Web Design – Taking your brand to your consumers

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In the past, web design was always considered secondary to expensive offline advertising, promotions and other strategies. This is changing, however, as both brands and consumers are realising the sheer convenience and personal engagement that can occur in online spaces. This is why quality web design is gaining popularity, as brands are realising that the digital sphere offers a platform to nurture mutually beneficial business relationships. And for us, this is another area that our organisation excels in, having helped innumerable businesses succeed in this aspect. Branding is naturally progressing towards a digital age Traditional advertising has always been an effective means for brands to communicate with consumers. However, these communications have always been one-way, meaning that the consumer has no power in the relationship. Nowadays though, the online world has opened up excellent opportunities for consumers to communicate back to brands. In this regard, web design can help by turning two-way dialogues into healthy, sustainable business relationships – where brands and consumers both feel they are benefiting. Web design – Capitalise on the places your consumers frequent As a brand, you need to communicate with consumers where they frequent often. It’s useless to create amazing advertising, only to place it in a farfetched and obscure location, as none of your consumers will see it. Instead, you need to find out where your consumers frequent and design advertising specifically to connect with them in those spaces. Therefore, as consumers spend more time online, you need to capitalise on this for branding success. For more details about our top quality web design services, contact WSI OMS...

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How you can use Social Media to Connect with Consumers on a Personal Level

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Social media is a fantastic platform that has greatly advanced the way brands communicate with consumers. Gone are the days of one-way communications when brands would simply suggest that consumers buy their product, and here are the days when brands can personally connect with consumers and discover what target markets really want. Social Media – Creating dialogues The primary difference between connecting with consumers through social media and conventional advertising methods is that social media is a platform that offers two-way dialogue. This is far healthier than traditional advertising, since consumers are no longer simply taking in one-way communications, but are actually getting personally involved with the brands they like. These dialogues also generate brand awareness as consumers discuss your service offerings with both you and other consumers. Ultimately, this can be used to really build genuine consumer loyalty. Connecting in an Environment where your Consumers Feel Safe As modern advertising continues to force itself into the lives of consumers, with branding and advertising appearing almost everywhere now, consumers are developing filters to block out unwanted advertising. On social media, however, consumers have the option to simply turn off their computers or visit other sites – making them feel far safer and more in control. This translates to more personalised communications and helps nurture genuinely sustainable relationships. To learn more about our extensive expertise, our experienced team and to find out more about how you can enjoy the great branding benefits of social media, contact WSI OMS...

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How to Utilise Social Media Marketing to Accomplish Strategic Objectives

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In the world of branding, social media marketing is one of the most valuable methods of connecting with your consumers on a personal level. It allows you to share brand communications with particular target markets – promoting new products, sharing industry insight or simply revealing more about your brand identity. Therefore, let’s discuss how you can utilise social media marketing to achieve real brand objectives in your business. Raising Brand Awareness All brand communications that you create increase your brand awareness amongst consumers. How you share these communications, however, determines their effectiveness – in reach, impact as well as frequency. This is where social media outshines alternatives. Not only are you delivering personalised communications into the lives and homes of consumers, but also to many of their friends and colleagues in their circles. Product Launches Social media marketing is also highly effective for product launches, where you can raise the hype of a new product and promote it with various advertising methods. This can then lead to your website and, since your consumer is already online, create a convenient means of turning leads into sales from the first day of launch. So Much More with Social Media Marketing As you can see, social media marketing truly is a wonderful tool for all brands or industries. In addition, with so many different applications and advantages, you can expect to meet and exceed typical marketing objectives – if handled appropriately. A professionally managed social media account with expertly drafted content for your specific needs, thus proves to be an invaluable investment. For more information about our social media marketing service, contact WSI OMS...

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Marketers Association of Zimbabwe’s Brand of the Year

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By Marketers Association of Zimbabwe A Superbrand is a brand that has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competition, which consciously or subconsciously customers want to recognise. The Superbrand status strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige, spotlights the brand in a competitive market and positions the brand as a success model. Superbrand Phases Brand Database Compilation  Brands  are drawn and compiled from a wide range of sources which include sector reports, blogs, public nominations, etc. Brand Screening  An Adjudication Committee screens the brands to remain with a list of the Top 200 brands in Zimbabwe. Data Gathering and Analysis The Top 200 brands are then taken out for research to the general consumers for further ranking and rating. Adjudication of Results  The results will be presented to the Adjudication Committee for final ranking and adoption. The Superbrand Awards Ceremony The final Awards Ceremony will be announced at the Superbrand Awards Ceremony in December. The use of the Superbrand status will only be used by the Top 20 brands. The Superbrand Report Publication  After the awards, a report will be published profiling the Top 200 brands in Zimbabwe. Participants can also take up advertising space in the Superbrand...

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Internet Marketing: Need to know information

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So, you’ve decided to hire an internet marketing company. Congratulations! Before you kick back your heels and say “go do it” to your newly hired partners, though, here are a few things you’ll need to know about internet marketing. Change your website: You’ll have to change your web site. A lot. Search engine optimization will require changes to content, code and maybe your entire server infrastructure. Conversion optimization and testing will require tweaks to your site design. Make sure you’ve got access and resources to handle that. Social media is everywhere: You will end up on Facebook, and Twitter, and who knows where else. Get used to it. Branding: Your branding people will freak out. Lose their minds. Swallow their own tongues. Because your internet marketing firm is going to push things. In social media, nut cases win…. It’s true. Everyone is eccentric, one way or another. Some people sing to themselves all the time. Others clean their houses compulsively. I’m a wild biker type when not presenting myself professionally. I have a stamp on my desk that reads “Customers find them. AND KILL THEM.” There you have it. Test everything: Your assumptions will be challenged. A good internet marketing agency will want to test everything. They’ll add a big red ‘buy now’ button to the home page, or move navigation around, or tweak your e-mail marketing creative. Turnaround times: Turnaround times will shrink. Rapid iteration is the best way to win at internet marketing. Content is king: Someone’s gonna have to write. No content, no marketing. Period. Social media requires characters Sanity is boring. In social media, sanity is also fatal. If you want to stand out in social media, you can’t afford to be ‘low-key’ or ‘mainstream’. You can’t ‘have wide appeal’. You need to be a character. Just a teensy bit nuts. Loopy, in a friendly kind of way. Some people might even call it ‘passionate’. I’m not talking about being fake, or pretending you’re someone you’re not. You don’t need to fake craziness. You need to tap into your own personal form of craziness. You have one. There’s no way you don’t. You do something that makes people avoid eye contact and back away slowly. When you do that, you’re also tapping into whatever it is that makes you great at what you do. I’m a salesman with a yen for writing. Of course I went into marketing! Letting my inner Woody Allen out, just a little, makes writing this blog fun. It also attracts a certain kind of reader – the kind I like to talk to. It’s about getting crazy in a good way. Sort of like me right now. I’m typing like...

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