Search engine optimization: Backlinks and keywords

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SEO (Search engine optimization) involves many technical aspects and many people get too caught up in the detail.  With search engine optimization there are basically only two things that you should always focus on – backlinks and keywords.  Everything else can be a distraction. It really doesn’t matter at all if you are an expert or a beginner at SEO.  It also doesn’t matter if you are tuning up your existing website or just starting from scratch.  Always keep your attention on backlinks and keywords and then measure your results.  It is really this easy. Keywords: Select and research keywords that are relevant to what you do. Many people starting out with SEO select keyword phrases with high search volumes first and then relevancy second.  Make sure that relevancy is your first priority.  If you attract a visitor to your site, they won’t stay and take action if you don’t provide them what they are looking for.  Use the keywords you have selected visibly and prominently on your website.  Don’t just use them in the META tags – this is a topic for another blog post! Backlinks Getting incoming backlinks from other websites are very important in any search engine optimization effort.  Quality backlinks from relevant websites signals the search engines that your website is very important and it should be looked at.  Using the keywords you have selected in the anchor text of links tell the search engines what the website page is about. Measure Track and measure your major metrics at least once a month.  Check for the number of pages that are indexed, the number of valid backlinks, your domain and homepage authority with Open Site Explorer. Also look at various other metrics such as your actual rankings on the search engines.  By measuring your website on the web, you will be able to see areas of...

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Backlinks from Web 2.0 channels

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Search engines simply adores Web 2.0 websites as it brings a new evolution to the internet. Building backlinks is still a powerful off page Search Engine Optimization method in the web marketing world but the process can be tedious and tiresome. Building backlinks for your website requires time and dedication as it is a long and slow process. Most of the time you will only view the backlinks you have built-in a couple of months time. To get back to the topic: If you are in the process of building backlinks for your website, why not start building backlinks on popular Web 2.0 websites and channels? Find below a list of Web 2.0 sites/channels/directories where you can submit your website to. Most of these websites are quite popular and search engines loves them. Please note that most of these sites/directories are “Social Bookmarking” and “Social Networking” sites. Web 2.0 sites www.butterflyproject.nl5 www.urlex.info4 www.ez4u.net4

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How to protect your search rankings with SEO

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One of the biggest fears for web site owners that have long relied on search traffic for new business is a sudden drop in search engine rankings.  Some webmasters are experiencing this very situation as a result of Google’s recent update. In most cases, it takes a lot for a tenured web site to mess up its search visibility.  In other situations, it doesn’t take much at all. Avoiding mistakes that result in exclusion, penalties and more often confusion for search engines are often overlooked.  Don’t fall victim to carelessness and ignorance when it comes to maintaining the search visibility achieved from years of content and online marketing by avoiding these common mistakes: Website Redesign Probably one of the most common situations that result in fluctuations in search visibility involve significant changes to a web site’s design, content, internal linking relationships and the new use of Flash, Ajax or JavaScript for navigation. Search engines copy websites and the links between pages. Think of it as taking a picture of your site. If you change your site from what the search engine has a copy of, the new form might not include the same content, keywords and crawlable links. The worst case scenario is when a company decides to redesign the website and over write all previous SEO work. Upon finding that search visibility has completely tanked, they call up the SEO agency and demand an explanation. Solution: When significant changes are planned for the company website, work with your SEO to identify how the new design will impact search visibility. Have them map out and prioritize the implications of page layout, content and keyword usage, navigation, links and redirects. New Content Management System (CMS) Along the lines with a new website design, changing content management systems can create a lot of confusion for search engines. Many companies have had websites long enough that the legacy CMS used to launch the site no longer serves the needs of the organization. Large companies may find that the hodgepodge of CMS used by different business units and acquired companies is inefficient and a common content management system would better serve the organization. A change in the CMS means a change in the templates that format web pages, navigation and oftentimes the URL structure of pages.  It’s common that major changes in content are rolled out along with new website software and that can spell confusion for search engines. URLs that change can also create confusion. For example, web page file names that previously ended with .asp and now end with .aspx are perceived as completely different. Solution: While the IT department or web developer will understand the importance of redirecting old URLs to their...

