Promoting your blog with social media marketing

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If you have a small business blog it can be heavy on dedicated resources, but it has a number of benefits. With this said, having a blog can be a waste of time for many if you don’t have a proper plan or resources to promote your blog on the social web. With promoting I mean, how are you going to get your blog content in front of readers. Did you know that once you have built up a strong readership base, you can really spend less time promoting the content on your blog, however, in the beginning, promoting your blog content is as important as publishing new and unique content. How are you going to promote and market the content of your small business blog? If you really have a problem with time resources, then you will have to carefully create a strategy on promoting your blog content to the right readers. You can also promote your blog through Twitter and Facebook. There are many plugins available for your blog that will allow you to publish the title of the blog post together with a link to your Twitter profile automatically. With most blogging platforms you can also automate the pinging process. With pinging, every new blog post that you publish are automatically sent to various web services and blog aggregators notifying them of new content. Promoting your new blog content on Facebook can only take a few minutes the same as most of the social bookmarking services available such as Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon. Many business owners find that some social media channels such as LinkedIn and Tumblr are worth more the effort and Pinterest is now seen as the new kid on the block. If you have videos and images on your blog, this is an excellent social media channel you can use to promote your content. Reach your target audience The real key with blog promotion is in your readers (target audience). Who are they? Do you know their demographics? Your best marketing efforts should be targeting the audience you want to reach on the social media channel that they use. Yes, it only takes a few minutes to post your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media channels you are using, however, if your target market isn’t on any of these channels, then your time and effort could be better spent somewhere else. You will find lots of information online on various ways you can promote your blog content. While some of this information can help you, most of the time it is as easy as promoting your blog content on the channels that your target audience are busy using. If...

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Use your blog to increase your rankings

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What can you do to increase your organic rankings on the search engines for your website? By adding a blog to your internet marketing strategy you can do this. By using a blog and optimizing your blog posts, each post adds an additional page to your website that can be fresh, relevant, and keyword rich. Using this method can be a great way to increase your organic search results on the search engines. Blogging requires that you write original and interesting content to attract links on the social web and other interesting bloggers mentioning what you are saying in their own content. Here’s a couple of tips to help you get started with blogging to increase your website rankings Blog marketing tips Create a blog: Setup a blog on your website to increase the value of your whole domain. You can either create your blog as part of your website or on a dedicated subdomain. If you are going to use a subdomain, take note that this subdomain will be seen as a new domain by google. Keywords: Research and create a list of keywords that you want to target and rank for on the search engines. Every keyword and phrase that you target should have a website on your main site. When writing your blog posts, link to these pages within your content to increase the rankings of those pages. By using targeted keywords in your blog posts and linking them to relevant pages on your website can greatly increase the rankings of those pages. Interested visitors will also have a dedicated page where they can go to for more information regarding your services or products. Optimized topic: Select a topic that your readers will find interesting and that is relevant to your business. The topics you choose should be closely related to the keywords and phrases from the keywords you have selected. Your blog posts should answer popular questions regarding your niche, and offering a solution to your audience. Blogging is an excellent method to help you with your internet marketing campaign. In a follow-up post I will be explaining on how you can use a blog as the center point of your social media marketing strategy. Please follow and like...

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Simple blogging strategy to get results

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If one of your goals with your internet marketing strategy is to increase sales from targeted traffic, then you should consider creating an optimized blogging campaign to get more out of your website. If you own a blog, the best thing you can do is to keep the content interesting and engaging so that targeted visitors will keep coming back to learn more. Activity and engagement attracts Google and this can increase your organic website rankings. Everyone is always talking about the different types of blog marketing campaigns and strategies that you can use to attract a targeted audience to your website, but keep in mind that you need to find a way to connect with your readers, and make them take an action. Find below two ways that you can use to get results with your blog. Keyword research Experiment and select different ways to connect with your visitors by using different keywords that can help you target specific audiences, and what answers they are looking for on the web. You can use the free Google Keyword Tool to find relevant and high ranking keywords based on the terms that users are entering on Google search. You can track how often the keyword or keyword phrases are search for per month, and you can then write your blog post around these selected keywords. Not only will you attract more visitors to the content of your blog, you will also attract the search engines if your content is unique and well written. A word of advice: don’t over use the keywords in your content and a simple rule of thumb is to use the keyword not more than once every 100 words. The most  important part is choosing the right keywords and phrases that your targeted audience will use when they are searching online for answers. Lead capture Various lead capturing methods can help you establish a relationship with your readers. Include lead capture information on your blog such as anchor text, banners, and opt in subscription boxes. Your goal should be to get your readers contact information. This will help you build a network and relationship with email nurturing campaigns. Setup auto responders and lead nurturing campaigns to help you build a strong relationship with your visitors and to help you stay connected with them. Every business blog has different needs so an optimized blogging strategy that supports your other marketing campaigns can help you achieve your goals. Please follow and like...

