By Marketers Association of Zimbabwe

A Superbrand is a brand that has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competition, which consciously or subconsciously customers want to recognise. The Superbrand status strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige, spotlights the brand in a competitive market and positions the brand as a success model.

Superbrand Phases

Brand Database Compilation 

Brands  are drawn and compiled from a wide range of sources which include sector reports, blogs, public nominations, etc.

Brand Screening 

An Adjudication Committee screens the brands to remain with a list of the Top 200 brands in Zimbabwe.

Data Gathering and Analysis

The Top 200 brands are then taken out for research to the general consumers for further ranking and rating.

Adjudication of Results 

The results will be presented to the Adjudication Committee for final ranking and adoption.

The Superbrand Awards Ceremony

The final Awards Ceremony will be announced at the Superbrand Awards Ceremony in December. The use of the Superbrand status will only be used by the Top 20 brands.

The Superbrand Report Publication 

After the awards, a report will be published profiling the Top 200 brands in Zimbabwe. Participants can also take up advertising space in the Superbrand report.

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