Research and listening on the blogsphere

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What are people currently saying about you online? Is your business or brand being talked about on the blogosphere (blogs)? What are  people saying? Is this something that you should be made aware of before it gets out of control and you can’t stop it? Monitoring what people are saying on the blogosphere and with social media can help you with your internet marketing campaign, and protect your digital reputation online. With blog marketing you need to be proactive about managing your reputation online. It is not only important to monitor your own digital reputation of what people are saying about your business or brand, it is important to know what people are talking about regarding your competitors. This is a great way to get new ideas and it can provide you with new opportunities. Track what is being said You can track what is being said about your business, but this process usually takes a lot of time. You can outsource this process to another company that specializes in brand monitoring, but this costs money. Did you know that you can monitor the blogosphere yourself using various tools available online? Here’s a couple of tools that you can use to get started with this. News feeds: Search on the popular news feed services such as Google news for mentions of your name. Google blog search: Use Google blog search to search for mentions only related to blogs. Blog aggregators: Use top blog aggregators such as Technorati and search for your business name. Google alerts: Setup Google alerts to email/notify you any time your brand name or business is detected by Google. Forums: Search related popular forums for your brand name. Monitoring: Monitor popular blogs in your industry for any mentions of your business name. Trends: Search for trend tools online and watch the trends how often your business name or brand is used online. The above are simple tips so that you can get a good idea of who is talking about you, your business or what your competitors are...

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How to respond to negative comments online

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If you have been monitoring the blogosphere closely and someone has just slammed and posted negative comments for your brand or your blog, how do you handle this? In short, helpfully, honestly and diplomatically. There’s really no fast and hard rules, but here’s a couple of tips that you can follow. Wait and watch Take a little time so that you can watch and gauge the reaction. If you confront the situation by just jumping in on someone’s comment that is just blowing off steam can create a major controversy. If no one is really commenting or paying attention to what has been said, it might be the best to let the person vent and then die out on its own. Bloggers can quickly move on to a new story that grabs their attention. Ty to avoid rebuttals A negative review of your services or products should not bring a strong response. By directly attacking the blogger will always bring others to their defence and just inflame the situation. Never try to take a strong position to bully the blogger. Be concerned and helpful If you are entering a blog as a guest you must show respect. This will result that you get respect in return. Always avoid sarcasm and try to always be genuine and helpful. A negative review should always be treated as constructive criticism. You can offer to help resolve the issue and to listen to the complaints. How you handle this situation can convert a foe into a helpful friend. Be impartial Try to stay away from arguments and negative opinions. Always use objective information where possible and third-party statistics and data to show your point of view. Links to other sites than your own can be very good convincers. Follow thru If you make promises and commitments, always follow through on what you have...

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