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Haifa Limestone launches new website with WSI

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My good friends Eli & Wendy Biksen from Jupiter, Florida, have just launched a new website for Haifa Limestone and I had the pleasure of brain storming with them on the development of this new website in the limestone industry. The first thing we did was to conduct a competitor analysis on the major the Limestone suppliers in the United States. If you are going to build a new website then you may as well do it right and plan your strategy upfront for the keywords and content you should use to ensure that you can dominate the search results for limestone related keywords. We analyzed the limestone industry for the following: ✓    Their Google PPC activity, keywords and best performing Ads; ✓    The Top 20 Google results for all competitors to identify what their strategy is and to ensure we select the best keywords without wasting time; ✓    The number of back-links using limestone related keyword phrases. This shows us their strategy; ✓    Their social media footprint/reach in social networks like, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr & YouTube. A great way to listen to what’s going on. After analyzing all the above information we are able to present the data in a simple one page chart as below. The further along the X axis one is, the better their search visibility; The further along the Y axis, the more socially relevant they are; The size of the bubble determines the amount of content – this way we know if they are using inbound marketing techniques We can see where Haifa Limestone is positioned against their competitors and we know exactly what to do, in which order and how much it’s going to cost. And better still, when we re-evaluate in 3 months time we should see the progress that we make as well as keep an eye on the competition and their moves. The next task we did was to identify the Top 100 keyword phrases we are going to target and sorted them into strength of competition. We do this to identify which “low hanging” keywords we should target first so that we can show results within the first two months. So we concentrate on the Light and Moderate (competitive) keywords first. This lime stone company website has an impressive home page that is striking and invites the visitor to see more. So we welcome you to visit Eli Biksen’s new website that he developed for Haifa Limestone. You can find Eli and his wife Wendy by searching with the following keywords, search engine optimization Jupiter Palm beach Florida, website design Jupiter Palm beach Florida, Palm Beach Florida pay per click advertising and Internet Marketing Jupiter Palm...

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Increase your online visibility with a blog marketing strategy

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If you have been blogging for a while and you are not having any success, you might have a couple of questions looming over your head. How do you measure if your blog marketing strategy is successful? What topics have you written that were the best received? Of course you can use web analytics to track the number of visitors to your blog, but traffic doesn’t mean anything without a blog marketing strategy and if no one is engaging with your content. Find below a couple of tips to help you optimize your blog marketing strategy to ensure success with all of your efforts. Blog marketing strategy tips What’s the purpose of having a blog?: You must always have a solid purpose with your blog before you start measuring the success of it. Your blog will be addressing a particular audience. Interested visitors will return to your blog if they find that what you write is unique and interesting. Always try to write unique and informative content that your readers will find valuable. If you are going to write a wide variety of topics, you will not develop a strong repeat reader base. Feedback: Did you receive any feedback about your blog? When you have published something interesting, you will notice a spike in visitor traffic and will usually result in your readers leaving comments. Watch and listen to any feedback that you receive. You can use this to deliver more of the same content that have sparked this interested. Heres a couple of tips on measuring the success of your blog. # of visitors. If no one is visiting your blog, your strategy is not effective. If you only publish one or two blog posts a week, which of your posts returns the highest number of interested visitors? Which of your published blog posts yielded the most comments? Was it the subject that you have used? Maybe your writing style? Which of your blog posts attracts visitors over time? These are the blog posts that visitors will find on the search engines long after they have been written. Where are your readers coming from? Use Web analytics to determine the majority location of your readers. If you are only focused on the South African market and all of your readers are coming from India, apply some local SEO to your blog. Please follow and like...

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