Blogging is a powerful business tool

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Having an informative blog can be a very powerful tool for any business.  Blogs have already changed the way businesses communicate with their clients and prospects.  You don’t need a one way broadcasting system in place anymore by only talking to your customers. Instead you can engage, interact and converse your messages through blogs and social media.  Your blog can be personalized to be more effective in getting the attention of your targeted audience. Find a couple of tips below for your blog. Time and commitment Just to make it clear…blogging takes time, commitment and discipline to make it work.  The most successful bloggers dedicates at least one hour a day to reading, researching and writing good valuable posts.  There is no getting away from it. Research Research similar blogs and forums regarding your niche.  By reading and researching blogs, you will begin to understand how other successful bloggers think to present useful information to their readers.  The more you read the better writer you will become. Knowledge Learn every detail concerning the services, products and information that your business will be broadcasting on your blog.  By becoming an expert in your topic, you are building trust and credibility for your business.  This is one of the most important factors for any successful blog.  Blogging will keep you aware of any news related to your niche and surroundings. Communication is king Content isn’t king – communication is king, but in order to establish good communication, you need good content to start it.  Write informative relevant posts.  Relevancy is the key.  Readers wants fresh, valuable and remarkable information. RSS can make your content travel With the correct social media marketing initiative in place for your blog, visitors will find your blog faster.  One way to accomplish this is by having a RSS feed linked to your blog.  RSS (real simple syndication) is way to easily distribute a list of your post headlines and updates to a wide number of people and RSS aggregators.  By linking your RSS feed to popular RSS aggregators like Technorati, your content can be found fast by all the readers of those social media websites.  Be sure to add a “subscription” link on your blog that points to your RSS feed. Social Bookmarks Add social bookmarking links on your posts.  Social bookmarking is a way of saving your favourite bookmarks to a public website and tagging them with relative keywords found in the content of the page you want to save. People search social bookmarking sites to find the most popular websites dealing with almost any subject. You can make it work You will be writing to engage your visitors and to create readers that will...

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How to influence your customers with your blog

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Did you know that your blog can be a powerful business tool to influence your customers? Blogs can build interactive conversations with targeted readers. Blogging for your business can get faster results than traditional internet marketing. A blog is an excellent tool to boost your online brand, increase your website’s rankings on the search engines, reach new potential clients, communicate with current customers and to publicize information about your company. There’s 3 main factors you need to take into consideration if you want to start influencing people with your blog posts. Build relationships, selling your ideas and leadership. Build relationships Positive: Always avoid criticizing others and being negative. You can focus on how to do the best with something and by building others up. Give advice, solutions and tips. Interested: Always be genuinely interested in your readers and on their perspectives. What do they want to know? What do they find interesting? Solutions: Talk about solutions to problems that your interested readers might have. You can encourage the discussion by asking questions. Selling your ideas Motivation: As you write each blog posting you should always consider why your readers would want to do something that you are saying. Explain your ideas: Real life examples and effective story telling can help to make your ideas visual and memorable. Arguments: Always avoid arguments even when your readers are making negative comments. Stay objective and to the point. Be thankful for new ideas, opinions and be respectful. Agreement: You can respond to comments by first identifying all the areas of agreement. Try to view things from your reader’s perspective. Leadership Mistakes: Admit your mistakes and be open on how you solved your problems. This can be a motivating factor to others that are facing the same problems so that they can see what didn’t work and what did. Questions: Try suggesting alternatives and ask questions instead of telling people directly what they should and shouldn’t do. Benefits: Focus on the benefits that your readers might receive from your ideas. Respectful. Be respectful of your readers capabilities and their situations and how you can help them to succeed. You can encourage them to try new ideas and to empower action. Successful blogging takes time and dedication any way you look at it. Not only can your blogging influence people, but you can build trust and credibility with your blogging as well. Be the expert in your industry and niche and others will return regularly to your blog to see what you are...

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Businesses are shifting to internet marketing

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The online world has changed our methods of doing things in the last couple of years. What most likely took a phone call a few years ago, can now be done on the web instantly as a wealth of information is available to everyone. The internet is the greatest and biggest marketplace in the world. Businesses starting out as well as large global businesses needs to have a presence on the web. Internet Marketing Internet marketing is much more effective cost wise than traditional marketing. Don’t get me wrong, traditional marketing is still a great way for brand publishing. Internet marketing can provide so much more than just letting people know about your business. With internet marketing you can get targeted visitors, sales leads, etc. And the power of it is that you can track every penny that you spend on it directly. Many businesses have reduced their marketing budgets and used the remaining dollars to invest into new websites, ppc (pay-per-click), blogging and social media marketing. They do this so that they can track their money spent into sales money. Online marketing is expected to grow by 21% annually through to 2012. Compare this to traditional marketing where advertising revenues are expected to decrease by 1.4% annually over the same period. This indicates that more and more businesses are realising the potential of internet marketing. The internet is all about information. A successful website gives the visitor exactly what they are looking for. It answers their questions right away and gives them a means to take action. Website as a business tool A website is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to present your message to targeted customers. Your customers will judge your company on the strength of your message and the uniqueness of your content. It should build credibility and trust to encourage action. Internet marketing is where a business is putting their focus for the future. The internet is ever evolving so it is a right choice staying ahead of the competition. We are in a digital age transitioning from traditional...

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