Copywriting is not an easy job. It requires a large amount of research, an uncommon ability to write well and in a convincing manner and an ability to conceptualise everything from blog posts and articles to reports, white papers and sales brochures. As such there is always room for improvement when it comes to copywriting.

Follow these tips to improve the quality of your copywriting:

  • Preparation is essential to writing good copy: specific details sell products and services, not fluff! Prepare for writing your copy by getting as much previously published information on the product or service you are writing about as possible. This should give you most of the information you need – phone clients to get the rest.
  • Ask questions about the product: copywriting is about understanding a product’s benefits and features. You can gather testimonials from customers to gather and assess this information.
  • Ask questions about the target audience: you need to know who the primary target audience of you copywriting is and also if there are any secondary audiences you need to appeal to. You need to understand what motivates consumers to buy the things they do. You can use emotions such as fear of loss, excitement or passion to motivate people to action.
  • Study the advertising medium: you need to have a good idea of the type of publication your advert is going to be published in. If it is a magazine read it to get an idea of its tone and its target audience. If it is a classified advert in the newspaper, read the other classifieds to get an idea of what they are advertising and how they are doing it.
  • Determine the desired outcome of your copy: a good copywriter writes with an objective in mind. Your copy’s objective may be to generate phone call enquiries, create sales or capture a prospective customer’s contact details. Include in your copy a number of ‘calls to action’ so that the reader feels compelled to act several times while reading your advert.

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