Getting your blogs and articles noticed

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Copywriting |

Writing interesting copy is both as fun and challenging as it sounds.  Every day, thousands of talented writers upload articles and start blogs of great calibre on popular subjects. While this may seem like a huge chunk of the work, it’s actually the easy part of the whole blog writing process. The hard part is getting your interesting article or blog discovered by the people who will benefit most from your piece. Get your articles noticed The biggest problem with blogs and articles is that writers often stop marketing their blogs after uploading their article and perhaps posting it on a few sites. If you want to make sure that your blogs are noticed by as many people as possible, you need to make sure that they are easy to find. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using popular keyword phrases. Narrowing the keyword scope Once you’ve decided on your topic, think of the words which an interested party would use in a search engine. Use an automated tool such as Google Adwords to discover these more accurately and see what people are searching for. Apart from these main keywords, there could be plenty more related keyword phrases that you could work into your article. Take care to use both your main keywords and related keywords sensibly and regularly within your article. Perhaps find unique ways to approach the subject, or write about what people seem to be most interested in. You will often find that a few simple tweaks to your article will make it way more search engine friendly. Find some good websites Next, you will need to find websites within the subject that can market your post. If you pick a popular website, you will be able to generate more traffic to your article. There is no hard and fast methodology than can assure a burgeoning writer of traffic to his or her blog, but a combination of the above techniques can do wonders. Nothing however can replace a well researched and informative set of work that is both useful and entertaining to the readers it’s presented to. With all the tips above, you should be on your way to a popular and marketable writing blog, which will hopefully generate income and...

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Blogging – Content is king

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By adding a blog to your business website is a natural and easy way to add keyword rich content to your website. This is an excellent strategy especially if your website only consist of about 3-7  web pages or if your website is more graphical and lacks content. Blogging is a great way to create interaction on your website. Blogs are usually natural linking targets that can attract lots of inbound links if you write informative, unique and engaging blog posts. Always add linkable content on your website that will be a natural link magnet. Link building is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You must have heard the saying “content is king”.  By adding a blog to your website and posting regularly on your blog you are broadcasting your message to the world via RSS (real simple syndication). Blogs attract new readers that are interested in what you have to say and it can create an online discussion. Blogs can help your Search Engine Optimization en a number of different ways. Attract links By adding engaging and original content to your blog will help to attract inbound links to your site. Adds content Each blog posting counts as an additional page. Usually larger websites with lots of content pages tend to rank better on the search engines than smaller ones. Keyword rich text Create a keyword and keyword phrase plan for your blog posts.  You can use these keyword phrases in the title of your blog post as well as the links to your website and category names. Use your keywords especially in the first paragraph of the blog post. You can also use these keywords to link back to the most relevant page found on your website. Visitors Your website can attract more new visitors as your blog helps you to broadcast your message across the internet. Your blog can help your website Search Engine Optimization rankings by having a large number of blog posts around a particular subject. Blogs are usually written in a simple, easy to spider format making them a natural SEO...

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Blogging and SEO – working hand in hand

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Blogging is a powerful way for businesses to interact and reach potential clients.  Blog marketing which is part of social media marketing is based on educating your readers with your expertise, opinions and your advice. With a blog, you are not selling directly.  It’s a powerful business tool that can be used for interacting and branding. Websites are passive where blogs are active.  With a blog, you broadcast your message (content) to the web with RSS (real simple syndication) every time you publish a new blog post.  With a website, you usually have to wait for the search engine spiders to index new content.  A blog works hand in hand with SEO (search engine optimization) and every blog post you create, should be written with a clear understanding of SEO and how you can target specific visitors to your blog. Here’s a couple of tips that you can use in your blogging strategy. Keyword list Prepare a list of keywords and keyword phrases from a specific topic that you can use in the title of your blog post, content and any links.  These are the words that people will use when searching on the major search engines.  This list should describe your blog and target your website to improve the rankings of your site. Competition Search for related blogs and websites you are competing against.  Look at the phrases and topics that they are using.  Check what is being used in their blog titles and headlines.  This can also help you add additional keywords that you can use for your own blog posts. Tools Search for and use a keyword research tool to check the keywords in your list.  Always filter for relevancy first and then look for a large number of searches with low competition.  This will help you pick the best keywords that you can use. Keyword plan Use your keyword and keyword phrases list and develop a linking plan.  Use the keywords in your blog post links that will link to the most relevant web page on your website.  If these pages doesn’t exist, create them.  This is a powerful method in building search engine...

