is being said about your brand, company, your key executives or just to view what is the “buzz” online at the moment. It is important that you will need to understand how people are feeling towards your brand before you start to engage with your customers and any future prospects. What voices in your industry and niche are the most influential? On what social media channels are you going to establish your presence to target where the active discussion are taking place? These questions should always be asked before you start with any Social Media Marketing (SMM) initiative. What is being said? By monitoring “what is being said” allows your company to respond and be pro active to any complaints in as little as 10 minutes after they have been posted online. By actively viewing and monitoring any social media involvement about your company can develop a strong reputation of reaching out to help your customers. By responding quickly to negative and positive criticism, you are more likely to convert bad complaints into product evangelists. Social media monitoring tools to help you monitor your market SaidWot: An innovative Media & Brand Monitoring, Online Reputation Management & Strategy Tool. This is a paid service. Trackur: This tool monitors all the major search engines and the entry price starts at $18 per month. Brandwatch: This tool combines alerts with data analysis. Paid and free options available. Buzzmonitor: This is an open source social media aggregator module for Drupal that you can host on your own web server. This software is free. Google Alerts: This tool by Google lets you track specific keyword and key phrase mentions and it’s delivered straight to your inbox as soon as it happens. This is a free service. uberVU – Monitor your company, follow competitors, connect with customers and fans. Free 15 trial. SocialMention – Real-time social media search and analysis. Free By listening at the “buzz” online should always be your first step when plunging into any SMM campaign as this can help you on where to start and what is happening at the moment. What is the “buzz” in your industry? Have a...

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