Benefits of leaving comments on blogs

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Leaving comments on other people’s blogs in the same industry as yours has been a long time practice to generate traffic and links to your own website or blog.  Do you still believe blog comments work? Is this now an old practice that no longer works? In my opinion, leaving blog comments is still very powerful. Blog comments are read by others, especially if they are well written, specific and contribute to the conversation on the blog. The best practice when you want to leave a comment is to begin the comment with positive feedback regarding the blog posting.  Then follow-up with an explanation of why you disagree or agree with the blog post.  This will add depth and value to the blog. Here’s a couple of benefits of leaving comments on blogs Blog commenting Traffic: You can receive direct traffic to your website or blog from people who found your comment interesting.  If you leave comments on well written and interesting blog posts, you will be rewarded with a long-term flow of traffic. Links: When leaving a comment, you will receive credit for back links from the blog post.  When leaving a comment, leave a single link with keywords in the anchor text.  Always avoid leaving spam comments as these are unlikely to be approved by the person moderating the blog Branding: Create relationships and awareness in the blogging worlds by participating and contributing.  It takes regular and consistent commenting on blogs for your targeted marketing to become interested and aware in what you have to say. As stated before, I believe blog commenting is still very powerful and relevant today.  It is a free and valid way to market your business to the...

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Managing comments on your copywriting blog

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It is always great when your blog posts and articles receive comments from loyal followers. But every so often there are those that feel the need to post negative comments about your post. In some cases these negative comments on your blog are not directed at you personally so don’t pay much attention to them. There are also those people who actually mean what they say, but they lack the ability to share their opinion in a courteous manner. It is a good idea to look closer at these to see the main point they’re trying to make before responding to their comment. In cases where comments are completely offensive you shouldn’t feel guilty about deleting them. However, if you would prefer to respond, do so in a respectful manner. Often responding positively to negativity will keep them from posting negative comments in future. Also, yours is a copywriting blog, so don’t get caught up in the moment and forget the importance of choosing your words carefully. You may also want to respond to some comments in an equally negative way to open up a discussion between that person, yourself, and the rest of your followers. You can use this to your advantage in a way that it increases the traffic to and popularity of your blog. Why you should welcome feedback Receiving feedback on your copywriting blog is always a good thing as it shows that people are interested in what you are saying. It’s also really the only way to gauge whether or not you are being relevant. Also, your followers may sometimes have good suggestions on how to improve you blog and their reading experience. Remember, if they are commenting on your blog, they are probably telling other people about your blog. Contact WSI to help you create a blog for your...

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