If you have a highly successful Google Adwords campaign, but a failing Facebook Ads campaign, you are probably feeling quite stumped by social media marketing in general. If you have been wondering about this for some time and struggling to get your Facebook Ads working, then there is one thing you need to realise: Facebook Ads is not Google Adwords. It’s as simple as that. Forget everything you know about Adwords when working with Facebook Ads. Below are five common Google Adwords habits you should avoid using on Facebook Ads:

  • Don’t focus on buying intent – on Google, consumers are searching for a specific product or service and that is why your content is displayed to them. With Facebook, the user isn’t searching for products and services and quite simply has no buying intent when on the site. Facebook shows ads to users based on their interests, preferences and demographics. Know your target audience and what interests them – then gear your ads towards that sort of content.
  • It’s not all about the text – Google ads are focused on keywords and text and when it comes to Facebook ads, business owners feel the same approach is required when it’s not. Facebook offers additional advertising options such as video or images which really grab attention more effectively. Use these features.
  • Choose the right placement for your ad – on Google, your placement is chosen for you and you can push it up by increasing how much you will spend. With Facebook you have five different placements to choose from. Check them all out and choose a variety of placements to see which one works best for you.
  • Your advert is not designed to sell – Google will have trained you to think that adverts are designed to sell, but Facebook does things differently. The adverts are of a more “social” nature and are designed to create awareness and interest. Remember that.
  • Stop expecting instant gratification – with Google Adwords you will experience instant results for your online campaign whereas with Facebook Ads, the results take a little longer to show themselves. Facebook Ads should be focused on long term benefits and not instant sales.

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