Facebook checkins will be updated

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If you are an avid Facebook user, you might have noticed all the changes they are doing lately. Although there are so many, I’m sure you all are experts on the Facebook Timeline by now. In 2010, Facebook introduced members to check-in features on their network, which were and in some way very similar to other checkin networks such as Foursquare. Every time that someone checks into a business on Facebook, the total checkins for that business on Facebook goes up on their Fan Page. Maybe you are one of them, but many loyal “fans” uses this feature on a regular basis when they visit some of their favorite places, but are they doing this too often? When people started checking multiple times (daily) at each business, Facebook decided that each subsequent return after the first should not be considered as unique. So, in an effort to increase the effectiveness and accuracy of Facebook checkins, Facebook is planning to implement a couple of changes to their system, and according to the social networking giant, this will happen in the next few weeks. Facebook changes The biggest change to the checkin platform is that multiple checkins will no longer be counted as separate visits if they occur within 12 hours of the first visit. Facebook will also be more accurate in counting the photo checkins, combining and then integrating all the photos from the same location into just 1 checkin. However, any other individuals that are tagged in these photos will still count as an additional checkin. Will this change affect your business? I believe most businesses will not lose their current number of checkins that they have accumalated, but even loyal patrons will not visit twice every 12 hours. Technically, when someones eats dinner at their favourite restaurant round about 8:00PM, and then goes back the next morning at 7:00AM for breakfast, their visits should “technically” not be considered as duplicate. During the next few weeks, watch how these changes are going into...

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What your business can do with blogging

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Blogging has drastically changed on how businesses can communicate with their clients and future prospects. Businesses can interact, engage and converse through blogs instead of talking in a one way funnel to them. Business blogging is a more effective and personalized way in getting the attention of your targeted audience. Business Blog A business blog can also help with the organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results of a business website. This means that if you are blogging about your services or products, you can include keyword rich content in your blog posts together with valuable links to the most relevant pages on your website and this can definitely help you climb the search engine result pages (SERP). With a blog you are marketing directly to two audiences – search engines and the people who will read your blog posts. Even though this all sounds too good to be true, there’s a couple of things that you should know about blogging before you take the big step and start blogging. Things that you should know about blogging Blogging takes time and commitment: There is really no getting away from it. Blogging takes time, commitment and discipline to make it work. The majority of bloggers put in less than one hour a day dedicated to blogging. The most important thing is that they dedicate time each day to writing, researching and reading. Researching goes a long way with blogging. What will the topic be of your next blog post? How will you get your readers to take action and start interacting? This all needs to be taken in to account when writing each blog post. Sharing made easy: The truth is, people like to share valuable content. Include ways on your blog posts to make it easy for your visitors to share your content with their friends and connections. The easiest way of doing this is to include popular social bookmarking buttons on each blog post where your readers can share your content with others by just clicking a button. Read: The more you read and research, the better writer you will be. By reading other blogs in the same market niche as yours, you will begin to understand the mind of a blogger and how they present their information. This will also help you get your point across in interesting ways. Soak up knowledge: You must become the market leader in your industry and must dive into your subject. Read, learn and present information on your point of view. You might not be the expert right now, but you will become one. Blogging will keep you aware of the latest trends in your niche and your surroundings. Be interesting: Readers...

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Blog marketing can be a powerful business influencer

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Blog marketing (another form of social media) can be a powerful business influencer.  Blogs can build an interactive conversation with your readers and you can build a strong following list with it.  A Blog builds an interactive conversation with your readers.  With correct optimization, you can build relationships and loyal readers to your blog. Find below a couple of tips on how you can make your blog a business influencer. Building Relationships Be Positive: Avoid being negative and criticizing others on your blog.  Always keep an open mind when creating posts and when commenting other contributors. Focus on building others up and on how the best do something. Give tips, advice and solutions. By providing solutions and answers to your readers queries, you are building trust and credibility. Be Interested: Be genuinely interested in your reader and their perspective. What are your readers interested in? What do they want to know?  Always write unique informative information. Focus on solutions: Talk about solutions to problems that will interest your readers. Ask questions and encourage discussion.  Become the expert in your industry. Selling Your Ideas Motivate your reader: As you write each posting, consider: “Why would someone want to do what I’m asking?” Dramatize your ideas: Effective story telling and real life examples help to make your ideas visual and memorable. Avoid arguments: Even when readers makes negative comments, stay objective. Be thankful for new opinions and be respectful. Start with agreement: Respond to comments by first identifying areas of agreement. Try to view things from your reader’s point of view.  Everyone is unique and will have their own perspective on a topic. Leadership Admit mistakes: Be open to discuss mistakes you have made.  You are human.  This can be motivating to others who are facing the same problems to see what worked and what didn’t. Ask questions: Try asking questions or suggesting alternatives instead of telling people directly what they should do. Benefits: Focus on the benefits that your readers might receive from your ideas. Be Respectful: By respecting others capabilities and their situation, you will help them to succeed. Use encouragement to try new ideas and to empower action. If you require additional information on how you can optimize your blog to be a powerful business influencer, contact us or comment...

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WSI E&I Franchisee conference – Daren Coudriet on Tripling your business

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Daren is well known for changing his business model over the past 5 years to one that is scalable even with a small team. His presentation is on Permission based email marketing and the message is; “always about the relationship”. Daren’s main purpose when networking is to always add value to whoever he meets so that people will remember him. Topics covered in his presentation: Why permission based marketing? Today’s challenges Elements of success The opportunity Packaging a solution Proposed pricing options Resources Daren makes a point that email marketing can assist in keeping your pipeline going as you can stay top of mind with your readers. A good question that he shares is to ask your prospect, “What is the biggest business challenge that you face?” Imagine getting all the challenges from everyone you meet. Daren then starts sending emails with valuable information on addressing the biggest challenges that companies face. What a great idea to keep yourself as a WSI Internet Consultant, “top of mind with your prospects” I recommend that all WSI ICs get their hands on Daren’s presentation to learn about the importance of email marketing as part of your business. Once again, I recommend that all ICs attend the Excellence & Innovation conferences as an integral part of your...

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Why small businesses should be blogging

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Blogging is a form of social media. It allows for interaction and conversation to start. With a blog, you can become the expert in your field. Every small business owner that wants to grow their business should be blogging. If on the other hand you can’t commit to regular blog postings and the time that it takes, find someone in your company to take this on. Blogging takes commitment and the trust and credibility you can build with it is great.  The return you will receive by becoming more visible online often exceeds the costs and time that you will invest by blogging. Blog marketing is a fast growing business marketing strategy as it allows anyone to become a content creator.  What should you expect from business blogging? Postings with informative timely information will establish yourself and your business as a expert in your target niche market; Build a readers list with a keen interest in your products and services; You can build familiarity and trust in what you have to say; You can develop a stream of qualified leads and an increase in sales; Now you might be thinking what your business should be blogging about?  Well the answer to that question is really quite simple – blog about anything that your competitors and prospects would be interested in. Real estate agency may want to talk about their local market, trends, days on the marketing, etc.  They could write about specific properties to encourage a prospective buyer.  They could even write about the local area for potential relocation clients.  The key to blog writing is to write about subjects of interests to potential customers. Property managers can talk about the rental marketing, vacancy rates, etc.  They can also publish special deals to promote rentals in the off season.  The list is endless. Create a blog marketing strategy plan for your business and then follow it through. WSIOMS offers blog marketing assistance and can help you launch a blog for your business. Contact us...

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