As digital marketers, we know how important it is to plan a content marketing strategy well in advance. While content calendars can help you stick to your blogging schedule and capitalise on seasonal promotions, it doesn’t help you to benefit from the top trending content on the internet.

When a topical subject goes viral or when a controversial issue flairs up in your industry, you have the potential to get hundreds of thousands of eyes on your brand – if you have timely content of your own to share. So how do you go about finding what’s trending before it goes mainstream? Here are a few tips and pointers:

  • Know Where Your Audience Spends Their Time Online

Does your target audience spend their time on Reddit forums, in certain LinkedIn Groups, on Imgur or on Twitter? Many times, trending topics will be front and centre on these platforms before a journalist picks it up and publishes something about the topic. Make it a part of your routine to check out the top news items and discussions each day.

You may find that sometimes it is better to keep quiet, other times you might want to share a comment on a relevant LinkedIn Group, and other times you may want to craft your own blog, opinion piece or YouTube video. Staying on top of the trending needs gives you the ability to act quickly when you need to.

  • Use Online Tools

Few business owners (or even marketers) have time to check out every social media platform or online forum every day. Use a social media monitoring tool like TweetDeck or RiteTag to notify you about trending topics. You can also use Google Trends for this purpose.

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