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Social Media: Where to find the buzz

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On the web you can find over a 100 million blogs, seven hundred thousand news sites and about 50 online wire services cranking out press releases.  How is it possible for your business and your targeted audience to find anything that is interesting?  Well to be honest, it’s not – without the right tools! This might seem like a problem to many but actually there’s a solution to this – social media.  With the help of blog search alerts, RSS integration and news readers you can find valuable information regarding companies, individuals, real-time news, what’s happening and what’s the buzz at the moment.  These tools can also help you to research what others are saying about you and your company, competition and your marketplace. Blog Search To best way to find new and existing blogs to read is by doing a simple search on Google Blog Search or any other popular Blog aggregator like Technorati. With these tools you can also bookmark interesting blogs that you would like to follow-up at a later stage on your browser. Alerts Google Alerts is a useful tool in which you can set up “alerts” to be emailed directly to you with a notification when a certain blog has been updated or when new information regarding a given topic is published somewhere.  It is really easy to set up an alert as you can only type the keywords or business name you are interested and then click on the add alert button.  You can set up the alert to notify you immediately when there’s an update or you can select to have a daily summary sent to you. RSS aggregation Another way to stay informed with blog updates is through RSS feeds.  The RSS protocol was standardized a few years ago to be universal format so that all RSS readers can display it. RSS can be used in many ways.  You can use it to display summaries on the latest blog posts you have done.  Almost every blog includes RSS feeds wich can either be accessed through a link with the label “RSS” or “Feed”.  Once you have accessed the RSS feed for the given blog, you can choose to subscribe to that feed so that you can be notified when new topics has been published or updated. There’s a couple of standalone RSS feed reader applications available and by doing a simple search on Google will give you many results.  Some of the popular ones includes Google news reader, Microsoft Outlook, Feedreader,...

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Internet Marketing equals results….

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The difference between online and off line marketing: When you engage in Internet Marketing, you’re basically just creating some kind of business relationship that leads to offering your various products/services. You’re doing the same as offline business, you have a potential market you and need to capture their attention so you can do business. For most it’s the same story, people start an online business because they want to make a lot of money. The net is full of accurate stories about real people who began with nothing and made it very big. But moving away from individual people, the largest companies in the world are online trying to do the same thing – get in front of their target market. You certainly are able to reach your goals if you’re willing to put in the work and have some patience. There are no instant riches online, so if you hear that the best thing is to turn around and walk away. You have to look at the real picture of how things are happening in the Internet marketing world. You need to be willing to sacrifice yourself to your goals and work hard at it. On the net, you’re totally free to market and advertise your business any way you choose. How you market your products/services is entirely up to you. Know the basics well if you want to succeed online. Many online business owners totally love the way their website looks and feels, but there might be high chances that it’s not really as user friendly as it should be. You must figure out why something isn’t working and be willing to change it – now. Make things good enough so they get the job done well, then move on to other tasks. Whatever may be wrong with your website, for example, just take care of it quickly and see how it does from there. If you think your website is ready for prime time, then let it rip and see how it goes. Do you have a blog? Correcto mundo – If you do not have a blog….get one! Among other things, this will give you a better chance of reaching your market and creating targeted traffic. Having a blog associated with the main website is a must-do for any business, really. High quality and useful blog posts will definitely help you reel in search engine traffic. Then in due time you can begin adding your marketing to your blog. You can really explode your income with a good email list, but you need to approach that with some knowledge. If you build the right relationships with them. they will trust you and begin buying from...

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