Believe it or not, but digital marketing is much more than quirky creative types using the latest apps, technologies and platform to pump out marketing messages for a brand. Besides being unique and figuring out the ideal way to target your ideal customers online, you need to figure out how to appeal to a few very specific psychological needs, such as:

Gaming, competing, winning

Gamification is a huge part of successful digital strategies. Earning points, badges and moving up levels appeals to a very real need that people online have. It’s not just about boasting about Foursquare mayorships and your Candy Crush levels – people need to know that they’re spending their time on an app, website or page for a reason. Reward your followers for their participation in your campaign or game and reap the rewards.


Everyone has an opinion and people like talking about themselves. This is why people comment on news articles, share content that portrays them in a positive light and craft their online personalities very carefully online. If you want to help your online connections feel validated, create high quality content (that reflects positively on them if they share it), comment on content they share and acknowledge their interactions with your brand.


Quite a few studies have linked social media usage to narcissism. While we won’t claim everyone on social media is a narcissist (because that makes all of us guilty), it is true people use it for their own needs. Much like the need to feel validated, people want to know they are seen and heard. A successful digital marketing strategy – whether it’s launching a new social media network or a new line of clothes – should capitalise on this need.

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