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100 Blog directories to submit your blog

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If you have a blog, making other people and bloggers aware of your blog is crucial. Popular blogging systems like WordPress includes a ping service Pingomatic but this can take a long time for your blog posts to get noticed. A great way is to submit your blog to blog directories.  This can help to make others aware of your blog and at the same time provide a link back to your blog to increase the backlinks of your blog. Find below 100 blog directories where you can submit your blog.  Please note that not all of these blog directories are free. A1Weblinks reciprocal or paid Aboutus Allforblog Aviva Fee Biggerblogger Fee Birminghambloggers Blawg Blloggs Blogarama Blogaz Blogbunch blog+rss Blogburst Blogbib Fee or reciprocal BlogCatalog Blog-collector blog+rss Blogs-collection Blog-directory Blogdir Blogdirectory001 Bloggeries Fee Blog-directory Blogfolders Bloggapedia blog+rss Bloggerhq Bloggerschoiceawards Blogexplosion Blogfinds Blogflux Blogged Bloggernity Bloghop Bloghub Blogintro Bloglines blog+rss Bloglisting Blogmob Bloggernow Blogobbler blog+rss Blogotion Blogoriffic BlogPulse blog+rss Blogrankings Blogsbywomen Fee Blogscanada Blogscholar Blogsearch Blog-search Blogsearchengine Blogsrating Blogtree Blogville Blogz Blurt It BOTW Blog Directory Fee Bulletize Fee Buzzerhut Chefsblogs Christiansunite ContentsMatter Crayon Dfwblogs Directorybest Dmoz EatonWeb Fee Ezilon Feedmap blog+rss Feednuts blog+rss Feedplex blog+rss Flookie FyberSearch Geekyspeaky Paid or reciprocal Genwi Getblogs Globeofblogs Google Gozoof Grokodile IBlog Business Directory fee Icerocket Info-listings Jewishblogging Kmax Fee Loaded Web LSBlogs Minnesota blog+rss Mozdex Mvblogs Myblog2u Myblogdirectory Nycbloggers Ontoplist blog+rss Photarium Poddop Portal.eatonweb Fee Quickblogdirectory Rateitall...

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Internet Marketing MUST be an integral part of your advertising strategy

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Gone are the days when business marketing was only all about ‘above the line’ marketing…. The Scenario is much changed now. Today, success is pretty dependent on online marketing or better to say ‘Internet Marketing.’ Done with more efficiency and incorporating ideas those are cost effective, Internet Marketing is considered the logical next step in the advertising and marketing world nowadays. In this era, almost every company has its online interface, which helps the company in attaining a local and global outlook as well as leaving an impact on all the web-surfers and web researchers who can turn into clients. Keeping the target users in mind, internet marketing is done in a comprehensive manner. It incorporates several online marketing strategies, starting with On-line Competitor Analysis, Digital marketing strategies and plans including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Management), link building, Content Marketing PPC (Pay per Click) Management and Social Media Marketing. The goal is to improve your search engine rankings Use a professional on-line marketing company that offers a coordinated range of internet marketing service to place your site into the top rankings for search engines. This can also be supported with the help of surveys, give-a ways and call to action strategies. Content is a King To make this statement more definite, I would change the phrase for – rich content is king. But what sense in creating the greatest content in the world if nobody can find and view it. If you want to run your online business successfully you have to be seen. Nonetheless, this is absolutely web-based marketing but it leaves a great impact on mass, which is considered the major USP of Internet Marketing. This cost-effective marketing tactic is absolutely measurable focuses on driving web/customer traffic and converting that into revenue influx and visitor count. A linking strategy is an absolute must Back links are the life blood of a successful site and although you might not actually see then, the search engines do and reward you as links back to your site are seen as subtle endorsements and can be built up with a strategy of regular blogging, using social media and on-line press releases tied into a communication strategy, but again save time and effort by getting professional assistance Before You Do Anything, Do Keyword Research Yes it is very important. Besides, keyword research does not mean that you should guess which keyword sounds good and will be ranked high in the search engines. Judging by my experience they are the worst ones. Again work with the professionals who have access to tools providing you with information on specific keywords and the number of clicks that they attract, also find out...

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