What you can expect with an optimized blogging strategy

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Blogging is a powerful way to get your business noticed online.  Blogging opens up a whole new realm than you would find with just a normal website. Blogging is part of the social media marketing sphere as engagement is encouraged with blogging. With internet marketing, the call to action (CTA) and promoting your services or products is the name of the game.  With Blog marketing, the goal is to engage, interact and converse with targeted visitors. Since the goals with blogging are so very different from traditional internet marketing, what results can your business expect from regularly posting fresh and unique blog posts? Optimized blogging strategy results New visitors: Interesting blog posts can reach new readers that are interested in your services or products.  These readers are usually different from the ones reading traditional advertising or even your business website. Build a network: You can build up brand recognition and authority for your company by regular writing interesting blog posts. You can build a strong following of readers who will know and understand what you stand for and who you are. Engagement: Your blog can build a market for your services or products by getting potential customers to understand how your services or products can solve any problems they might have. Give case stories of how your services are used and open up the comment section on your blog posts.  If your content is interesting and your readers find it useful, they might leave a comment and start engaging with you. Communication: Keep the lines of communication open between your customers and your company.  Customer service blogs enable the flow of conversation to travel in both directions and it can alert you to any issues your customers might have. This is an excellent way to listen to the queries your customers might have. Website rankings: Your blog can generate regular new keyword rich articles.  Attract Google’s interest by carefully using keywords and keyword phrases in the headlines of your blog posts. Using keywords in the text of your links is a powerful method to increase your website...

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Use your blog as a business marketing strategy

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Blogs are one of the best ways businesses can interact and reach targeted potential customers.  Blog marketing is where you can educate your readers by sharing your business opinions, advice and your expertise.  With a blog you are not selling directly but you are using it for branding purposes and interacting with your visitors.  Blogs and websites usually work hand in hand. The job of your business blog The sole purpose of your business blog is to attract readers.  Blogs are also natural linking magnets that can attract huge amounts of inbound links if your publish engaging, original and interesting topics.  Other bloggers will see this and reference this on their own blogs to start the conversation.  This is excellent as they usually link back to the original content of the blog post. Websites vs Blogs Websites are passive and blogs are active.  With a blog you broadcast your message out to the online world via RSS (Real Simple Syndication) every time you publish something new.  Websites always have to wait to be discovered by the search engine bots and spiders.  It is like the difference between hunting and fishing.  You always have to wait for the fish to bite, or you can actively get involved and pursue. More traffic It is known that businesses that blog, gets more traffic and more inbound links to their website or other online profiles. These are very powerful that can indicate how successful a business website is.  Blogs can build your brand authority and brand awareness in your targeted market.  Blogs can build a strong relationship with your audience and at the same time build trust. This will also make you the natural contact person if your audience seeks...

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What your business can do with blogging

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Blogging has drastically changed on how businesses can communicate with their clients and future prospects. Businesses can interact, engage and converse through blogs instead of talking in a one way funnel to them. Business blogging is a more effective and personalized way in getting the attention of your targeted audience. Business Blog A business blog can also help with the organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results of a business website. This means that if you are blogging about your services or products, you can include keyword rich content in your blog posts together with valuable links to the most relevant pages on your website and this can definitely help you climb the search engine result pages (SERP). With a blog you are marketing directly to two audiences – search engines and the people who will read your blog posts. Even though this all sounds too good to be true, there’s a couple of things that you should know about blogging before you take the big step and start blogging. Things that you should know about blogging Blogging takes time and commitment: There is really no getting away from it. Blogging takes time, commitment and discipline to make it work. The majority of bloggers put in less than one hour a day dedicated to blogging. The most important thing is that they dedicate time each day to writing, researching and reading. Researching goes a long way with blogging. What will the topic be of your next blog post? How will you get your readers to take action and start interacting? This all needs to be taken in to account when writing each blog post. Sharing made easy: The truth is, people like to share valuable content. Include ways on your blog posts to make it easy for your visitors to share your content with their friends and connections. The easiest way of doing this is to include popular social bookmarking buttons on each blog post where your readers can share your content with others by just clicking a button. Read: The more you read and research, the better writer you will be. By reading other blogs in the same market niche as yours, you will begin to understand the mind of a blogger and how they present their information. This will also help you get your point across in interesting ways. Soak up knowledge: You must become the market leader in your industry and must dive into your subject. Read, learn and present information on your point of view. You might not be the expert right now, but you will become one. Blogging will keep you aware of the latest trends in your niche and your surroundings. Be interesting: Readers...

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Business blog marketing strategies

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Before you can start compiling your Business blog marketing plan, you should always answer a couple of questions on what you want to accomplish with your business blog. Do you want better organic search engine rankings? Increase your brand authority? Increase visitors? Sales? Find a couple of questions below that can help you with your blog marketing strategy. Blog marketing strategy questions Objectives: What is the most important thing that you would like to accomplish with your blog? Your objectives can include building up traffic, reaching new potential prospects, open communication with current customers, building up your brand name, etc. You can create a list detailing all of your objectives and then choose the most important one. List two more of the objectives that are important to you. This will give you a total of three objectives. More than three objectives can be difficult sometimes to focus on. Most of the activity on your blog should be focused around the primary and most important objective. Visitors: Who will be reading your blog? This should always be your targeted audience. This should also be the same as your targeted customer if one of your main objectives is to increase sales or business leads. Time: How much time can you commit on your blog? Usually to reach your objectives you will need to commit solid time on your blog. This could either be your own time or the time of one of your employees. What is your budget? How much money have you budgeted for your blog? You can set up a marketing budget for your blog that can include the blog design, videos, ghost writers, etc. Everyone knows that ghost blog writing is controversial, but many times small business owners are much better interviewed and recorded than writing blog posts themselves. A ghost writer can format the interview for final editing and then create the interview in blog format where it will be published by the owner. Have a look at the example below for a couple of blogging tips if your goal was to build traffic to 100-200 unique visitors each day: Always write interesting, informative blog posts that others will like to read and that they will find useful. Monitor the blogosphere for similar blogs and review what your ideal customer will search for on the internet. Engage with your readers emotionally in each post. Write your blog posts out of your point of view. Never write in a boring text-book point of view. Readers will also find it easier to read if it’s written in an easy to read format. Comment on other similar blogs. By commenting on other similar blogs, you are creating a backlink back...

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Business blog marketing plan

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Business blog marketing is quite different from personal blogging. Business blogging should be focused and it has a purpose. To do all this correctly, you will need to develop a business blog marketing plan to use as a guide as you write new articles on your blog. What’s the purpose that you have for your business blog? If you want good results and build up your reader base, your blog should reflect your business goals. You can start writing your blog marketing plan by creating a page that will include your keywords, topic and the audience you want to focus on. Use this plan to keep your blog writing focused. Audience A blog allows you to converse and engage with your targeted audience. With business blog marketing, you have a platform to share as much information as you would like to the people who are interested in your services or products. Research and study who you would like to attract with your business blog. Search and review related successful blogs and monitor the blogosphere to see what is happening in your industry. Content By developing your content strategy for your blog, you are laying the foundation for your blog marketing campaign. Quality content will connect you with interested readers and this will enable them to interact and ultimately convert them into a customer or a follower. Always keep your blog focused around a central subject that interests the audience you would like to interact with. Keywords Keywords, keywords, keywords. Successful business blogging is focused around a topic and unique targeted keywords and keyword phrases. This allows the blogger to build an audience that will keep on coming back. Your keyword plan must be highly flexible using long tail keyword phrases. Choose 5 focused keyword phrases and perhaps as many as 50-100 long tail keyword phrases that you can use in the content of your blog articles, titles,categories, tags and links. Blog writing tips Blogs in general are not about selling, they are for interacting and branding. Titles: Use your targeted keywords and keyword phrases in the titles of your blog articles. Search engines tends to give high importance to the words found in the blog title. Remember that when you create your blog title, you want to attract readers to satisfy the search engines. Never write for search engines, write for readers instead. Prominence: Use your targeted keywords and phrases at least once in the first 100 words of your blog posting. The search engines places a higher value on text used near the beginning of the blog posting. Be careful not to overuse your keywords and keyword phrases in your business blog posts. Posting length: There’s no limit...

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